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    ugly betty america ferrera abc

    The television graveyard is full of shows that were buried in their prime. And for fans, no matter how few, it's always devastating to lose a great show before it's time.

    In most cases, cancellations come down to low ratings. And while many networks would kill for the numbers shows generated while they were airing in the pre-streaming, pre-DVR world, we can't turn back time (although networks are definitely trying with a host of reboots and remakes over the past several years). 

    Regardless, there are so many good shows that were ripped from existence way too abruptly for their fans.

    Here are 13 great shows that were canceled too soon.

    "Caprica" ended in 2010 after one season.

    For those of us who absolutely devoured every episode of "Battlestar Galactica," this prequel spin-off explaining just how robots came to rule was everything. With a mix of dueling family drama, teen angst, and gamer nerdiness, "Caprica" fits the bill for many of us.

    But for Syfy, the bill was too expensive. The ambitious drama was too expensive to justify continuing with the show with its low ratings — arguably a problem Syfy brought upon itself.

    Source: UPROXX

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    Xbox One S

    • The Xbox One is an incredible gaming console with the capability to do all sorts of cool things, but unless you have your finger on the pulse of the latest Xbox news, you might be missing out on a few of its best features.
    • Here are nine especially great features of the Xbox One that you may not know about.

    SEE ALSO: 8 reasons Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone

    Play your saved games on any Xbox One.

    Any time you save your progress in a game on the Xbox One, a copy of that save file is automatically saved in cloud storage, too.

    This means that if you visit a friend's house or buy a new console, all of your latest saves will be instantly accessible as soon as you sign in to your profile!

    See how much data your console is using.

    If you're in one of the unfortunate areas of the country currently experiencing caps on home data usage, you're probably trying to keep a closer eye on how much data your gaming habit is eating up.

    In order to check your Xbox One's data usage, go to Settings —> Network —> Bandwidth Usage.

    Continue your Xbox 360 games on your new Xbox One.

    By now, you probably know that there are over 200 Xbox 360 games that are playable on your Xbox One, but did you know that you can start playing a game on your Xbox One right where you left off on your 360?

    In order to make your Xbox 360 saves accessible on your Xbox One, you have to enable cloud saving on your Xbox 360. To do so, go to Settings —> System —> Storage —> Cloud Saved Games, and select "Enable."

    Next, start the game on your Xbox 360. When you save your progress, select "Cloud Saved Games" as the desired save location. Once the upload is complete, this save file will be accessible when you start the game on your Xbox One!

    Also, keep in mind that in order to enable cloud saving on your Xbox 360, you must be an Xbox Live Gold member!

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    mindy project wreath reese witherspoon mindy kaling hulu

    • Mindy Kaling revisited the holiday pun "Wreath Witherspoon," a Christmas wreath with pictures of actress Reese Witherspoon, that first debuted on "The Mindy Project" in 2014.
    • This year, Kaling took the pun to the next level by creating other holiday decorations playing off celebrity names.
    • There's "Matthew McConau-Tree,""Margaret Cho Flake," and "Chris Pine Tree."
    • "I’m throwing a holiday party tonight. It’s going to be very punny...,"Kaling wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

    Mindy Kaling revisited the spirit of the "Wreath Witherspoon" pun by creating more holiday decorations playing off other celebrities.

    "I’m throwing a holiday party tonight. It’s going to be very punny...," Kaling wrote on Instagram over the weekend. 

    She then instructed her followers to "swipe for all my festive decor inspired by #WreathWitherspoon."

    I’m throwing a holiday party tonight. It’s going to be very punny... 🎄🎉 Swipe for all my festive decor inspired by #WreathWitherspoon

    A post shared by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) on Dec 21, 2018 at 5:22pm PST on

    Kaling's decorations included a Matthew McConaughey ornament dubbed "Matthew McConau-Tree"; "Margaret Cho Flake," a play on the comedian's name; "Ginger-Fred Armisen" for the "Portlandia" star; one for film icon, Judy Garland; a "Michael Candy Caine"; and of course, one for Hollywood's best Chris called, "Chris Pine Tree."

    Kaling first introduced the "Wreath Witherspoon"on the third season of her Hulu sitcom, "The Mindy Project," in 2014.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: The true story behind the name 'Black Friday' is much darker than you may have thought

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    enid alden twd 908

    • INSIDER caught up with Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid on AMC's "The Walking Dead," at Walker Stalker Con New Jersey.
    • Nacon said she learned Enid would be in a relationship after this season's time jump by reading it in the script. No one told her ahead of time.
    • She estimates Enid is supposed to be about 23 after the two time jumps. Alden should be 29. The age gap isn't as weird as some viewers may have thought.
    • Nacon hints we'll find out why the two got together on the second half of season nine when the show returns in February.

    While we're still waiting for answers to who the Whisperers are on AMC's "The Walking Dead" and how Michonne and Daryl (and possibly more) wound up with those mystery "X" marks, we finally have some answers about Alden and Enid's unexpected relationship which occurred during the six-year time jump. 

    INSIDER sat down with Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid on the AMC zombie drama, earlier this month at Walker Stalker Con New Jersey where we discussed the time jump, chopping off Aaron's arm, Negan's jail escape, and Enid's new romance.

    Nacon revealed just how old Enid is supposed to be, how she learned about Enid's relationship with Alden (Callan McAuliffe), and what to expect next.

    Before The Whisperers threaten to take anyone else out of our lives when "The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, February 10, here's everything you need to know about Enid and Alden's relationship and how we'll probably learn a lot more about how it came to be. 

    Nacon estimates Enid is now in her early 20s after the time jump. Alden is 29. And Henry is way too young for her.

    enid alden walking dead

    One of the most jarring things about seeing Enid with Alden was that it wasn't really established how old Alden was supposed to be on the series. 

    The last relationship Enid was sort of in was with Carl when the two were teenagers. It seemed like McAuliffe's character might be a lot older than Enid since he was hanging around Maggie (Lauren Cohan) a lot and appeared to have an interest in her. In real life, Cohan is 36. As a result, the uncertain age difference between Alden and Enid confused and creeped out some viewers.

    Nacon is aware that the age gap between Enid and Alden has alarmed some of the fans, but says it's not as large a gap as some may imagine.

    "I did the math in my head. I mean, if we're looking at last season, she [Enid] was probably about 16. And so there's a year-and-a-half time jump, so she's about 17 or 18 in the very beginning of season nine. And then after the five or six year time jump she'd be about 22, 23," said Nacon, estimating Enid's age now.

    "I've been asked a lot because it is kind of a weird topic. He's [Alden] honestly the only one that's closest to me in age other than Macsen [Lintz], who plays Henry," said Nacon, noting that Henry's too young for Enid. "He's 17, so he's a minor."

