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    katelyn nacon enid walking dead

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead if you're not caught up with Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead,""The Lost and the Plunderers."

    Enid smartly talked her way out of being murdered by the Oceanside crew on Sunday's "The Walking Dead" after murdering their leader. 

    Though she's leaving the community without any help in the war against Negan, she'll have some bigger problems to deal with when she returns to Maggie at the Hilltop.

    Her whole world will change when she learns that one of her closest allies — and apocalypse boyfriend — Carl died after getting himself bit by one of the undead.

    INSIDER spoke with Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid, about her character's decision to stand her ground with Oceanside Sunday, how Carl's death will affect her character moving forward, whether or not Enid could take over Carl's comic role with Negan, and her thoughts on having a female showrunner lead the show into its ninth season.

    On Enid's quick thinking Sunday night

    enid aaron walking dead

    Kirsten Acuna: Enid's life is literally on the line. What was going through her mind as she was bargaining for her and Aaron's lives? Is she kind of in JSS ["Just Survive Somehow"] mode?

    Katelyn Nacon: I would say so, but I feel like also her version of JSS is changed over the course of time as she's come with the community. I feel like she still goes by "just survive somehow," but it's more like I should just survive somehow but for the right reasons. And I think that's kind of what she's going through right there, she's like, 'Hey, we need to survive, but there's a reason that you should let us survive. You should be doing this because of this, and this and all of these other things.' I think it's, one, her trying to get them out of that situation, but, two, also trying to show the Oceansiders what they're doing wrong and what they could do better.

    Acuna: I was actually surprised, but delighted to see that it was Enid and not Aaron who was speaking up to the women of Oceanside after they were captured. What do you make of Enid being the one to bargain with Cyndie instead of Aaron?

    Nacon: I think she sees a lot of power in Cyndie and also they're relatively around the same age. I feel like she can go through similar experiences and stuff. Why can't I remember the leader's name before this?

    Acuna: Oh, Natania.

    Nacon: Natania, yes. I think she was doing a lot wrong and I think that [Enid] saw that Cyndie saw the wrong that her grandmother was doing. And even though [Enid] killed her grandmother, I think she's trying to show her like, 'Hey, you have the ability to be this kind of person, and to do the right thing now,' especially with her out of the way, you can do the right thing.

    I think that's what she kind of trying to do there. And I think she can connect more with them being a young female than Aaron necessarily could.

    Why Enid doesn't apologize for killing the Oceanside leader

    enid aaron walking dead 810

    Acuna: I noticed Enid never apologizes or says sorry for killing Cyndie's grandmother. Why is that?

    Nacon: Well, because she knew she had to do it. She didn't have an option really. If she didn't kill Natania, then Aaron would be dead. And she cared about Aaron and wasn't going to let him die, so she knew that wasn't an option. I mean she even said that I would do it again if I have to, because I knew that's the thing that I had to do at that moment. And she would, maybe going forward, I don't think she wants to kill people, I think that's the last thing she wants to do, right? If she can get around it, then she won't do it.

    And we've seen that earlier on when we first met her in like season five and six. She wouldn't even kill walkers. She would find a different way around them and a way that she wouldn't have to kill them. Whether it was like throwing a timer or just distracting them somehow. It's a lot for Enid to take in. She's a young girl. She just killed her first real person, someone that's not a walker. So it's a lot for her to take in, but I think that she realizes in that moment that's all she could have done, and if she was put in that situation again she would do it.

    Acuna: You know that's a good point. I re-watched the whole series before season eight started, but I forgot that's the first person that Enid has probably really killed. That's pretty significant.

    Nacon: Yeah, it's a lot, it's a lot for her. Especially since it's a person that you know, had a lot of people looking up to them. They were a leader of the community and she also had family. It's a lot for Enid to kind of take in, especially because she knows if someone had killed her parents, or if someone had killed her grandmother and that was all that she had left, she wouldn't be happy either. But I think she'd gotten to a point in this world that she knows that people die and that's just something that has to happen in order for others to live.

    Why Enid makes Aaron promise they'll see each other again

    the walking dead oceanside aaron enid

    Acuna: Enid makes Aaron promise that she'll see him again. Does she really believe that she will see him again? Or was that something that she just needed to hear?

    Nacon: I don't know. Honestly, I feel like she doesn't think that she'll see him again. That's why she's so scared about him staying behind, because it's just such a risky move. But, she knows that he has to do it, and there's no way she can argue her way into getting him to come with her. But I think she knows that he has to do it, and there's a good chance that he might not make it back. So that's hard for her. And so I think just to hear him say, 'Yeah, I promise I'll see you again,' it's a little comforting because every person she's cared about has died. She's never gotten to say goodbye to them. So, in this way, it's something to kind of comfort her in her way back.

    How Nacon found out Chandler Riggs was being killed off the show

    enid carl the walking dead

    Acuna: Where were you when you heard that Chandler Riggs would be leaving and how did you react?

    Nacon: I was at my parents' house. I forget why, but I remember [showrunner] Scott [M. Gimple] calls me and he was like, 'Hey, I'm just letting everyone know about this,' and was like, 'We're going to kill Carl.' And I'm pretty sure I was just like, 'Oh, OK.' It just didn't set in at first. I think it went completely went over my head. But then he kept talking about it and I was like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. They're actually going to kill Carl. This a big deal. This isn't supposed to happen.' And I think it took like a good 10 minutes for it all to actually set in, and for me to understand that this was reality. I definitely didn't see it coming. Really out of the blue.

    Acuna: Were you sad that you guys didn't get to say goodbye onscreen?

    Nacon: No, not really. I think it brings more drama into ... if I could get Enid even more messed up than she already is, this is great. I love playing messed up characters. I think that the fact that Enid didn't get to say goodbye, it's just a lot harder for her. Because she never got to say goodbye to her parents, she never got to say goodbye to Glenn, so it's just another person that she never got the chance to and so I think it just hits her even harder with that. As an actress, I like playing that part.

    How Carl's death will affect Enid moving forward

    carl enid walking dead

    Acuna: Glenn and Carl along with Maggie have really helped shape and define who Enid has become, but how do you think Enid is going to react when she learns about Carl? Do you think that she may regress and be a little bit more messed up?

    Nacon: She doesn't become closed off again. I think she's gotten through the period of where her way of coping with things is just shutting everyone out. I think she's past that. But, it's interesting to see this shift in Enid from before she finds out to after she finds out. She's almost a different person, and its like her perspective pretty much changes. It's really interesting. I feel like it's gonna be a lot of fun for the audience to watch as well, just how it all affects not only her but other people because it affects everyone very differently. And you'll see that in an episode to come, the conflicting views of how to perceive his death. It's pretty crazy. It's just so crazy to think just how different she becomes after she finds out.

