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    bachelor arie

    • A lot of Bachelor Nation agrees that the 22nd season of "The Bachelor" is pretty boring.
    • There are two reasons why.
    • ABC's Robert Mills tells Entertainment Tonight Arie Luyendyk Jr. was what the network needed after "a little bit crazier" of a season with Nick Viall, the previous Bachelor.
    • Mills also said the network had some "growing pains" with Luyendyk Jr. on camera.
    • "He was having a hard time [with] some of the stuff [he had] to do for TV; shooting things over and over again," he said.

    Fans tuning into "The Bachelor" this season can agree on one thing. It's been pretty boring.

    Vulture gave season 22 of ABC's reality competition the title of the most boring season to date. Washington Post dubbed leading man Arie Luyendyk Jr. the "boring Bachelor."

    It's not something ABC denies. 

    One of the network's top executives says the reason behind the tame season with the 36-year-old race car driver is because the last season with Nick Viall was very dramatic. (Not to mention the most recent season of "Bachelor in Paradise"caused a lot of controversy.)

    Nick viall

    "You need different types of seasons and he [Luyendyk Jr.] was what we needed now," ABC senior vice president of alternative series, specials and late-night programming, Robert Mills, told "Entertainment Tonight.""We had certainly an entertaining season with Nick Viall, but it was a little bit crazier and sometimes you need one with a Bachelor like this who’s just very sincere and kind of a regular guy."

    arie bachelor

    Mills then compared the reality show to owning a football team. 

    "It's like having an NFL team. Whether it’s a Super Bowl-winning season or a season where you just miss the playoffs, whatever it is, you say, "Here’s what we really liked. Here’s what didn’t work. Here’s what people responded to," and you make adjustments for the next season," he continued. 

    Season 22 of the show was originally supposed to have a contestant from the last season of "The Bachelorette," Peter Kraus. That didn't work out. 

    peter kraus

    Mills admits the network had "growing pains" with Luyendyk Jr. who had difficulties on set during production.

    "He was having a hard time [with] some of the stuff [he had] to do for TV; shooting things over and over again, even just something like an entrance into a room because you’ve got to get the right angle," said Mills. "It was hard because he was trying to be as authentic and organic as possible … He really had to get back into it. ... It also happened very quickly, too, so I think there just wasn’t a lot of time."

    Luyendyk Jr.'s season of "The Bachelor" was shot over the course of about two months. Filming started September 20, 2017 and finished the end of November.

    arie luyendyk jr bachelor

    If you haven't been impressed with the season so far, the final two weeks of the reality competition are promising to add some drama into the mix. 

    Previews tease that one of the two remaining women will have one of their old flames return to try and win back their heart. The finale is supposed to end with something viewers have never seen before.

    We'll have to wait to see if it lives up to the hype or proves to be a clunker.

    "The Bachelor" airs Monday nights on ABC at 9 p.m. The finale will air March 5.

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    walking dead carl bit

    Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead."

    Sunday's "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere made a big deviation from the comics [add link] when it killed off one of its few remaining original stars. 

    Fans were surprised in December when Carl (Chandler Riggs) revealed he suffered a walker bite at some point on the show. There was just one big lingering question. 

    When and how was Carl bit? 

    The start of Sunday's episode finally revealed Carl was bit on the season's sixth episode after approaching Siddiq.

    carl walking dead 806

    Carl trips, falls, and wrestles on the ground with a few walkers. As he struggles to fend off a few walkers, a zombie takes a nice chunk out of his side.

    carl walker bit walking dead

    Fans didn't think they were actually going to show how it happened.

    But here's the real issue with the show's flashback scene Sunday night. 

    The show thought it was making a grand reveal.

    It wasn't. 

    Anyone who was paying close attention to the show, could have found the scene where Carl was bit on their own months ago.

    Some fans thought the reveal was pretty obvious.

    "The Walking Dead" star and showrunner gave the reveal away months ago 

    Back in December, then-"Walking Dead" showrunner Scott M. Gimple said he was surprised no one discovered the moment on the series' aftershow, "Talking Dead."

    "It's been on screen," Gimple said on "Talking Dead.""The aftermath is very much on screen. If you watch a certain episode and see Carl's face, Chandler did it. I will say, a few of us were pretty sure that everybody knew, that everybody knew right afterwards. We were really surprised that folks didn't."

    Even Riggs himself tried to tell fans weeks before the mid-season finale's reveal.

    The day after the season's sixth episode aired, he tweeted out two stills of Carl's shocked face, in the moments where he was being bitten.

    Though a few people tweeted at the actor asking if he was bit at the time, no one really questioned it.

    Riggs is big on being a jokester on social media. It helped that he tweeted the images out with an unsuspecting joke about Chick-fil-A. At the time, it didn't seem unusual for Riggs. 