    How old is Alden? Nacon says Enid's new boyfriend is supposed to be about five to six years older than her character. 

    katelyn nacon enid alden kiss walking dead

    "I'm [supposed to be] 23 and he's [Alden], after the time jumps and stuff, I think he's about 29, 28 or 29, in his later 20s. I'm in my early [20s]. So it's not weird. No. Because I know a lot of people [are] like, "She's 15!" And I was like, 'No no no no no no no.' It's been a lot of years since then."

    In real life, Nacon is 19 while McAuliffe is 23 so the age difference isn't as big as the onscreen gap.

    Nacon cut her hair to to make Enid look older, and she was thrilled.

    katelyn nacon TWD

    In order to make Enid look like she aged a total of seven-and-a-half years in both of season nine's time jumps, Nacon cut her long brown locks short. It was something she was thinking of asking new showrunner Angela Kang about after wearing her hair long for so many years, but it was already in mind for the show.

    "I've wanted to have this hair length for three years now and so I remember they were talking about a time jump and so one day, I think it was the finale of last season we were filming, and Angela Kang was there. I remember walking up to her and I was like, 'So, for the time jump, ya know, Enid's hair...' And she was like, 'It should be short.' And I was like, 'Yes! Finally!'"

    "I had to wait a little bit longer than I expected because we had the first time jump and they didn't want it to look too different or too similar to the big, big time jump. It was a little shorter in the year and a half time jump and then I got to finally cut it off. It was so nice. I love it. It's so much easier. It used to be down to my butt. It was crazy."

    Nacon found out Enid would be in a relationship with Alden by reading the script and thought he was supposed to be with Maggie.

    Nacon learned she was going to have to amputate Aaron's arm this year before filming for season nine even began. But when it came to her new relationship with Alden after the time jump, no one gave her a heads up. Nacon found out on her own.

    "It was very strange though. No one really told me that that was gonna happen. I don't know if they were trying to do the Alden and Maggie romance and then that didn't work out. I'm not sure. I wasn't told," said Nacon of being surprised to learn Enid and Alden were in a relationship. "I just remember one day I was reading the script and it said, 'Enid kisses Alden.' And I'm like, 'Oh!'"

    katelyn nacon enid alden kiss walking dead

    Learning about that big change for her character came as an initial surprise. She had a similar reaction to some of the fans watching at home.

    "And then I was like, 'Wait! How old is this dude even?' And I was like, "OK, he's not that much older." So it's not too weird."

    It wasn't just Nacon who thought Alden was originally supposed to be a romantic interest for Lauren Cohan's character, Maggie.

    Enid's relationship with Alden came as such a surprise because it seemed like the show was leaning towards pairing together McAuliffe's character with the tough-as-nails Hilltop leader. 

    The only problem? Cohan was leaving the show this season — for now anyway— to start her own ABC series.

    "I've spoken to Callan before too and that's what he was talking about," Nacon said of McAuliffe believing Alden's character was originally supposed to wind up with Maggie. "He was like, 'Yeah, there's a character in the comic books that he kind of parallels.' But I don't know. I don't know what their plan was. It doesn't matter now because now he's with me. Sorry, Maggie!"

    twd 813 alden maggie

    In the comics, there's a member of the Hilltop community named Dante who eventually becomes the first person Maggie warms up to after her husband's death. It takes years and though Alden isn't a character from the comics, it seemed like the show was remixing him to be, at least, inspired in part by Dante.

    Enid's relationship with Alden hasn't been going on for a long time. This is new and we'll get insight into how it came to be.

    When Jesus was killed off the show, fans were upset we never got to see him in a relationship with Aaron. Showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER they didn't feel they had built up the relationship to that point on the show. The comment confused some fans who pointed out that Enid and Alden and another relationship between Father Gabriel and Rosita appeared to come out of nowhere. 

    INSIDER asked Nacon if she and McAuliffe came up with a backstory of how their characters got together and she hinted that she didn't need to. 

    "Well, you might find out," said Nacon, in reference to how Enid and Alden got together. "It's a six-year time jump. They've gotta fill you in eventually, right?"

    Read more: 'The Walking Dead's' Katelyn Nacon says Enid won't be happy Negan's free

    "There's a lot of explaining that should be happening in a sense. So I don't want to say anything too much," she continued. "But there is a reason that Alden and Enid got together. And it wasn't as easy as it might seem on screen, because the relationship is still very, very new for Alden and Enid. There's not even a definite definition of the relationship. They're kind of in limbo right now. So you'll see later on how they got there. So it's not finite. She doesn't call him her boyfriend, he doesn't call her his girlfriend. It's still kind of in a weird situation."

    enid alden twd 908

    Although it came up a bit unexpectedly, Nacon says she likes where her character is with Alden and the time it took for them to find one another. This isn't a relationship that has been going on for years during the time jump. 

    "I do really like Enid and Alden together, and I think he is amazing for her in the sense that he is a very kind and caring person, but also very strong and knowledgeable of the world that is surrounding them, something that she can't always find that connection with, and I think she found it with him. I think he really does help her, and he's helped her to grow into a healthier grown woman, in that sense."

    "It wasn't easy in any sense for her to move on," Nacon added, noting that her relationship with Alden hasn't been going on for very long. "It was six years. And the fact that, no it was actually, yeah, more than six years. And the fact that it's just started [Enid's relationship with Alden]... It took her more than six years in order to get over Carl and stuff."

    enid carl kiss walking dead

    "It's very hard. Especially if you have that kind of connection with a person," Nacon said of the time it took for Enid to get over Carl's loss. "The world around you is falling apart, and they were the only person that you could connect with and could understand you. It's a lot to have that person taken away from you, and to not even be able to say goodbye. It took a long time. But I think she's finally come to terms with that kind of death and what that should mean in her life and how she should move forward from that. And Alden is in that kind of equation for this."

    Read more: 'The Walking Dead's' Katelyn Nacon hints we'll finally get to see Carl's letter to Enid

    Enid seems to have it all right now. Should we be worried for her character when the show returns?

    Whenever anyone seems to be too happy on "The Walking Dead," their lives often get uprooted. With the Whisperers now on the horizon, should Nacon be concerned for Enid's life?

    samantha morton alpha walking dead whisperers

    "I mean, it's hard to say," said Nacon, noting that she is an important part of the Hilltop now as a doctor. And those are in short supply.

    "Either way it's just nice to see Enid kind of take on this new role and character about herself," she continued. "She is becoming happy and ever since that, which is always scary, I think there's still a lot that she's trying to learn from. And I think there's still a lot that she needs to teach the community around her. So she still has a lot more to do."

    "I'm excited for people to get a lot of explanation and to also see how the Whisperers effect the group and how that kind of changes the group's dynamic and everything," Nacon said overall of what she's excited for fans to see when the show returns from its winter hiatus. "And for Enid, I'm excited for people to see the new person that she's grown into be. Because she is very different than when we first met her. She's still the same girl, but she's learned a lot from where she originally was."