    Nacon doesn't know what Carl's letter to Enid says, but she will receive it

    carl walking dead letter

    Acuna: Do you know what your letter from Carl says, or no?

    Nacon: No, they gave me a piece of paper, it just said Enid on the back and it was a blank piece of paper. I was like, "OK guys, thanks for the emotional help."

    Acuna: Chandler said when we were speaking with him last week that he didn't even write what was on the inside of the cards, he just scribbled whatever on the day of filming. So, it's pretty funny.

    Nacon: Yeah, they're very specific. If you ever write something down on the show, they're very specific about how it looks and what it says, so that would make sense.

    Why she's not surprised Carl wrote Negan a letter

    negan walking dead carl letter

    Nacon: I mean I definitely didn't see it coming, but I feel like it doesn't surprise me that Carl would do that, especially with where his character was ending up, and the philosophy that he kind of discovered before his death. It doesn't surprise me that he would write a note to Negan. As an audience member, yes, but if you actually understand Carl's character, it makes a lot of sense especially with where he was in his last minutes.

    You can read what Carl wrote to Negan in his letter here.

    Where Enid stands in the war against Negan

    negan walking dead 811

    Acuna: How does Enid feel in this war? Could she get on board with Carl's mentality of making peace with the Saviors or does she think all of the saviors need to go and that they need to avenge Glenn's death and the many others they've lost?

    Nacon: You'll see kind of where her head is at within the upcoming episodes, but I don't think she believes that Carl's philosophy is right. I think she believes that Carl's philosophy is what got him killed. So, in her way, it's wrong and it's going to get everyone else killed. So it's tough, because she wants to do the right thing, but she's really lost right now after the death of Carl. Everything is a lot harder because she thought she knew where she was in this world and how she wanted to go about it and the choices that she wanted to make, but now it's kind of all been mixed up.

    How THAT scene from the comics with Carl probably never would have happened

    Acuna: [In the comics,] Carl becomes really close with a girl named Lydia, and there's this crazy scene that I thought that they were going to do at some point [on the show]. Do you know what I'm talking about, with where Lydia licks Carl's eye socket?

    Nacon: Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about.

    the walking dead carl lydia eye

    Acuna: Has anyone ever asked you about whether or not you would do that scene at some point with Chandler?

    Nacon: No, I don't think that was ever a plan, because Enid's definitely not Lydia. For a moment I thought Sophia, but she's really neither. She's honestly her own standalone character. For a while it seemed like she would take on Sophia's story lines, but she's just a very completely different character. Especially from Lydia. Lydia's like psychotic. But, I don't think that was ever a plan, and I really would hope not because that's just weird.

    Acuna: It was a very strange point in the comics to get to, but one that always stands out.

    Could Enid take over Carl's comic role and become close to Negan?

    negan carl walking dead

    Acuna: Something that becomes very important [in the comics] is Carl's close role with Negan. Do you think there is ever a shot for Enid to possibly fill that role?

    Nacon: I don't know. I don't know how they're going to bring up that story line. I don't know if it was all for Enid. I mean, personally I feel like it would make sense since she's the only kid left around his age. But, it just kind of depends on how they are going to pump up the story line. I don't even know if they're going to continue that story line at all. It'll be interesting to see what they do. I still have no clue, honestly. I don't find anything out until like three days before we film.

    Acuna: Oh that's really close to filming.

    Nacon: Yeah, we get the scripts a week or two weeks before an episode, so usually the episode before we'll start filming episodes before and halfway through filming we'll get the script for the next episode. They're always very top secret on the show.

    Nacon's thoughts on a new female showrunner for season nine

    Acuna: In January, it was announced that Angela Kang will be taking over as showrunner, and maybe she'll take [the show] in another direction. What does her taking over as showrunner mean to you as a young woman on the show?

    Nacon: It's great. I feel like "The Walking Dead" has really become a female empowerment show with all the strong leading female characters we have. I think it's started by being a great example for girls, just with the show itself. But now to have a female showrunner, it just adds on to it even more and I think it's great for young women to see.

    The one character Nacon wants to see Enid interact with: Carol

    carol walking dead

    Acuna: Is there one character that you haven't worked with yet that you would like to, and who would that be?

    Nacon: All of them. I want to work with, everyone's just so great and so talented and everyone has their different techniques and their different ways of going about their acting, so there's really something new to learn. But I've worked with a lot of characters so far. I feel like the one character that I still haven't worked with is Carol, and so I feel like that would be really, really cool to be able to work with her and do some scenes with her. Just because I frickin love Carol, her character is amazing.

    What Nacon's looking forward to most in the rest of season eight 

    Nacon: I'm really excited for the audience to see just part of the aftermath of everything after the 'Honor' episode, Carl's death, because it really does impact the rest of the season, and the rest of the show. And you see a shift in every single character and it's crazy how much it changes each person, and affects their point of view of the world. It carries on throughout the rest of the season. So I'm really excited for people to see that.

    This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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    luke cage

    Netflix has a lot of original content in store for the rest of this year. 

    While the streaming service has already released new seasons of a few fan-favorite shows like "Grace and Frankie" and "Lovesick," Netflix is also set to release some new and anticipated originals. 

    We've already seen the premiere of the new sci-fi series "Altered Carbon" and David Letterman's new talk show.

    Among the shows still to come is the new series "Maniac," a dark comedy starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, and the second season of "Marvel's Luke Cage."

    Netflix has said it will spend $8 billion on shows and movies in 2018 — up from the $6 billion it spent in 2017. 

    To help you sort through all of the upcoming content, we've compiled a list of original shows that Netflix has confirmed are coming out in 2018. This excludes movies, kids' shows, and series that might not come out until 2019 or later.

    Here are all the shows we know Netflix is for sure putting out in 2018, along with their release date if available:

    SEE ALSO: All 54 of Netflix's notable original shows, ranked from worst to best

    "Lovesick" (Season 3) — Released January 1

    Netflix description: "In his quest for true love, Dylan found chlamydia. Joined by friends Evie and Luke, he relives past encounters as he notifies all his former partners."

    "The End of the F***ing World" (Season 1) — Released January 5

    Netflix description: "A budding teen psychopath and a rebel hungry for adventure embark on a star-crossed road trip in this darkly comic series based on a graphic novel.

    "Disjointed" (Season 1 - Part 2) — Released January 12

    Netflix description:"Pot activist Ruth Whitefeather Feldman runs a medical marijuana dispensary while encouraging her loyal patients to chill out and enjoy the high life."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Donald Trump

    • The 2018 Oscars had record low viewership on Sunday.
    • President Donald Trump tweeted about it.
    • He said the problem is that there aren't stars anymore, except for him.