    But now it carries a completely different meaning.

    You can follow along with all our "Walking Dead" coverage here

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    rick sad walking dead

    Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for Sunday's mid-season premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead,""Honor."

    "The Walking Dead" returned Sunday with a big send-off to one of its original characters. 

    When we last saw Rick and the gang, the leader of Alexandria was shocked to discover that his son Carl (Chandler Riggs) was suffering from a zombie bite. Fans waited until February to learn his not-so secret fate.

    This is your last warning before spoilers. 

    carl twd 808

    Though some fans held on to hope that Carl would make some miraculous recovery, there was no turning back from a walker bite to his side. 

    Carl took the situation into his own hands, after saying goodbye to his father and best friend Michonne, and took his life in the remains of Father Gabriel's church. 

    While fans are processing the death of one of the show's longest-running characters, they should slightly be comforted in knowing that Carl's send-off has a bigger purpose.

    "I think what they [fans] can take away from Carl's death is that it's not a senseless death," episode director and executive producer Greg Nicotero told INSIDER. "There's some meaning and purpose behind it and we see the fact that Rick and Michonne are able to say goodbye to him and that he goes out with a lot of dignity."

    Why Carl had to die

    carl michonne rick walking dead

    Nicotero said as far as he knows, there were never conversations to kill off anyone else on the show but Carl. He was talking about the idea to kill off the character since the fourth or fifth episode of season eight. Though, Nicotero said this is something showrunner Scott Gimple could have had in mind for a while.

    "I think they [the 'Walking Dead' team] had been thinking about it [Carl's death] in regards to propelling our story forward," said Nicotero. "I mean, it's a really big deal and in terms of the war, I think the thing that's important is, you know, in the comic books it's kind of over relatively quickly [the war]. So, I think for our purposes it was really just about keeping the motivations clear about what the stakes are."

    walking dead rick michonne carl

    At the heart of the show, "The Walking Dead" has explored the idea of morality and who the characters are becoming in the face of the zombie apocalypse. As we've seen in recent seasons, it's turned the usually peaceful Morgan into a vengeful killer and Daryl into someone bent on revenge after he was kidnapped by the Saviors in season seven.

    But killing off the few remaining, breathing inhabitants of the world around them might not be the right answer in the long run in a world full of the undead.

    "With Carl, it gives him an opportunity, a very, very strong opportunity to reach out to Rick and try to make him understand what the stakes are and that the world in front of them is a completely clean slate," explains Nicotero. "It's up to him to define what society can become and I think the feeling was, there weren't a lot of characters on the show that could have that kind of impact on Rick. Carl is really the biggest one that can really try to lay down some blue prints for him."

    carl rick walking dead 808

    Those blue prints include Carl telling Rick about his visions for the future, the ones where he imagines seeing Negan living in harmony with the Alexandrians at the episode's very end.

    "That's really Carl's vision of the future and our hopes are that Rick can hear what he has to say and take that to heart because, otherwise there's not going to be anybody left to live on the planet," says Nicotero.

    rick michonne old twd 801

    "Not a senseless death"

    Carl's death is going to be used to help end the ongoing war between Rick and Negan. How that will happen remains to be seen, but Negan had a great respect for Carl. There was even a point where he wanted him to work with the Saviors.

    negan carl walking dead

    It's tough to imagine that Carl's death won't have some sort of impact on Negan.

    "Carl clearly has a different perception of what he wants for the world. He doesn't participate in the war. Carl is charged with keeping Alexandria safe," said Nicotero. "So the idea that Carl was not killed as a result of the war is tremendously important."

    Nicotero acknowledges that not everyone in the fandom is going to be happy after the mid-season premiere. After all, viewers have watched Riggs grow up on screen since 2010. 

    the walking dead season one rick carl

    "I know the people that are going to be upset," said Nicotero of the expected reactions to Carl's death. "The people that are going to be angry, hopefully will understand that we really wanted to make sure that we pay tribute to a very loved character and a fantastic actor. I think there are aspects of the episode that are really beautiful and I feel like it's a great story that we were able to tell."

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage here

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    walking dead daryl rick season 7

    Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere, "Honor."

    Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" was a big farewell to one of the series' original characters. 

    Last chance to head back before spoilers.

    walking dead michonne rick

    After Carl was bitten by a zombie in his side several episodes back, he had no choice but to accept his fate. The teen took his own life after leaving his father with some sage advice on how to carry forward in ending the ongoing war with Negan's men. 

    While Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) had plenty of time to say their goodbyes to Carl on Sunday's episode, a lot of the cast didn't even say farewell to one of the series' original cast members.

    walking dead carl

    Tara and Rosita stood off in the background. Other long-term characters like Carol and Maggie weren't around to grieve alongside Rick. Carl's girlfriend Enid is currently at the mercy of Oceanside after killing their leader.