    If Enid doesn't make it through the rest of season nine, she's currently on another series and has her own music career

    Nacon is also currently on a show called "T@gged," which follows a group of young high school students who get tagged in violent online videos. It used to stream on Verizon's go90 app until the service was discontinued in July.

    tagged season 2

    "Hulu picked it up and now they've released all of season three December 7," said Nacon of the show. "Hannah Macpherson, the writer and director, just does such an amazing job of bringing this thriller-horror genre into these teenagers' lives, and makes it still so relatable and so realistic. You feel like you could be one of those characters. Even though there's crazy chaos going around them that you would think would never happen in a normal day."

    Nacon also recently released a single called "Undone," which is available on iTunes and Spotify. Her old "Walking Dead" co-star, Chandler Riggs, also works on music under the alias Eclipse. Could we ever see the two of them team up on a project?

    carl enid walking dead

    "I don't know. I know fans would really love to hear it," says Nacon of the possibility of reuniting with Riggs on a musical project. "It's kind of hard because I live in Georgia [and] he lives in California. It makes it a little more difficult. But I love his music, too. I think he does really great work and I think we could do something cool. So, you never know!"

    We have our fingers crossed. "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC Sunday, February 10 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage all season here.

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    NOW WATCH: Bernie Madoff was arrested 10 years ago today — here's what his life is like in prison

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    MasterClass Kevin Spacey

    • Kevin Spacey tweeted for the first time since October 2017 on Monday.
    • His tweet contained a video inspired by his former Netflix show, "House of Cards," titled "Let Me Be Frank."
    • It was posted just as news broke that he has been charged with sexual assault of an 18-year-old male in Massachusetts.

    Kevin Spacey broke his social media silence on Monday by tweeting a video clip inspired by his former Netflix series, "House of Cards." The tweet posted just as news broke that he's being charged for felony sexual assault of a teenage boy in Massachusetts.

    In the tweeted YouTube video, titled "Let Me Be Frank," Spacey's Frank Underwood is breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the camera as his character was known to do on the show. Standing at a kitchen counter with an apron with Santas printed on it, the character appeals to the viewers' desire to have him back, their feelings of missing him, and appears to claim innoncence from accusations against him.

    "I know what you want," he begins. "Oh sure, they may have tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong, it’s too powerful. After all, we shared everything, you and I. I told you my deepest, darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of. I shocked you with my honesty, but mostly I challenged you and made you think. And you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn’t. So we’re not done, no matter what anyone says."

    He continues, "And besides, I know what you want: You want me back."

    Read more: LA district attorney declines to prosecute sex crime cases against Kevin Spacey, Anthony Anderson, and Steven Seagal

    He later states, "Anyhow, despite all the poppycock, the animosity, the headlines, the impeachment without a trial, despite everything, despite even my own death, I feel surprisingly good. And my confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full tru—"

    As mentioned above, the tweet coincidentally posted just as news broke that Spacey will be arraigned next month in a Massachusetts court, according to the Boston Globe, in connection to an allegation that he sexually assaulted a teenager.

    The charge stems from an alleged July 2016 incident in which former Boston TV news journalist Heather Unruh said that Spacey sexually assaulted her 18-year-old son, who she described as "starstruck" by Spacey and "straight,"  at a Nantucket restaurant. Unruh said she filed a police report in late 2017.

    If he's found guilty, Spacey faces up to five years in prison or up to two-and-a-half years in jail or correctional institution and will need to register as a sex offender, according to the Globe.

    Read more: Kevin Spacey is facing 3 additional allegations of sexual assault

    Previously, Spacey had been accused of sexual assault in October 2017 by Anthony Rapp, when the "Star Trek: Discovery" actor was 14 and met Spacey, then in his 20s, at a party. There were at least 15 sexual misconduct accusations against Spacey by the end of 2017

    Spacey would later be fired from "House of Cards" and replaced in the movie "All the Money in the World" by Christopher Plummer. He's currently under investigation for other allegations.

    A legal representative for Spacey didn't immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment on the charges and the tweeted video.

    Read the full transcript of the video Spacey tweeted below:

    "I know what you want. Oh sure, they may have tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong, it’s too powerful. After all, we shared everything, you and I. I told you my deepest, darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of. I shocked you with my honesty, but mostly I challenged you and made you think. And you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn’t. So we’re not done, no matter what anyone says.

    And besides, I know what you want: You want me back. Of course, some believed everything and have just been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all. They’re just dying to have me declare that everything said is true and I got what I deserved. Wouldn’t that be easy, if it was all so simple? Only you and I both know it’s never that simple, not in politics and not in life.

    But you wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you? You wouldn’t rush to judgement without facts, would you? Did you? No, not you. You’re smarter than that.

    Anyway, all this presumption made for such an unsatisfying ending, and to think it could have been such a memorable send off. I mean, if you and I have learned nothing else these past years it’s that in life and art nothing should be off the table. We weren’t afraid, not of what we said and not of what we did, and we’re still not afraid. Because I can promise you this: If I didn’t pay the price for the things we both know I did do, I’m certainly not going to pay the price for the things I didn’t do.

    Of course they’re going to say I’m being disrespectful not playing by the rules. Like I ever played by anyone’s rules before. I never did and you loved it.

    Anyhow, despite all the poppycock, the animosity, the headlines, the impeachment without a trial, despite everything, despite even my own death, I feel surprisingly good. And my confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full tru—

    Wait a minute. Now that I think of it, you never actually saw me die, did you? Conclusions can be so deceiving. Miss me?"

    If you are a victim of sexual assault, you can visit RAINN or call its hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to receive confidential support from a trained staff member.

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    NOW WATCH: The true story behind the name 'Black Friday' is much darker than you may have thought

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    The Good Place

    • Rotten Tomatoes recently released their annual best-reviewed television shows of the year.
    • This year, YouTube's "Cobra Kai," the Netflix original, "Dear White People," and NBC's "The Good Place" made it to the top of the list with 100% scores from the critics.
    • Recent seasons of "Vida" and "Big Mouth" also earned a 100% score from critics. 

    The end of the year is nearly here and the rankings for best music, movies, and TV shows of 2018 are rolling out.

    Recently, Rotten Tomatoes released a list of the top television shows of this year, but only 12 of the series reviewed this year received a perfect score. From a primetime series to a YouTube Premium web television series, there is quite a range of critically-acclaimed shows that will keep you glued to your screen from this year into the next.

    Here are the 12 series that received a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes this year. 

    Season one of "Cobra Kai" was dubbed a great mix of nostalgia and teen angst by critics.

    Number of reviews: 41

    What it's about: "30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, a down-and-out Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo, reigniting his rivalry with a now successful Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), who has been struggling to maintain balance in his life without the guidance of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi."

    Critics' Consensus: "'Cobra Kai' continues the 'Karate Kid' franchise with a blend of pleasantly corny nostalgia and teen angst, elevated by a cast of well-written characters."