    President Donald Trump loves to feud over ratings and didn't hold back on the record low viewership for Sunday's Oscars.

    "Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY,"he tweeted Tuesday. "Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore - except your President (just kidding, of course)!"

    According to Nielsen, 26.5 million viewers tuned into the nearly four-hour Academy Awards presentation on ABC. That's a 19% drop from last year's audience and makes it the smallest viewing audience for the Oscars in history.

    A lot of factors could've gone into the show's low viewership, one of which would actually support Trump's assertion that the show lacked star power.

    "Shape of Water," for example, won for best picture and only grossed $57 million at the US box office. Last year's biggest hit, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," earned $619 million. If box office gave us some insight into star power and what Americans want, Trump would be right. And the Oscars makes it a habit of picking best picture winners that don't make a lot of money, as Jason Guerrasio reported for our sister site, Business Insider.

    That aside, Trump just loves to pick fights over ratings (especially if he can say that his absence was the reason).

    Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger's season of "Celebrity Apprentice" tanked with viewers? Trump wouldn't let us, or his replacement, forget it.

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    arie becca k bachelor

    • The season finale of "The Bachelor" showed a controversial scene in which Arie Luyendyk, Jr. broke up with Becca Kufrinthe woman he originally proposed to in order to get back together with the runner-up.
    • Some fans are calling Arie's behavior during the breakup "abusive."
    • INSIDER spoke to relationship experts to find out how to define Arie's behavior during the finale.

    On last night's season finale of "The Bachelor," fans of the show were stunned to witness one of the most dramatic moments in the franchise's history. Bachelor Arie Luyendyk, Jr. initially proposed to Becca Kufrin, but changed his mind a few weeks later and broke up with her on camera in order to get back together with the runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

    This episode, understandably, prompted a strong reaction from viewers. Some fans sent Becca money on Venmo to help her cope with the aftermath of her breakup, while others questioned ABC's decision to air footage of the breakup in the first place:


    The person who is receiving the most scrutiny, however, is Arie, who "Bachelor"fans and former contestants alike have taken to eviscerating all over social media. A few people on Reddit and Twitter have even called Arie's behavior "abusive."

    Others, however, aren't sure if "abusive" is the right term:

    Screen Shot 2018 03 06 at 5.31.38 PMScreen Shot 2018 03 06 at 5.32.23 PM

    INSIDER spoke with some dating and relationship experts to find out how, exactly, Arie's behavior should be defined.

    Arie's behavior doesn't exactly fit the definition of abuse, but it could predict a problematic pattern, according to experts.

    The way Arie handled his breakup with Becca certainly isn't commendable, but referring to it as "abuse" may not be entirely accurate, either. 

    "Abuse is when someone treats someone else badly over and over,"April Masini, a dating and etiquette expert, told INSIDER. "The abuse is behavior that allows the abuser to feel in control and powerful and there is a disregard for the feelings of the abused. Abusers look for victims so they can behave in familiar ways with familiar outcomes."

    Based on that criteria, it is difficult to say for sure whether the behavior Arie exhibited in one television scene should be considered traits of an abuser. It's also impossible to know what his intentions were. 

    "We don't really know enough about Arie to call what he's done abuse," Masini told INSIDER. "He could have made a bad decision. He could have been looking at a bigger picture, beyond breaking hearts — which is making drama. Many people go on reality television to become stars. He's getting his 15 minutes, and he may be looking to leverage it into more."

    Masini thinks that some of the blame belongs to the entire setup of "The Bachelor" franchise. 

    "People change their minds and when they're forced to make decisions on a time clock that isn't theirs, it's a lot easier to make mistakes and want to flip-flop," she said. "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there is another flip-flop on his part. He's under the pressure of the spotlight — literally. So, no — this isn't abuse. It's a bad decision."

    This scene, which contained a lot of mixed messages, reinforces the confusion of modern dating.

    Susan Winter, a relationship expert and best-selling author, thinks that the breakup scene between Arie and Becca is representative of issues she sees in modern dating culture. 

    "Arie seemed caught between guilt and wanting to make himself feel better, which gave everything he said a subtext of 'I should act like I care about this' [more than any genuine emotion]," Winter told INSIDER. "My clients are always hurt more due to mixed messages than a clean cut. This breakup was not a clean cut. So, I see this as a magnified version of the chaos in regular dating, and it reinforces the confusion of modern dating."

    Arie appeared to place his desire for closure over Becca's need for boundaries.

    One thing most viewers agree on is that Arie didn't leave when Becca told him to and therefore didn't heed Becca's boundaries in the way that he should have.

    Dr. Paulette Sherman, an NYC-based psychologist and author of "Dating From The Inside Out," told INSIDER that "some people might want closure and to talk things through, [but] people deal with pain differently and some may want time and space to deal with things. If a partner asks you to leave them alone after a breakup or a painful incident, it is good to respect their boundaries."

    So, Arie and Becca's relationship wasn't meant to be. But if you're a fan of the "Bachelor" franchise, you're probably about to see a lot more of Becca. According to Reality Steve, she is all but set to be the next Bachelorette.

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    Becca K

    • Becca K. is the new Bachelorette.
    • She had her heart broken after she was chosen this season on "The Bachelor" but Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke up with her shortly after.
    • She said she is looking forward to finding love.

    After enduring a shocking season finale in which she was picked, and then unceremoniously dumped, by Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. on air, ABC announced Tuesday that Becca Kufrin would be next season's Bachelorette. 

    The news came during the live broadcast when Kufrin came face to face with Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham for the first time since Luyendyk broke up with Kufrin to be with Burnham. 

    Becca said she was looking forward to the opportunity to find love and start repairing her heart. 

    "I want to find love, I want to meet so many amazing guys," she said.

    The announcement didn't exactly come as a surprise to many spoiler-happy members of Bachelor Nation, as Reality Steve— the definitive source for all Bachelor franchise info — had been calling this announcement for the past few weeks. 

    But that didn't stop fans from tweeting their excitement about the news that Kufrin would get another shot at love. 


    For everything we know about this season's shocking twist, read more here.

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    lauren arie bachelor

    Warning: There are some spoilers ahead for "The Bachelor."

    After a tumultuous ending to "The Bachelor," Arie Luyendyk Jr. has seemingly chosen the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

    Luyendyk Jr. initially proposed to Becca Kufrin on the season 22 finale Monday night, but after several weeks together he broke off their engagement. 