    But it was a brief goodbye with fan-favorite Daryl that really bothered fans. That's probably because it wasn't really much of a goodbye.

    Instead of going in for a hug and getting emotional, Daryl holds Judith and looks down at him from a few steps away. He says two sentences to the son of his best friend and comrade in the zombie apocalypse. 

    "These people, you saved them all. That's all you man," Daryl says to Carl.

    Daryl then looks at Rick and gives him a little nod. He doesn't touch him lovingly on his shoulder or anything. There are no parting or endearing words. He just turns around and walks off. 

    Fans were not happy one bit.

    Some even noted that Siddiq's goodbye about honoring Carl felt more personal than Daryl's.

    You may have thought the scene was cut a bit short. But that wasn't the case at all. 

    "He's really taking the steps in there to basically say to Rick, 'Listen I'm going to give you this moment to say goodbye to your son," episode director Greg Nicotero told INSIDER. "So I think Daryl has a different connection because of that particular moment."

    daryl judith walking dead season 8

    It's a bit surprising, especially since Daryl has known Carl since season one of the show. But maybe Daryl knows he needs to step up and be the rock of the group right now while Rick is in mourning. 

    "I don't think Daryl's really much of a hugger," Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl, told press during a conference call for the episode of whether or not his scene with Daryl was ever handled differently. "I think they kind of just have a brotherly understanding and I think Carl understands his appreciation. Him saying, 'Good job,' I think that's good enough for Carl."

    But that's not totally true. 

    Fans know underneath Daryl's hardened exterior that he's a big softie. He's run up to Carol and given her a hug when he thought she was dead multiple times.

    daryl carol the walking dead

    We'd say that Daryl's maybe just more of a bro with the guys on the show, but that's not true either. 

    On the seventh season's mid-season finale, he had a big reunion with Rick and the two hugged it out for a long time before Daryl reunited Rick with his colt python. 

    rick daryl hug walking dead season 7

    It seems like a missed opportunity.

    Why other characters didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Carl

    rosita tara carl walking dead

    In the tunnel, there are so many other characters alongside Carl who don't get to say goodbye, including Tara and Rosita, but Nicotero says there weren't other goodbyes that didn't make the final episode cut. 

    "It was a choice," said Nicotero. "They have looks. There's definitely a look between all of them, but from a dramatic standpoint we wanted to be very aware of the fact that we see Rosita's reaction. We see Tara's reaction. It was a very intimate moment, that area where Rick and Carl and Michonne are. It's a very personal, intimate space and I really felt that I didn't want that area broken or intruded upon at all."

    Nicotero said Siddiq does a lot of the talking in that scene because he not only feels drawn to Carl, but he also feels responsible for the situation.

    walking dead carl siddiq

    Even though it's not a more intimate moment, Daryl gets to speak with Carl because of their relationship on the show. 

    "Daryl has known Carl for the entire run of the apocalypse and it is the son of his right-hand-man," said Nicotero. "I personally felt that, that moment with Daryl was important because of the history that these guys have had together and everything that they've gone through together. That's not taking away from anyone else, but the reality is we see Tara and we see Rosita and we see the others looking, but I think they're paying their respects in a very different way so that intimate family moment can happen."

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage for the rest of the season here

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    rick michonne old twd 801

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for AMC's "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere, "Honor."

    After eight episodes of teasing the fandom, "The Walking Dead" finally revealed Sunday what was up with those weird futuristic flash-forward scenes featuring an older Rick, Michonne, and Judith. 

    You may not like the answer.

    Here's your last chance to head back before spoilers. 

    old man rick walking dead

    The season eight premiere in October teased several sequences showing an older, grayer Rick with a cane waking up in a changed Alexandria. The war with Negan was over, several years had passed, and his daughter and Michonne were living with him. 

    Many were quick to think these flash-forward sequences signaled one of two things. Rick was waking up from a coma after his gunshot wound on season one and none of what happened the previous seven seasons was real. 

    Comic fans believed the scene was a giant reference to a flash-forward that takes place in the graphic series. Directly after the "All Out War" storyline taking place now, the comic skips forward two years.

    After Sunday's mid-season premiere, we now know neither of those theories is true.

    So what was it?

    jerry flash forward

    As Carl lays on his deathbed, he reveals to his father throughout the episode they were his visions and dreams for the future. 

    More sequences are shown with Eugene, Siddiq, and even Negan all living in harmony at a rebuilt Alexandria.

    If you're scratching your head over that, you weren't the only one at first.

    "That's kind of what I thought they were — flash forwards. But when I found out that they were kind of Carl's visions and dreams of how life could be, I thought that was even cooler," actor Chandler Riggs, who played Carl, told press in a conference call for the show's return.