    Where to watch it: Available to stream on YouTube Premium

    "The Good Place" season three continued to woo critics.

    Number of reviews: 38

    What it's about: "[This] comedy follows a New Jersey woman who enters the afterlife and tries to become a better person and make amends for past bad behavior."

    Critics' Consensus: "Charming and curious as ever, 'The Good Place' remains a delightfully insightful bright spot on the television landscape."

    Where to watch it: Available to stream on,Hulu

    Season one of "Vida" was called heartfelt and fresh by critics.

    Number of reviews: 36

    What it's about: "The drama series is based on the short story 'Pour Vida' written by Richard Villegas Jr. and follows the lives of two estranged Mexican-American sisters. Lyn (Melissa Barrera) and Emma (Mishel Prada) are forced to reunite after their mother's death ... as the season progresses, the two sisters learn to be around each other and accept their mother's life and wishes."

    Critics' Consensus: "'Vida' explores familiar familial ground from a fresh perspective to create an earnest and heartfelt take on identity and what it means to belong."

    Where to watch it: Available to stream on Starz

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Google provided data about the most-searched TV shows of 2018.
    • The controversy around series like "Insatiable" and "Roseanne" got the internet talking.
    • Original content from streaming services generated tons of traffic this year.

    When viewers want to know more about a cliffhanger ending or find out what critics are saying about the latest releases, they turn to the internet. To round up the most-searched TV shows of 2018, INSIDER consulted data provided by Google Trends.

    Here are the 10 TV series that were the most-searched-for in 2018. 

    The Netflix original "On My Block" was one of year's most-searched and most-watched series.

    "On My Block," a Netflix original series about how high school tests the relationship of four close friends from an inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood, was the streaming service's most binge-watched show in 2018 and one of year's most-watched series overall.

    Blending comedy and drama, this coming-of-age show has been praised for its diverse cast and for handling timely issues.

    The controversial Netflix series "Insatiable" got people searching.

    Even before it was released, Netflix's "Insatiable"stirred controversy. Viewers and critics have called out its premise — a formerly overweight teen (Debby Ryan) becomes a beauty pageant contestant after losing weight to get revenge on those who bullied her — for being fat-shaming.

    Despite the show's fairly negative reception, Netflix renewed it for a second season.

    The complex plots on HBO's "Westworld" generated web traffic.

    HBO's "Westworld" was one the year's most popular series, even if the show's sophomore season finale left fans with more questions than answers. Known for its unabashedly complex plots, the sci-fi western generated plenty of search engine traffic from viewers.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    orange is the new black

    A slew of TV shows were canceled in 2017, and the list of shows canceled in 2018 has grown rapidly since May as networks decide their schedules of new and returning shows, and figure out what they're doing in 2019.

    The most recent cancelation comes from Comedy Central, which canceled "Detroiters" after two seasons. 

    Despite slightly better reception for its second season that dropped in September, Netflix has canceled "Iron Fist" after two seasons, a show that wasn't a hit with critics. Days later, Netflix canceled Marvel's "Luke Cage," leaving many wondering why these seemingly successful superhero shows are getting the axe.  And they were right. In November, the streaming service canceled "Daredevil," too. 

    So far in 2018, networks have canceled fan favorites like "The Last Man on Earth" and "Quantico." Fox also canceled its quirky cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," but NBC picked it up for another season less than two days later.

    ABC also canceled the previously renewed "Roseanne" revival, after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. However, ABC announced a spin-off called "The Conners" without Barr that premiered in October.

    In 2018, the streaming giants are canceling more shows than ever as well, with many getting cut on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix

    So if you're wondering why a show you love hasn't returned in 2018, it might have been canceled. (You can also use this list to see what shows are not returning in the fall or in 2019.)

    Here are all the shows that were canceled in 2017 and 2018, including those from networks and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon:

    SEE ALSO: All the confirmed original shows coming to Netflix in 2018

    Canceled in 2018:

    "One Dollar"— CBS All Access, one season

    "Midnight, Texas"— NBC, two seasons

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Shrill on Hulu

    • A lot of great shows, both new and returning, are coming in 2019.
    • We put a list together of the shows we're looking forward to watching the most, from HBO's final season of "Game of Thrones" to Hulu's new original comedy "Shrill."

    2019 is a new year, and with it comes a handful of new and returning shows we look forward to watching. 

    With countless series heading to networks and streaming services coming up, INSIDER collected a list of the programming we're looking forward to the most. 

    From returning favorites, including "Jane the Virgin" and "Game of Thrones"" to highly-anticipated premieres, like "I Am the Night" and "Shrill," here's the shows you should add to your watch list in 2019. 

    New shows:

    From Netflix's "Carmen Sandiego" reboot to TNT's limited series "I Am the Night" starring Chris Pine, these are all the new series coming in 2019 that we're looking forward to watching. 

    "Sex Education"— Netflix

    Drops Friday, January 11

    This show, which follows an awkward high schooler who begins using what he's learned from his mother's work as a sex therapist to his advantage at school, stars Gillian Anderson of "The X-Files," who honestly belongs in everything. 

    "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened"— Netflix

    Drops Friday, January 18. 

    The disastrous Fyre Festival was one of the most captivating news stories in years. This Netflix documentary follows the festival that was promised to be the most luxurious music experience filled with social media influencers on a posh island, but reality was far from what was promised. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Parent Trap

    • In some movies, one actor takes on two roles and plays a set of twins. 
    • Actors like Nicolas Cage, Lindsay Lohan, and Bette Midler have played sets of twins in movies. 
    • Lisa Kudrow and Troian Bellisario have played twins in TV series.

    Not everyone has a twin. But if you are an actor (or, at least, a person who owns some camera equipment and editing software) and are willing to put in extra hours, you can pretend to have a twin by playing them yourself.

    And although some of the twins you see on-screen were actually twins (like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in "New York Minute"), such is not always the case. Actors like Lindsay Lohan, Armie Hammer, and Leonardo DiCaprio, have all played two people in one movie and, in some cases, you may not have even noticed that an actor didn't actually have an identical twin after all

    Here are 13 actors who have played a set of twins onscreen. 

    Lisa Kudrow's twin roles spanned across two TV shows.

    Most "Friends" fans know Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay in the show's 10 seasons, also played Phoebe's twin sister, Ursula, in a few episodes. But Ursula technically existed before Phoebe did Kudrow played Ursula, an absent-minded waitress on the sitcom "Mad About You," before booking "Friends,"according to Comedy Central.

    For a time, Kudrow appeared on both "Mad About You" and "Friends," which ran back-to-back on NBC. Reportedly, NBC decided to bring Ursula into the "Friends" universe and make her Phoebe's twin in order to make Kudrow's presence on both shows a bit less confusing.

    Read More: 21 surprising facts that you probably didn't know about 'Friends'

    Adam Sandler played fraternal twins.