    He quickly became one of the most-hated men in "Bachelor" history for blindsiding Becca with a breakup on camera under the guise of a romantic weekend getaway. 

    the bachelor becca arie

    "I feel a bit like a monster," Arie admitted on Tuesday night's episode of "The Bachelor."

    Currently, Luyendyk Jr. is with runner-up Lauren Burnham, who he went back to shortly after calling off his engagement with Becca. Lauren joined him on the "After the Final Rose" ceremony Tuesday night and revealed she first heard from Arie on New Year's Eve over Instagram. 

    Luyendyk Jr. then proposed to Lauren right there and the two are now engaged.

    bachelor arie lauren

    But if you've been keeping up with the Bachelor's crop of previous love interests, you may not have been surprised Luyendyk Jr. ultimately ended up with Lauren.

    As a reminder, here's what 25-year-old Lauren looks like. 

    lauren b bachelor

    Now, here's what Luyendyk's most recent ex-girlfriend Sydney Stempfley looks like.

    Go watch my boo @ariejr kick some ass today on at 5pm pacific

    A post shared by Sydney Stempfley (@sydneystempfley) on Apr 8, 2017 at 12:14pm PDT on

    The 26-year-old receptionist told Entertainment Tonight she dated Luyendyk for over a year before the two broke up abruptly in July 2017. As a reminder, Luyendyk Jr. was named ABC's Bachelor in September 2017. Season 22 started filming September 20

    Stempfley said she too was blindsided.

    "The night before the breakup, we hung a light fixture together, made beef stew and I slept over. Everything was normal,"Stempfley told ET in September. 'The next day, we had plans after I got off work. It was just a regular day, so it definitely caught me by surprise. It was over the phone originally, just out of the heat of an argument, just a small argument."

    "You know, you’re trying to get answers and you can’t. I couldn't really get a definite answer … I've never seen him cry, ever. I could tell that he was emotional, but there wasn’t tears on his end," she added. 

    When Luyendyk Jr. went on "The Bachelor," Stempfley predicted how this season would go down.

    "The show would be perfect for @ariejr up until it coms to choosing just one,"she wrote.

    Before Stempfley, Luyendyk Jr. competed for the heart of Emily Maynard on season eight of "The Bachelorette." 

    The then 30-year-old racecar driver came in second place. 

    Here's how she looks:

    emily maynard

    See a pattern yet?

    lauren emily maynard

    The similar appearances of the women wasn't lost on Bachelor Nation. 

    Sorry, Becca K. It was never meant to be. 

    Arie clearly has a type. 

    But at least she'll have her shot at love on the next season of "The Bachelorette."

    You can follow along with our "Bachelor" coverage here

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    rick maggie the walking dead season 8

    • "The Walking Dead" actor Khary Payton shared a photo of co-star Lauren Cohan on Instagram.
    • The caption reads "Pay the woman."
    • Cohan is reportedly the only "Walking Dead" star to not sign on for the show's ninth season yet. 
    • According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star is "not happy with the offers that have been on the table from AMC."
    • In February, it was announced Cohan is set to star as the lead in a potential new show from ABC. It's unclear whether or not she would be able to do both shows.

    Rick's gang on "The Walking Dead" may have more problems on their hands than zombies and Negan's Saviors at the moment.

    It looks like there's another "All Out War" going on behind-the-scenes of the hit AMC show involving one of the show's lead stars. 

    Over the weekend, Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel, shared a photo of "The Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan as her character Maggie Greene on Instagram. That's not too shocking. The AMC stars often share photos of their fellow cast mates, fan art, and behind-the-scenes photos with the fandom.

    But it was the cryptic caption accompanying the image of Maggie  got fans riled up.

    Pay the woman.

    A post shared by Khary Payton (@kharypayton) on Mar 4, 2018 at 11:07am PST on

    It reads: "Pay the woman."

    Fans immediately began to worry that another one of the show's lead stars may be on the way out after Chandler Riggs was killed off on the mid-season premiere in February

    Deadline recently reported Cohan was cast as the female lead in ABC's pilot "Whiskey Cavalier." What does that mean for the 36-year-old actress on "The Walking Dead"? 

    If you're confused by Payton's message and what's going on with Cohan's "Walking Dead" role, here's what you need to know. 

    Lauren Cohan is reportedly not signed on for a ninth season of "The Walking Dead"

    maggie rick the walking dead

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohan is not signed on to return to "The Walking Dead" for another season yet because she and her agents "are not happy with the offers that have been on the table from AMC."

    That's where Payton's Instagram from the weekend comes into play.

    THR reports Cohan has been "actively looking for her next job" since they're "frustrated by AMC's lowball offers." The actress is reportedly looking for a raise, but not to be on par with the pay of co-stars Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln.

    That's not an unreasonable ask. Cohan is one of the show's longest-remaining characters aside from Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and Andrew Lincoln. 

    She joined the show on season two as the daughter of Hershel Greene. Now, she's the leader of an entire community and is pregnant with fan-favorite Glenn's child, who was brutally killed off the show in its seventh season premiere.

    Maggie remains one of the main protagonists in the comic series moving forward along with Michonne and Rick. After the war with Negan, she remains the leader of the Hilltop and becomes respected on a level that Rick is to the remaining survivors. In some cases, she's even more revered.

    While Maggie hasn't been seen as much as Rick or even Negan on the show on season eight, there is certainly potential for her character's role to grow on the following season given the source material.

    Cohan lands a lead role on a potential new show at ABC

    lauren cohan walking dead amc

    Deadline reported February 20 that Cohan will star on the pilot for ABC's upcoming hourlong action-dramedy "Whiskey Cavalier." Cohan would play a "fearless CIA operative" alongside an FBI agent played by Scott Foley.

    The show hasn't been picked up to series yet at the network, but when the story came out at the end of February, fans immediately began wondering what that meant for Cohan's future on "The Walking Dead." 

    What this could mean for "The Walking Dead" moving forward

    maggie walking dead lauren cohan

    Variety reports if "Whiskey Cavalier" moves forward at ABC, we could be seeing less of Cohan on the zombie drama. It's possible the actress could remain on "The Walking Dead" as a recurring character or leave the show all together. 

    Current showrunner Scott M. Gimple told THR he's "pretty positive" the actress will be back in some way next season.

    "We've had people do other shows and other gigantic movies that take America by storm," said Gimple. "We're figuring it out with each other and trying to let people be able to do other things and stick around."

    If Cohan were to leave "The Walking Dead" because of pay disputes with AMC, that would not be a good look for the show so soon after killing off Rick's son Carl (Chandler Riggs), who's still alive in the comics.