    In 2011, Adam Sandler starred in "Jack and Jill," a movie about fraternal twins (Jack and Jill), whose relationship grows increasingly dysfunctional as they age. Sandler played both Jack and Jill.

    The movie, which has a 23 on Metacritic, was almost universally panned by critics and it won multiple Razzie Awards for being the "worst film of the year." 

    Lindsay Lohan has played twins more than once.

    Many are familiar with Lindsay Lohan's role in the 1996 reboot of "The Parent Trap." In it, she played long-lost sisters Annie James and Hallie Parker who run into one another at summer camp and hatch a plot to reunite their parents by switching places.

    Almost a decade later, Loha played twins once again in the poorly received 2007 thriller "I Know Who Killed Me." In the film, Lohan played a pair of twins who had been separated at birth. They finally meet after being kidnapped and brutally tortured by a serial killer.

    Read More: 11 celebrities who have gone to prison or jail

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Helen Mirren The Queen

    • Actors like Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt, and Judi Dench have taken on the roles of iconic queens like Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II.
    • Both Colin Firth and Rupert Everett have taken on roles as kings for movies.
    • Many actors, like Judi Dench and Colin Firth, have won awards for their portrayal of royal characters.

    Royal families have dealt with triumphs, tragedies and power struggles for centuries — it's no wonder why their stories or versions of them can sometimes lead to the creation of TV series and movies.

    Many actors and actresses have had the chance to portray past and present royals in movies and TV shows inspired by both fact and fiction and some have resulted in award-winning performances that critics and viewers alike couldn't get enough of while others have left critics a bit puzzled. 

    Here are some actors who aren't quite royal, but have had a chance to wear the crown on screen.

    Helen Mirren is the queen of royal roles in Hollywood.

    In the 1994 comedy,"The Madness of King George," Mirren played Queen Charlotte, who tried to protect the British throne from enemies as King George III's mental health declined. She also played Queen Elizabeth II in the motion picture, "The Queen," a role which won her an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2007.

    And Mirren's not relinquishing the throne just yet. She will play the lead role in the upcoming  "Catherine the Great," an HBO miniseries about the life of the Russian monarch.

    Read More: Helen Mirren's diet and workout routine seems surprisingly low-key — here's how she stays in such killer shape


    Before she played a nanny, Emily Blunt played a queen.

    In 2006 Emily Blunt achieved breakout success as Meryl Streep's icy assistant in "The Devil Wears Prada." But before she landed the starring role in the 2018 "Mary Poppins" reboot, the British actress tackled her fair share of royal roles.

    In 2003, Blunt played Queen Catherine Howard in a two-part television drama, "Henry VIII." She made her way back to the throne in 2009 as Queen Victoria in"The Young Victoria," the story of the queen's journey to the throne and her relationship with her husband, Prince Albert. The role earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in 2010.

    Naomi Watts played Princess Diana in a biopic.

    In 2013, Naomi Watts took on the title role in "Diana," a biographical film about the last two years of Princess Diana's life. And although Watts did her best to prepare for the role of "The People's Princess," the film was not well-received by British and American critics.

    In its review, The Guardian called the film "an excruciatingly well-intentioned biopic laced with bizarre cardboard dialogue."

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    sandra oh

    • The Golden Globes honor the best movie and TV performances. 
    • Some of the nominees have been in the industry for decades, while some are newcomers. 
    • All of them have paid their dues with smaller roles through the years.
    • The Golden Globes airs Sunday, January 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 

    Many of today's A-list celebrities worked hard for their success. They paid their dues with hundreds of auditions, lots of smaller roles, and plenty of commercials, too.

    The Golden Globes honor the best movie and TV performances of the year and airs Sunday, January 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. And before these stars are rightfully honored, INSIDER wanted to take a look back on some of their earliest roles that introduced them to the world.

    From Constance Wu on "Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit" to Julia Roberts in 1988's "Mystic Pizza," take a look back on some of these actors' first roles.

    Nicole Kidman's career started with a series of small Australian films, like "BMX Bandits," in 1983.

    She's nominated for her lead role in "Destroyer." 

    Bradley Cooper made his TV debut with a guest spot on season two of "Sex and the City" in 1999.

    He's nominated for "A Star Is Born." 

    Lady Gaga performed for years before releasing her debut album in 2008.

    She is nominated for "A Star Is Born." 

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    bandersnatch black mirror

    • The new "Black Mirror" interactive movie is here, and it's called "Bandersnatch."
    • The movie has five distinct endings and an overwhelming amount of combinations.
    • Like with all "Black Mirror" content, it has inspired some existential conflict on Twitter— people don't know what to believe about themselves or reality anymore.
    • Be warned, mild spoilers ahead for "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch."

    People have been speculating that an interactive "Black Mirror" movie was coming for months now, and the theorizing kicked into overdrive when the "Bandersnatch" title card was discovered on Netflix earlier this December.

    The stand-alone movie dropped at midnight on December 28, and people have been devouring it ever since. It tells the story of Stefan Butler, a young computer programmer in the '80s, who's developing one of his favorite choose-your-own-adventure novels into a video game. As is the "Black Mirror" way, things go astray pretty quickly.

    But what makes this "Black Mirror" different is the interactive, choose-your-own-adventure nature of the movie — throughout the film, viewers are prompted with choices that Stefan and his friends have to make, and this affects the plot trajectory. According to the New York Times, there are five distinct endings, ranging from happy to disastrous.

    Naturally, the internet is overwhelmed by the new type of media, and what the movie says about us as a whole.




    While some people relished in making Stefan's life as difficult as possible, others were finding it hard to ruin this fictional character's life.

    Read more: 10 surprising things you probably didn't know about 'Black Mirror'



    But a common theme, of course, was suspicion towards all of our many electronic devices.

    "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" is streaming on Netflix now.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.


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    keira knightley teeth hidden talent

    • Keira Knightley appeared on "The Graham Norton Show's" New Year's Eve episode with Guy Pearce and Catherine Tate and revealed her unique hidden talent. 
    • In addition to being an Oscar-nominated actress, the 33-year-old can also use her teeth as a musical instrument and play well-known tunes. 
    • She does it by tapping her teeth with her fingers.
    • While appearing on the UK talk show, Knightley demonstrated her ability to make sounds that resemble the song "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." 
    • The popular track was originally released in 1969 and performed by B.J. Thomas.
    • Watch the video below (Knightley shows off her skill at 2:30).


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    • Farrah Moan appears on the new season of  "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars."
    • We asked Farrah to show us how to do some basic drag makeup using some cheap items we found at the drugstore.
    • In a very short amount of time, she helped transform one of our producers into her new drag daughter.

    Following is a transcript of the video. 

    Farrah Moan: Oh sh*t.

    Hi guys! I'm Farrah Moan from "RuPaul's Drag Race" season nine and All Stars four. I am here with...

    Jake Gabbard: Jake.