    Riggs was seemingly blindsided with the news his character was getting axed ahead of his 18th birthday. He had recently purchased a home in Georgia to be closer to where the series is filmed. 

    A potential Maggie death on the show would be another huge departure from the series' source material. While fans are often asking the zombie drama to take more big risks, it would be evident to fans that her departure would be less of a creative choice and rooted more in business.

    Norman Reedus has warned that the show should try and avoid losing its main cast moving forward. 

    "The people that started this show, to me, are the heart of the show," Reedus told Entertainment Weekly after Riggs left the show. "When you lose those key members, it's such a big blow to the show, and to the fans, and to us that are there. Who's left? There's only a few of us left out of all those people. If you wanted to turn it into a totally different show, you get rid of those people. But if you want to hold on to what made the show special, you've got to be very careful what you do with those people."

    On a show with the potential to have as many — if not more — strong female leads than its male characters (Maggie, Carol, Michonne, Enid, Rosita, Tara, and Jadis vs. Rick, Negan, Daryl, Simon, Aaron, Jesus, and Ezekiel), it seems like the decision to fight to keep Cohan around is a no-brainer. 

    the walking dead cast 2017 comic con

    It's a huge opportunity for the network, especially at a time when stories driven by female empowerment are so important in Hollywood during the #MeToo and Time's Up movements and with longtime writer Angela Kang stepping in as the series' showrunner next season.  

    Though every cast member except for Cohan has reportedly signed to return for season nine, letting Cohan walk away from "The Walking Dead" could be a giant blow to what was once the highest-rated show in cable history.

    Since the season seven premiere in which fan favorite Glenn was killed off, ratings have continued to steadily drop each timethe show returns from a hiatus. It's not clear whether or not the show could take another big hit, especially when the show's ratings are at their lowest since season one

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

    Lauren Cohan's representatives and AMC did not immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment.

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    celebrity musicians read mean tweets on abc jimmy kimmel live pink and nick jonas

    • The latest music edition of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" is here.
    • Artists like Pink, Meghan Trainor, Nick Jonas, and Zendaya read some of the most horrible statements written about them on Twitter.
    • "Pink makes music for obnoxious white bridal parties that drunkenly walk into a Denny's and ruin everyone's evening," one tweet read. 
    • Another tweet criticized Common's rapping, saying that he "is the Pottery Barn of rappers."
    • Watch the hilarious video below.


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    NOW WATCH: No one wants to host the Olympics anymore — will they go away?

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    Justin Hartley on


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    NOW WATCH: Elon Musk explains the one thing that went wrong with SpaceX's Falcon Heavy flight

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    kevin durant

    Apple's push into original TV programming is set to explode — at some point in the near future. 

    The company had a brief, initial run of shows last summer with the release of the unscripted series "Planet of the Apps" and "Carpool Karaoke." 

    But Apple drastically shifted its course in June when it hired former Sony Pictures Television presidents Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg to head its original programming.

    Since then, the company has announced the production or development of 11 original, scripted series — including a biographical drama on NBA all-star Kevin Durant's youth, and a morning talk show drama starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

    None of those 11 upcoming series has a release date yet.

    Here are the 13 original shows that Apple is producing in its massive push into TV: 

    SEE ALSO: The 50 best TV show seasons of all time, according to critics


    "Amazing Stories"

    The Wall Street Journal reported in October that Apple's first move under its new programming heads, Van Amburg and Erlicht, would be to revive Steven Spielberg's sci-fi and horror anthology series "Amazing Stories," which aired on NBC in the late 1980s. 

    WSJ reported that Apple signed a deal with Spielberg's Amblin Television and Universal Television to produce 10 new episodes of the series, with Bryan Fuller (the creator of NBC's "Hannibal") as its showrunner.

    Fuller left the series in February, however. A source told Variety that Fuller parted "amicably," and that Fuller's vision for the show did not match the "more family-friendly approach" that Apple reportedly sought.




    Untitled Reese Witherspoon/Jennifer Aniston morning show drama series

    In November, Apple announced that it ordered two ten-episode seasons of a drama series that is set in the world of morning-TV talk shows and stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. 

    Variety reported that the series will draw from CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter's 2013 book "Top of the Morning," which recounted the morning-TV rivalry between NBC's "Today" and ABC's "Good Morning America."

    Jay Carson ("House of Cards") is writing the pilot and will serve as showrunner. It will be produced by Michael Ellenberg's Media Res studio, Aniston's Echo Films, and Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine production company.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    arie lauren bachelor

    • This season of "The Bachelor" has been tough for ABC, with the network facing a ratings dip and criticism from both critics and fans alike.
    • It might be time for a change in the show and an LGBTQ lead could be exactly what the network needs.
    • For both the network and the viewers, an LGBTQ 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette' star could be a game-changing success.

    After what feels like an endless amount of seasons, the "Bachelor" franchise has an established, rock-solid formula: one questionably "desirable" (Nick Viall? Juan Pablo?) but definitely eligible person picks their true love from a group of attractive, single people of the opposite gender based on a series of cheesy, hilarious, and oftentimes bizarre challenges and interactions.

    It's a formula that, despite being predictable and generally flawed, has drawn in successful, sustainable ratings for many, many years … until Arie Luyendyk Jr. Though many people would say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it,' in this case, it is officially broke.

    Arie's season of "The Bachelor" has not only been called the most "boring" season of the show yet, it's also created a ratings deficit in comparison to this point in the season last year. In its target demographic, viewers have fallen 26% and 14% overall. Clearly, something needs to be fixed, and it's not just the fact that the man in question is kind of a dud.

    "The Bachelor" should take note of other successful shows like "Queer Eye," which is not afraid of putting LGBT people at the heart of a show.

    Evolving with the times could equal a winning combination of critical acclaim and audience engagement that "The Bachelor" seems to be missing with its broken formula.

    Netflix's reboot of "Queer Eye" has scored a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 91% of viewers have told the site that they liked the show. It's meant a hit for the streaming service and this translates into trending social media hashtags and growing followings for each of its stars.

    Casting a queer lead at the helm of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" could mean much-needed change in the best interests of both the network and the viewers. It's time to reimagine the rose ceremonies.

    Vh1's "Rupaul's Drag Race" has also exemplified the increasing success of sexual and gender diversity in television with its cast of charming, talented drag queens, including gay men as well as transgender women and non-binary contestants. "Drag Race" recently surged ahead of its Thursday-night competition, making it the show with the most social interaction on that day of the week and garnering 895,000 viewers during its premiere, a success for a cable television show.  