    Farrah: Jake! And he wants to try and become a drag queen today. So we're gonna have some red wine, and we are gonna get all up in this mug with just whatever we could find at the drugstore, and see what happens. So...

    Jake: Oh my gosh.

    Farrah: We're gonna start first with this foundation stick. So, I want you to grab this.

    Jake: Okay.

    Farrah: And look in your little mirror,

    Jake: Alright.

    Farrah: And just smear it all over your face.

    Jake: All over?

    Farrah: Yup. Make sure to really concentrate it on those parts.

    Jake: Alright. It's really thick, that's okay?

    Farrah: Oh, this is drag, babe. You don't have to do it too heavy, because you will blend, but I just wanna do this because it looks satisfying. Oh yeah, cover that beard. Now, you're gonna take your little beauty sponge.

    Jake: Okay. Jake: And just work it in?

    Farrah: Lemme feel it. Yup, it's perfect. Now, what you wanna do is just... Until it's evenly spread all over the face.

    Jake: Okay.

    Farrah: Faster, harder! And not down, don't do downward. Pat in.

    Jake: Pat it in, okay. Oh, I see. Farrah: Pat in. Jake: I'm very new to this.

    Farrah: Have you ever done drag before?

    Jake: No! When I was high school I went as Marilyn Monroe for a project, so I did a little lipstick and a wig. And that was the extent of it.

    Farrah: Lipstick and a wig!

    Jake: That was my drag experience.

    Farrah: Your memoir.

    Jake: Yeah. Farrah: Yeah, don't be afraid to really just beat that foundation in there, baby. You are clearly a man. And we are going to make you somewhat of a woman.

    Jake: You're gonna have to work some magic.

    Farrah: See how it's just very fast? And then, oh my God, look, your beard is gone! Wow. That's wild.

    Jake: Nice.

    Farrah: None of us on our first time doing drag didn't have 5 o'clock shadow. In fact, mine might be growing in right now.

    Jake: You're supposed to...

    Farrah: Oh, don't forget your little pink ears.

    Jake: Oh, I gotta do my ears too?

    Farrah: Yass! Babe! Of course. At this point, the next step would be a cream contour. Oh my God, look! Drag! So you always wanna get the man out. So like, chisel the jaw, get that little cheekbone, contour that forehead, get so girly. So the line here gets rid of the double chin, and like, chisels everything.

    Jake: Nice.

    Farrah: The line here hollows out your cheekbones and kinda gives your cheeks some shape, and kind of creates the illusion of a protrusion. A protrusion illusion?

    Jake: I like it.

    Farrah: Yeah, it kind of tricks the world into thinking you have cheekbones.

    Jake: I already see the points happening.

    Farrah: Yeah, you see it! Do you feel like a queen yet?

    Jake: I'm to feel like a little...

    Farrah: Queenie?

    Jake: Tingly a little bit, yeah. I get it.

    Farrah: Oh my God, it's happening! You're gonna just take this little, and just blend it like that. Is that a woman? My God, I feel so proud! Are you gonna be my first drag daughter?

    Jake: Sure! What does that mean? What are the responsibilities of a drag daughter?

    Farrah: Oh well, the drag mother has all the responsibilities, clearly.

    Jake: Oh. Farrah: What's your drag name gonna be? Jake: What should my drag name be?

    Farrah: Well, if you were my daughter, since I'm Farrah Moan, I've always wanted a little baby girl named Hora Moan.

    Jake: Hora Moan! You heard it here first. Okay, so cue lower third, I am now Farrah Moan's drag daughter, Hora Moan.

    Farrah: Hora Moan.

    Jake: In the flesh.

    Farrah: Okay, next we're gonna set your face with powder. Relax that forehead or else you're gonna permanently put those creases in. Too late.

    Jake: I'm a stressed...

    Farrah: Oh, Hora. You're just a baby girl! Look at this little baby girl! Next, we're gonna go in with some contour again over the cream, because, if you notice, when you put that powder on, it kind of has some pigment to it, so it takes away a little bit of the contour. You can also have a meltdown and just, like, like not finish and just wipe it all off, then stay inside. If I have a bad...

    Jake: This drag queen is staying in her castle.

    Farrah: Castle. Like, her one bedroom apartment.

    Jake: Yeah. Studio.

    Farrah: Studio for sure! Our next step is a good old liquid liner, and you know what, Hora Moan, this doesn't get any easier. Like, I have been doing drag for seven years now, and it's still hard, and I still hold my breath, and I still get very deep, deep, deep anxiety from doing this. Okay, so relax your eyes and kind of go like this, like you're really high.

    Jake: Okay.

    Farrah: And inside of dragging the liner, just move your head.

    Jake: Ohhh.

    Farrah: Yeah. That's what helps me. Oh, oh no, you're doing it on the bottom? This is for the top! This is the cat eye!

    Jake: I don't know!

    Farrah: This is the signature Moan cat eye.

    Jake: Oh my gosh, I am sorry.

    Farrah: Listen kids, you're all gonna look like this when you first start, and it's fine! Because eventually, you go from this to this. Oh my God you're doing so good! Here, let's let it dry a little bit. Oh that looks great, babe.

    Jake: Thank you.

    Farrah: You're doing a great job. Do you want a little sip?

    Jake: Yes please, thank you. Jake: Mm! Okay. Oo, that's yummy.

    Farrah: Bartender, can we get some more when you're available? Okay. Now we're gonna stick these f*cking lashes on. Normally when you put these on, you wanna, like, trim a little bit so that it matches your eye, but today we are creating a different fantasy. Now I don't trust you to try and do this yourself, because you can glue your eye shut.

    Jake: Oh yeah. I see.

    Farrah: Yeah, you can feel the fantasy? Do you feel like a woman?

    Jake: Yeah. Yup, it's there. Farrah: See, the thing about fake eyelashes is it's, like, kryptonite to straight men. Oh my God, so when did you come out of the closet?

    Jake: I'm actually straight.

    Farrah: While your eyes are closed, keep them closed, keep them closed, we're gonna put some lipstick on you. Yeah! Oh God, what brand? Oh. Oh my God! Look at this little baby girl, Hora Moan! You look just like me. It's crazy.

    Jake: Just little baby Hora Moan.

    Farrah: Very, very annoyed that she had to be born, but very thankful for the opportunity to inspire. Okay.

    Jake: We'll make it work.

    Farrah: This is a little bit MySpace. Okay. Look.

    Jake: Oh! I dig it!

    Farrah: Don't you? You look so pretty! Oh my God! Oh my God. Okay, serve us some face. Serve us some face. Do a little. Yes! Give it! Hora Moan! Looking sickening! Looking gorg! Looking like a woman! And no one can tell her differently even with some lipstick on her teeth!

    Jake: Oh my God.

    Farrah: Do you feel it?

    Jake: I feel it! I feel... It's pretty funny to look at. I look like a...