    Essentially, LGBTQ-based shows mean expanding the audience of a program, leading to higher social media engagement and more viewers tuning in. These shows have proven that attitudes are changing, and as they say, change is good.

    bachelor arie season 22

    Of course, it's not just about the numbers. It's about the people behind the ratings.

    It should be no surprise to anyone, but people aren't just heterosexual or cisgender. In fact, an estimated 4% of Americans identified as LGBTQ in 2017. Representation matters and queer people deserve to see themselves and their relationships accurately, honorably portrayed on screen.

    In the past, there have been facetiously homoerotic "Bachelorette"storylines and actual bisexual "Bachelor" contestants, including Jaimi King, but they were filtered out quickly and given little airtime or identity beyond the scope of the season and the usual heterosexual romance.

    Even more disappointing, gender identity has never been a topic of conversation on the show beyond the usual, rigid gender binary. It would behoove the network to portray LGBTQ people as not just vying for attention, but commanding attention due to their own attractiveness and success, especially during a time of increased attacks on the LGBTQ community.

    Despite the progress, we still live in a time of deep discrimination and misunderstanding. Lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth contemplate suicide at three times the rate of their heterosexual counterparts, according to The Trevor Project. The life expectancy for trans women of color is 35 years old. One of the most positive ways to affect change is to provide LGBTQ people with a positive, healthy platform for the purposes of representation and advocacy.

    ABC needs to get back to the drawing board and change the formula, picking up where other networks left off and making major network history. After all, if "Bachelor" nation is to be believed, chemistry is essential to falling in love. It's high time to add someone new to the mix for the network and, more importantly, for all its viewers.

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    arie after the final rose bachelor

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "The Bachelor" finale.

    Bachelor Nation was rattled when season 22's "Bachelor" Arie Luyendyk Jr. called off his engagement with winner Becca K. only to propose to runner-up Lauren B.

    But the part that left fans and former "Bachelor" contestants really bothered was that Luyendyk Jr. blindsided Becca and brought a camera crew along to film their breakup. ABC aired unedited footage of Luyendyk Jr. breaking Becca's heart Monday night during the show's finale when she believed the two had a romantic weekend planned.

    the bachelor becca arie

    While fans were upset Arie had the breakup filmed, Luyendyk Jr. defended his decision Wednesday morning on "Good Morning America."

    "I really wanted everyone to know that this was on me," Luyendyk Jr. told co-host Michael Strahan on ABC's "GMA.""This was my fault, and I felt like filming that would let people know that, that if there were any questions on the breakup, those would be squashed if they saw the breakup."

    Luyendyk Jr. also made it sound like that would somehow help her get the opportunity to be the next "Bachelorette."

    "And I wanted her that opportunity, honestly, I wanted her that opportunity to be the potential bachelorette," he added.

    How thoughtful.

    On Tuesday night's "After the Final Rose" ceremony, Becca confronted Arie for the first time since their engagement was called off. Luyendyk Jr. said he ultimately shouldn't have popped the question in Peru.

    "I do regret proposing that day because I wasn't fully ready," Arie told Becca. "I think the pressure of this, the pressure of being the bachelor, knowing that there's a timeline, and having to make that decision on that day."

    becca arie bachelor

    "But you always have a choice and you didn't make that choice." said Becca. "I mean it's a huge moment in your life and my life and everyone’s life. It’s something people dream of and you robbed me of that. I’ll never have that first engagement, that first proposal again. I understand that it’s a very high pressure situation. I just wish you would have thought threw that so much more on that day."

    Becca won't have to dwell much longer on Arie's new relationship thought. 

    She was announced Tuesday night as the next star of "The Bachelorette," which will start airing in May on ABC. 

    bachelorette becca

    You can follow along with our "Bachelor" coverage here. You can watch Luyendyk Jr. speak with Michael Strahan on "GMA" below.

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    NOW WATCH: Why you should never pour grease down the drain

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    shark tank rejects main 2Throughout its nine seasons, the show "Shark Tank" has averaged four to nine million viewers. It's the biggest public platform that an entrepreneur could hope for, and just a 10-minute pitch on the show can translate to huge sales. Household names like the Scrub Daddy and Tipsy Elves all got their start after successfully striking deals on the show, but even companies that walked away without deals have done well, if not better than companies that did. 

    The founders of these companies took their "Shark Tank" rejections in stride, using them as learning lessons to nonetheless make millions in sales. Money from the judges would've been nice, but it turns out the national exposure can be just as valuable. 

    Check out the 8 companies that you'll be surprised didn't get deals on "Shark Tank" 

    The Bouqs Co.

    Online flower delivery service The Bouqs Co. left the Tank in 2014 without an investment, but Robert Herjavec kept them in mind three years later when he was planning the flowers for his wedding. Herjavec eventually ended up investing after getting a firsthand glimpse into the process behind creating the beautiful arrangements. Co-founder and CEO John Tabis said that there were several days in 2017 when the company sold $1 million in flowers in a day. It's now valued at $43.1 million. 

    Shop flower bouquets at The Bouqs Co.


    This smart video doorbell gives homeowners peace of mind about who's at their door, whether they're at home or not. When Ring founder Jamie Siminoff appeared on the show, he valued his company, then called DoorBot, at $7 million.

    Since then, it's counted prominent investors like Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers,Qualcomm Ventures, Goldman Sachsand Richard Branson among its supporters. Most recently, Amazon bought Ring in a deal worth over $1 billion, a testament to its versatile capabilities beyond home security.

    Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, $134.99, available at Amazon

    Kodiak Cakes

    The co-founder and COO of Kodiak Cakes, a natural food brand that makes whole grain, protein-rich breakfast options, went on the show seeking a $500,000 investment for 10% of their business. Though the Sharks all liked the taste and nutritional benefits of these pancake mixes, none of them agreed with the valuation. 

    Now, it's the fastest-growing pancake mix brand in the US, growing 80% year-on-year and approaching $100 million in revenue. 

    Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Pancake, Flapjack and Waffle Mix (3-Pack), $14.97, available at Amazon

    Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Unleashed Flapjack On the Go Baking Mix (12-Count), $20, available at Amazon


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    'That '70s Show' cast basement

    "That '70s Show" first aired on TV in August 1998 and lasted for eight seasons before coming to a close in May 2006. The hit show provided iconic lines and hysterical scenes. And let's not forget that it also paved the way for one of Hollywood's favorite celebrity couplesMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

    Most of the main cast members from "That '70s Show" continue to act, but have also ventured into writing books, directing, and producing. 

    Keep reading to see what the cast has been up to since the series finale aired. 

    Topher Grace starred as protagonist Eric Forman on "That '70s Show."

    He was the leader of his group of friends (mainly because his basement was their hangout spot) and completely obsessed with anything related to "Star Wars."



    Most recently, Grace starred in the 2017 film "War Machine" alongside Brad Pitt. He also appeared in "Workaholics" and "Drunk History."

    During season seven, Grace left "That '70s Show," but made an appearance on the series finale. He went on to star as villain Eddie Brock (also known as "Venom") in "Spider-Man 3," Anne Hathaway's love interest in "Valentine's Day," and Getty in the 2014 film adaptation of "Interstellar." 

    Laura Prepon starred as Donna Pinciotti, the next door neighbor of the Formans, member of Eric's inner circle, and his love interest.

    Donna ditched her signature red hair for a blonde shade after she and Eric broke up, but in reality, it was dyed because Prepon's role in the 2006 film "Karla" required blonde hair.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    arie becca k bachelor

    • Rebecca Kufrin suspected something was wrong before Arie Luyendyk Jr. ended their engagement on ABC's "The Bachelor"
    • The rejected contestant told People that there were signs he still loved Lauren Burnham. 
    • She noticed Arie liking Lauren's Instagram photos.  
    • Despite having her heart broken on TV, Kufrin doesn't think Luyendyk intentionally hurt her. 
    • Kufrin will star on the next season of "The Bachelorette." 

    Rebecca Kufrin, better known as Becca K. to "Bachelor" fans, was suspicious of Arie Luyendyk Jr. before he even ended their engagement

    The 27-year-old told People that she felt like something was off when Luyendyk, 36, arrived in Los Angeles for what she thought was a "romantic weekend." 

    "The night before he had turned off his phone, which I thought was strange, and it wasn't until the moment when he walked into the house when he didn't have his suitcases with him, I was like 'What's going on?'" she said. 

    Luyendyk dumped Lauren Burnham, 26, during the season 22 finale of the ABC show, but then shockingly broke off his engagement with Kufrin to go back to Burnham. ABC aired the entire unedited breakup on TV, and fans were angry with Luyendyk for agreeing to film it. Luyendyk then proposed to Burnham on the live "After the Final Rose" special on Tuesday.

    "There was a better and more tactful way to do it," Kufrin said. "A breakup is hard enough, and to have it all filmed and have to re-watch it and know that people all across the country are watching you get your heart broken, it is embarrassing ... It was like a slap in the face." 

    Kufrin said there were signs that he was still in love with Burnham. She cited his social media activity as one clue. 

    "At that point, I knew that he had liked some of her Instagram photos so we had a conversation about it," she said. "And that was the first time that he really threw it out that he should have a conversation with her and just apologize for how things had ended with her, that he had felt guilty."

    She said that left her "upset" and "angry at times." She knew he was trying to work through his emotions, but she thought everything would stay fine between them. 

    "I felt betrayed. When I started noticing those little things like the Instagram likes, I was trying to come at it from a relationship standpoint to compromise and talk through it," she said. 

    But even after the heartbreak, Kufrin said she doesn't think Luyendyk intentionally hurt her.

    "He's a good person, I don't think he's a monster and purposely did this to hurt me and make me feel this way. But it's just the result of his actions," she said. "I don't think he thought it through, but I don't think he did it maliciously to break my heart." 

    Kufrin will have another shot at love after being named the next leading woman on "The Bachelorette." The series returns in May. 

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    becca arie bachelor

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for season 22's "The Bachelor" finale.

    Many fans and former "Bachelor" contestants took issue with Arie Luyendyk Jr. for having his breakup with Becca Kufrin filmed and shown unedited on TV before going back and proposing to runner-up Lauren Burnham.

    While Luyendyk Jr. has defended filming the breakup, it wasn't clear whether or not the filming was partially due to any contractual obligations.

    INSIDER asked season 22's Bachelor Wednesday during a press call whether or not the actual breakup needed to be filmed per any contract with ABC.

    There was a long pause before he initially responded.

    "I think if the breakup wasn't filmed, there would be a lot more questions right now that everyone would have about our relationship," Luyendyk told INSIDER. "And I think filming the breakup was important, because I wanted everyone to know that that breakup was on me and that I had made a mistake."

    When pressed about whether or not Luyendyk Jr. had to alert the network to film the breakup, the 36-year-old race car driver denied he was pressured to do it on screen.

    "No, I didn't have to," Luyendyk Jr. told INSIDER. "I didn't have to, but I thought, also thinking about Becca, I also wanted her [to have] the potential opportunity to be the bachelorette. And I knew if we filmed it on camera, people could relate to this breakup and also sympathize with her."

    "Obviously, that is something that I wanted for her," he added. "I ultimately want her to be happy as well."

    Becca K. was named ABC's next "Bachelorette" star on Tuesday night's "After the Final Rose" episode.

    Luyendyk Jr. added on the call that he ultimately thought Kufrin may eventually be OK that they filmed the breakup.

    "I feel like now, she feels, looking back on it that maybe she's thankful for it. I don't know," Luyendyk told press of Becca's feelings about having the breakup filmed.

    the bachelor becca arie

    There is another thing that may make some fans upset, though.

    There was a small moment in the unedited footage that aired on Monday night's "Bachelor" finale where Arie's camera went black. When it came back on, he was seen re-entering the room to check on Becca. Some fans thought Luyendyk Jr. may have been asked to go back and check on Becca.

    Luyendyk Jr. confirmed that was the case.

    "I see there's a lot of comments on social media about me not leaving the room. What I will say is that ... being in that situation, I was asked to stay in the room from producers so we could have that conversation between Becca and I," Luyendyk told E! Online later in the call.

    arie becca breakup bachelor

    Luyendyk Jr. said, as of Wednesday, he has not watched the unedited footage that aired on ABC during Monday night's finale.

    Right now, he's preparing wedding plans with his fiancé, Lauren Burnham.

    You can follow along with all our "Bachelor" coverage here.

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    lauren arie bachelor

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "The Bachelor" finale.

    Arie Luyendyk Jr. surprised fans when he called off his engagement to Becca Kufrin during one of the series' most controversial "Bachelor" finales.

    It didn't stop there. On Tuesday's "After the Final Rose" ceremony, he then proposed to runner-up Lauren Burnham and the two are now engaged. 

    While some were surprised by the turn of events, others saw it coming. Avid "Bachelor" follower Reality Steve reported ahead of the two-part finale that Arie and Lauren were engaged at the end of February, making it seem like the onscreen proposal was just for show.

    Both Luyendyk Jr. and Burham told INSIDER that wasn't the case.

    "No," Burnham said with a laugh.