    Farrah: Girl! Like a drag Reba McIntyre or something.

    Farrah: Oh work! Like, oh my God, no. Kelly Osbourne.

    Jake: Yes!

    Farrah: When she was a problematic teen?

    Jake: Yes. 2002 Kelly Osbourne.

    Farrah: We stan.

    Jake: Yeah. Farrah, thank you so much for showing me how to use all this makeup. I had no idea how to do any of it. Now I feel so confident.

    Farrah: And look, for your first time ever using it, I'm actually very impressed. Like, it took me a very long time to, like, figure out what all this... I didn't even know that you could set your face with powder for like the first year. I was just shiny as hell. Yeah, but the straight boys loved it. But I'm so happy I got to do this with you, and I hope that even though you are straight, you are going to continue on with this legacy of my name.

    Jake: I will.

    Farrah: Hora Moan.

    Jake: I will wear your name proudly.

    Farrah: Maybe one day you'll be on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

    -I'm giving you two thumbs up. Honestly, I am so proud of you.

    -You look gorgeous!

    Jake: Well thank you.

    Jake: What do you think?

    -See the hair is on point.

    Jake: Thank you.

    -The makeup is on point.

    Jake: Thank you.

    -Charisma, I assume, is on point.

    Jake: Always.

    -I'll give this a thumbs up.

    -This look is crazy! It looks good, overall. Good job, Jake.

    Jake: Thank you.

    - I give Hora Moan a big thumbs up.

    Jake: My name is Hora Moan.

    -Hora Moan? I love it.

    Jake: Thanks.

    -Thumbs up, for sure.

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    catch 22

    • More books are being adapted into TV series. 
    • Some will be on network channels, like Fox's "The Passage."
    • Others will be streaming, like the new adaptation of "The ABC Murders" on Amazon Prime and "Catch-22" on Hulu.

    Some of the biggest TV series often come from books, and more are on their way. 

    Joseph Heller's "Catch-22" is heading to Hulu and is starring George Clooney, while comic book series "Deadly Class" is heading to the Syfy channel. 

    Here are 24 series based on books that will soon be on TV.

    Fox's "The Passage" is loosely based on Justin Cronin's novel of the same name.

    The sci-fi series will center on a facility called Project Noah, where scientists experiment with a virus that could potentially cure all diseases, but can also kill all humans. A young girl named Amy is chosen to be a test subject at the facility but the Federal Agent put in charge of her decides to protect her. 

    Release date: Monday, January 14 on Fox

    Buy the book >>

    "Roswell, New Mexico" will be the second adaptation of "The Roswell High" series by Melinda Metz.

    A girl moves back to her hometown only to learn that her high school crush is an alien and has hidden his abilities for his entire life, but he's not the only extra-terrestrial around. Fear and hatred in the town threaten to expose the aliens and put them in danger. 

    Release date: Tuesday, January 15 on The CW 

    Buy the book >>

    Rick Remender's comic book series "Deadly Class" is coming to Syfy.

    "Deadly Class" centers on an elite training school for assassins where the world's top crime families send their kids and an orphan who is recruited to join. The series was created by "Infinity War" directors Joe and Anthony Russo. 

    Release date: Wednesday, January 16 on Syfy 

    Buy the book >>

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    a series of unfortuante events kit snicket season 3

    • Netflix adds new movies and shows almost daily.
    • INSIDER has rounded up five movies and TV shows hitting the streaming service this week that are worth watching.
    • The list includes "A Series of Unfortunate Events,""Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," and the "Indiana Jones" movie series.

    Finding something to watch isn't always easy when there are so many options. 

    Netflix adds new titles to the streaming service almost every day, and it's hard to keep up. So INSIDER looked through the list of new movies and shows hitting the service this week to see what's worth watching

    Here are five TV series and movies you should watch this week. 

    "A Series of Unfortunate Events"(Series — coming Tuesday, January 1)

    a series of unfortunate events season 3

    Netflix original "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is back for its third and final season, which takes on the final four books in Lemony Snicket's beloved series. The series picks up exactly where the second season ended — Klaus and Violet are heading towards the edge of a cliff in a runaway wagon and Sunny is kidnapped by Count Olaf. 

    "Comedians of the World"(Series — coming Tuesday, January 1)

    comedians of the world netflix

    Netflix unleashed a massive comedy series featuring 47 comedians from 13 different regions in eight different languages. The series highlights and celebrates the diversity of comedians around the globe, and with each stand-up set around 30 minutes, they are easy to squeeze into a day. 

    The "Indiana Jones" movie series (Movie — coming Tuesday, January 1)

    Indiana Jones golden idol

    OK, this might be a bit of a cheat, but the entire "Indiana Jones" film series is on Netflix. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" isn't the greatest addition to the adventures of Dr. Jones, but the original three movies are iconic and worth a watch. 

    "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo"(Series — coming Tuesday, January 1)

    tidying up with marie kondo

    Japanese organizer and consultant Marie Kondo seeks to help people in need of some organizational help on her new series for Netflix. She works to help declutter people's homes and viewers may be inspired to make some changes to their own lives and homes in the process.

    "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"(Movie — coming Wednesday, January 2)

    monty python and the holy grail

    The Monty Python comedy group are behind some of the greatest comedic works and "The Holy Grail" is no different. King Arthur ventures out to find men for the Knights of the Round Table before being tasked with finding the Holy Grail. Along the way they run into the Knights Who Say Ni and a killer rabbit, and it's genius. 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    Breaking Bad

    Every year, there are multiple shows that stick out among the rest.

    Whether it's revolutionary television series like "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" or shows that leave long-lasting legacies like "Friends" or "Seinfeld," there have been decades of unforgettable TV.

    Using Nielsen ratings, award nominations, and cultural impact, we picked the best show that debuted every year since 1967. Some of these legendary shows got bad ratings at first, but the shows managed to stick around anyway. 

    See the best TV show that came out the year you were born below.

    SEE ALSO: 28 nearly identical pairs of movies that came out around the same time

    FOLLOW US: INSIDER is on Facebook

    1967: "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"

    Plot summary: "The Smothers Brothers host a comedy variety show that became notorious for its topical satirical humor."

    The show was canceled in 1969 after CBS accused them of breach of contract. They sued and won a settlement of more than $900,000.

    What critics have said: "But for the new generation coming of age in the late 1960s, 'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' represented their view of the world, the only place on American prime-time TV where George Harrison would pop in unannounced to provide moral support for the brothers' righteous struggle."— The New York Times

    Source: Nielsen

    1968: "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"

    Plot summary: "The original rapid fire sketch comedy show."

    What critics have said: "Whatever else it is — and at one time or another 'Laugh-In' is hilarious, brash, flat, peppery, irreverent, satirical, repetitious, risqué, topical and in borderline taste — it is primarily and always fast, fast, fast! And in this it is contemporary. It's attuned to the times. It's hectic, electric; McLuhanism applied."— The New York Times Magazine

    Source: Nielsen

    1969: "The Brady Bunch"

    Plot summary: "The misadventures of a large family united when one widowed and one divorced [this was never actually confirmed onscreen] people married."