    "No, there was no truth to that," Luyendyk Jr. told INSIDER. "We just talked about the wedding because ... I didn't tell her when I was going to ask her, obviously, but she knew that I was going to ask her at some point."

    arie proposes lauren

    Burnham said she had one big hint that the proposal was coming on Tuesday night's "After the Final Rose" episode.

    "The one that sticks out to me the most is when I was trying on my dress for 'After the Final Rose,'" Burnham told INSIDER. "Arie was with me, trying to help me pick it out, and he was staring at me for a while."

    His attention to her dress gave her pause. 

    "I was kind of like, 'What are you looking at?' He was like, 'Oh, I'm just looking at my future,'" she continued. "I kind of had an idea he was picturing that day."

    Though they didn't get engaged in February, Luyendyk Jr. told press he had been thinking about proposal since February. 

    "I really went back and forth if I should do it in private or to do it on the 'After the Final Rose.' I picked out the ring probably about a month ago ... around Valentine's Day, around Valentine's weekend," he told ABC News.

    bachelor arie lauren

    Luyendyk Jr. added that he asked Burnham's parents, and especially her mother, whether or not he should do it in private. The answer seemed clear. 

    "I asked her mom what her opinion was, if I should wait to do it in Paris where we had our first date or if I should do it on the show and she said, 'Well, I think Lauren was pretty much ready yesterday, so whenever you want to do it is probably fine with her,'" he said.

    You can follow along with all our coverage of "The Bachelor" here

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    bacehlor becca arie

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "The Bachelor" finale.

    Season 22's "Bachelor" star Arie Luyendyk Jr. came under scrutiny from Bachelor Nation after filming his breakup with Becca Kufrin and going back to Lauren Burnham.

    Not only were fans upset about the breakup being filmed, but Luyendyk Jr. said he spoke with Burnham before breaking up with Kufrin to see how she was feeling and to square out his feelings.

    That move raised some eyebrows. 

    Fans thought Luyendyk Jr. may have been making sure Burnham would take him back before breaking things off with Kufrin for good. 

    But Luyendyk Jr. told press Wednesday it was always his intention to break up with Kufrin no matter how things played out with Burnham.

    "If the reconciliation didn't go well with Lauren, Becca and I still would have broken up," said Luyendyk Jr.

    the bachelor becca arie

    "I think it wasn't fair for Becca for me to be in a relationship where I only had one foot in and I couldn't really give my heart to her because my heart was with Lauren," he summed up. 

    Luyendyk Jr. expanded a little on those feelings on Tuesday night's "After the Final Rose" ceremony when confronted by Kufrin.

    "I was one foot in. I think as the bachelor you have a timeline, and that's no excuse. I should not have proposed," Arie told Becca Tuesday night. "I think I was conflicted and I needed more time, but I didn't have any more time. I should have seen where it went after this and taken more time for us just to be in a relationship to sort that out and I apologize for that. I can't take that back so when we did get engaged I gave it as much effort as I could. My heart was so conflicted." 

    You can follow along with our "Bachelor" coverage here

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    NOW WATCH: Elon Musk explains the one thing that went wrong with SpaceX's Falcon Heavy flight

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    cheryl riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode 14 of "Riverdale," titled "The Hills Have Eyes."

    There's a new romance brewing on "Riverdale," and this time it involves Cheryl Blossom.

    Wednesday's episode of the hit CW drama started with a lonely Cheryl struggling with her mom's trysts and hiding her emotional turmoil. But by the end of the episode, the show set Cheryl up with a surprising potential love interest: Southside Serpent Toni Topaz. 

    Fans were shocked and thrilled. 

    Cheryl's loneliness is clearly addressed at the episode's start. Her mother, Penelope, is upset about Cheryl spilling the beans to Betty Cooper about Hal Cooper and Penelope's affair. Cheryl brushes her mother's "love" aside, and Penelope snaps. She hurls verbally abusive barbs at her daughter. 

    "You've never known love, Cheryl, except to rip it apart," she says. "Cause you are a jealous, spite-filled, starving, emotional anorexic." 

    cheryl riverdale

    While at school, Cheryl overhears Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead talking about the trip to the Lodge family lake house. When Cheryl asks what to bring, Veronica tells her it's a romantic weekend trip for couples. Later, an upset Cheryl spitefully calls Jughead and tells him about the kiss between Betty and Archie.

    Toni walks into the bathroom and asks if she just told Jug about the kiss for no reason. Toni tries to have a conversation with her, but Cheryl snaps and storms out of the bathroom. 

    It's not until the two run into each other at the movie theater to see "Love, Simon" that the romantic tension starts to build. 

    toni topaz riverdale

    "My God, what do you want?" Cheryl asks when Toni approaches her. "And why do you keep stalking me?" 

    "I'm not," Toni says. "I came to see this movie with Fangs, and he bailed on me. Are you OK?" 

    "I'm alone at the movies, and I'm trying to stay away from my mother who has turned our house into her sexual playpen, so no, I am really not," Cheryl responds. 

    Toni asks if she wants company for the movie, and the two venture inside.

    cheryl riverdale

    "Love, Simon"— a real movie in theaters March 16 — is about a gay teen hiding his sexuality from his parents and friends. Cheryl cries in the theater during a scene between Simon and his mother. 

    After the movie, Cheryl and Toni go to Pop's Diner. Toni mentions Cheryl's tears, and Cheryl breaks down. 

    "I never cry at movies. Real life's tragic enough, but when Simon's mom said he used to be such a carefree kid growing up and then at a certain point he stopped being that happy kid cause he was hiding his secret just," she sobs and trails off. "Everyone thinks I'm this loveless monster, but it isn't true. I loved someone who loved me, and my mother destroyed it." 

    Toni thinks she's talking about her brother, but Cheryl denies it. 

    "Her name was Heather," she says. "She was my best friend in junior high. She used to sleep over every weekend, until one night my mother caught us in the same bed. She said I was deviant."

    "Cheryl, I am so sorry but you have to know your mother's wrong," Toni says. "You're not loveless, you're not deviant, OK? You're sensational."

    toni and cheryl riverdale

    This potential romance confirms many fan theories that Cheryl is bi or queer. When Cheryl drew an image of her and Josie together earlier on the season, fans suspected she had a crush on Josie. 

    In a video Q&A with fans in late February, actress Madelaine Petsch addressed a question about her character's feelings towards Josie. She said Cheryl is exploring her sexuality

    "[Cheryl] is still figuring out what her sexuality is," she said. "She is definitely interested in both women and men, so I would say she is bisexual."

    Fans will have to wait and see how the relationship between Cheryl and Toni develops as the rest of season two progresses. 

    Read all of our "Riverdale" coverage here.

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