    What critics have said: It was actually panned by critics, but according to the Museum of Broadcast Communications, "The program stands as one of the most important sitcoms of American 1970s television programming, spawning numerous other series on all three major networks, as well as records, lunch boxes, a cookbook, and even a stage show and feature film."


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    carrie ann inaba julie chen the talk

    • CBS' "The Talk" confirmed Carrie Ann Inaba is officially joining the daytime series as a new co-host. 
    • Inaba has been filling in regularly a guest co-host for the past two seasons and after the departure of Julie Chen from the talk show in September. 
    • It should come as little surprise. In a recorded message, the "Dancing With the Stars" judge was Chen's suggestion to replace her on the CBS show. 
    • "Carrie Ann, I don't know, but in my opinion, you look awfully good sitting in that chair, my Asian sister. I'm just saying," said Chen last September.

    "It’s official!" CBS announced as The Talk returned to air with an original episode and Carrie Ann Inaba as new host, replacing Julie Chen.

    About a month after word got out that frontrunner/frequent fill-in Inaba had won the derby to replace the wife of ousted CBS CEO Les Moonves’ on the daily talk show, Inaba made her “official” debut today, joining Eve, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood. Throughout the past two seasons, Inaba has appeared as a recurring guest co-host.

    Inaba’s maybe best known serving as a judge on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars for all 27 seasons, since its debut in 2005. As an original judge, she has appeared in every episode to date. Later, she was featured in a spinoff series with fellow judge, Bruno Tonioli, Dance Wars: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. 

    Inaba began her television career in 1990 as one of the first Asian Americans to perform contemporary dance on national television as one of the Fly Girls of Fox’s In Living Color.

    Inaba was Chen’s choice to replace her on the CBS talker, as she made very clear in her taped video announcing her exit, which the show aired in early September to no one’s surprise, shortly after her husband got expelled from CBS Corp.

    julie chen the talk

    After paying tribute to each of her on-air colleagues, Chen told that day’s guest host Inaba “In my opinion you look awfully good sitting there, my Asian sister. I’m just saying!”

    Making the network’s “official” announcement, Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs, CBS Entertainment, explained of the choice, “Carrie Ann connects with audiences by being genuine. We appreciate her warmth, heart and vulnerability, and love what she brings to the show.”

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    Eleven Jane stranger things 2 bed

    • "Stranger Things 3" arrives on Netflix this coming July 4. 
    • In a new teaser video, the message "when blue and yellow meet in the west" was on a  computer screen.
    • This same phrase was found in Morse code inside the "Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion" book released last fall.
    • The phrase could refer to the blue and yellow hands of the clock in Starcourt Mall, a new location in the coming season seen in another teaser video
    • The final episode of "Stranger Things 3" is called "The Battle of Starcourt," which makes some fans believe the hidden morse code clues are related to a big showdown on the season finale.


    Netflix announced the official release date of "Stranger Things" season three in a New Year's Eve teaser video. The clip began with old footage from "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" in 1985 — the year "Stranger Things 3" will take place. Fake signal interruptions showed the screen of an older computer terminal, and the phrase "when blue and yellow meet in the west."

    Fans on the "Stranger Things" subreddit were quick to notice that same word set had been inside the official "Behind-The-Scenes Companion" book released in October 2018. The book comes with an international morse code pocket signal disk, and people realized there were morse code messages sprinkled throughout the text

    Two of those phrases appeared in the New Year's Eve teaser, indicating the book's foreshadowing of events to come on the third season of "Stranger Things." 

    "When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West"

    Stranger Things 3 New Year's Eve teaser terminal screen When Blue And Yellow Meet In The West

    The first of these is the phrase "when blue and yellow meet in the west." The way it appears, with rows of changing number and letters, makes it seem like a decoded message. As many people have discussed on the "Stranger Things" subreddit, this is likely linked to the Starcourt Mall.

    Last summer, Netflix released a fake commercial for the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana (where "Stranger Things" takes place). A brief shot of in the mall showed a clock with one yellow hand and one blue hand. Could this be what the message is alluding to? 

    Starcourt Mall teaser Stranger Things 3

    Perhaps the message is signaling a time and location for an event to occur. For example, at 9:45 both the hands would be pointing to the place where "west" would be if the clock were a compass.

    Others pointed out that the newly released poster, with the tagline "one summer can change everything," shows Eleven wearing a blue top and Mike wearing yellow. It's likely the pair of them will be at the center of whatever mania happens this season, so their costumes could be a tie-in to this event as well.

    Stranger Things 3 poster Netflix July 4

    The link between the video message and Starcourt Mall is also strengthened by the revelation of the "Stranger Things 3" episode titles. As announced by Netflix in December, the final episode of the season is called "The Battle of Starcourt." This makes it clear we can expect a showdown, possibly similar to Eleven's face off with the Mindflayer on last season's finale "The Gate."

    The Silver Cat Feeds

    Next in the teaser came another terminal screen, this time showing someone typing a command to run a program called SilverCatFeeds.exe, which might be connected to the "Lynx Corp." shown at the top of the screen.

    Stranger Things 3 New Year's Eve teaser terminal screen

    Silver Cat Feeds Stranger Things 3 teaser

    "The silver cat feeds" was another one of the morse-coded messages found by fans inside the "Stranger Things" companion book. Since the terminal text also references Lynx Corp. multiple times, we believe this new mysterious company is connected to both the program file being run (which could be a virus) and the "blue and yellow" message. 

    And both of these clues could also be linked to another reference we spotted in the Starcourt Mall teaser last year. Both seasons of "Stranger Things" so far have made references to the Cold War and Russian spy interests. In a shot of a bookstore, the Starcourt Mall video showed a window display for Tom Clancy's 1984 Cold War spy novel "The Hunt for Red October."

    Read more: A goofy new 'Stranger Things' mall teaser might have a very serious clue about a Russian subplot for season three

    Eleven Russian Spy Stranger Things season one E5

    When Eleven was first trained to use her powers by Dr. Brenner, he had her find and listen to a man speaking Russian. On the second season, conspiracy theorist Murray Bauman alluded to Russian spies when he was piecing together the clues about Eleven and Hawkins Lab. 

    On top of all this, the Russian word for "Eleven" was also among the glitched footage in the New Year's eve video.

    So. A battle at the Starcourt Mall, mysterious coded messages, Cold War references, and Eleven looking extremely concerned once more at the sight of something surely supernatural. Fans can expect "Stranger Things 3" to be anything but boring. 

    "Stranger Things 3" premieres on July 4 on Netflix. For a closer look at the biggest details you might have missed on last season of "Stranger Things," read more here. Watch the full New Year's Eve video teaser below.

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