    Carl has made it clear over the past eight episodes that he's really against his father continuing the war with Negan. He's against killing off more of the living when the undead are obviously their real threat. Carl wouldn't be in such dire straights if the undead weren't a problem.

    During one of his final conversations with Rick before he was bit, Carl challenged his father. 

    carl rick walking dead 808

    "We're fighting so it's all of us working together for something more than just killing other people," Carl told his father in the winter mid-season finale.

    "You think we're going to be out there picking strawberries with Negan?" Rick asks Carl jokingly.

    "If that's what it takes. It's more than just hope. What are we just going to kill all of them?" Carl asks. "Finding some way forward, that's harder. That's something more. Dad, that's how it's gotta be."

    Although the scenes weren't a true flash-forward, they are a hope for the future. Even Riggs told press some version of that could potentially be seen down the line. 

    "This reality that Carl is envisioning is definitely a possibility and it [could] happen if Rick kind of listens to Carl and sees his side of things," Riggs said.

    At the best, the scenes were a nice little nod to the giant flash-forward in the comics. 

    You can follow along with more of our "Walking Dead" coverage here

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    negan walking dead

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for AMC's "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere, "Honor."

    "The Walking Dead" finally answered one of the show's biggest unanswered questions from the first half of season eight. 

    How did Negan and his Savior crew manage to escape being trapped by a zombie horde at the Sanctuary?

    walking dead how saviors escaped


    Sure, Daryl didn't help by slamming a giant hole into the Sanctuary with a garbage truck. But the question left some fans perplexed after the show's mid-season finale when Negan and his crew rolled up unexpectedly to Alexandria to burn the place down.

    The start of the episode shows a group of the Saviors start firing off at the walkers surrounding the Sanctuary from an upper level. They wind up taking a lot of them out to make a path and get out. If you're wondering how they have so many bullets to fire off, remember that Negan brought Eugene over from Alexandria because he knew he could manufacture bullets for him.

    rosita bulleteugene negan walking dead

    And if it's still a little confusing, INSIDER asked executive producer and mid-season premiere director Greg Nicotero to break it down for us. 

    "In episode seven when they start firing at the walkers inside the sanctuary, Eugene notices that as the walker bodies drop they begin to create a barrier at the bottom of the steps," said Nicotero. 

    You can see that a bit here. 

    walking dead sanctuary escape

    "When Morgan is sitting outside of the Sanctuary and he's looking through the scope and we see the gunfire, basically what they're doing is they're creating a moat in front of the Sanctuary, which allows the Saviors to burst through the doors and have enough cover to, by creating these piles of walkers on either side of them that they're able to create an escape path."

    From there, Negan and his men are able to get out and head to the Kingdom and Alexandria.

    You can follow along with all our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

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    the walking dead rick carl

    Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for the mid-season premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead."

    "The Walking Dead" said goodbye to one of its few remaining original cast members Sunday night.

    This is your last chance to head back before spoilers.

    rick walking dead 808

    After surviving several years in the zombie apocalypse and conquering cannibals, Joe's biker gang, and making pals with Negan, "The Walking Dead"sent Carl out with a walker bite to the side

    Carl imparted some wise words of wisdom to his father and then went out on his own terms, firing off his gun in the church offscreen. 

    carl michonne rick walking dead

    Fans were surprised to learn Carl was bit back in December's mid-season finale. The character seemed like one of the few untouchables remaining on the show, especially because he's still alive in the comic series

    While fans are upset this is what got Carl in the end, Chandler Riggs, the actor who has played Carl on the show since 2010, says there are no hard feelings.

    "When [the December mid-season finale] first aired, the amount of messages that I got on Reddit and the amount of comments that I got on Instagram and then Twitter and everything, it was really just kind of overwhelming with just the amount of support coming from fans that were super sad to see my character go," Riggs told INSIDER during a press conference for the show. "But the majority of them were just really, really excited to see where I go next and that's kind of the attitude that I had towards it and I'm really happy that a lot of my fans have the same attitude towards it as well." 

    walking dead carl grimes

    Ultimately, Riggs says his death serves a larger purpose. 

    "It's such an innocent way to go out and ... what Carl is really embodying in these last two episodes, really just kind of sums up Carl as a whole and proves that he knows that there is something after the war," he said. "It's not just killing and killing and killing and killing. There's got to be some sort of hope for Judith and Maggie's baby and everyone."

    the walking dead carl 809

    While Riggs says he has no hard feelings, his social media accounts suggest a slightly different story.

    Ever since the December mid-season finale revealed Carl was a goner, Riggs has been tweeting out and sharing sarcastic jabs at the show.

    It reads "when u spend like 3 years in the apocalypse but die bc you tripped and fell."

    More recently, Riggs shared another photo after the Super Bowl that also took aim at his character's demise. 

    The search to the right reads, "Fr why did Carl get bit.""Fr" is an acronym that means "for real."

    Riggs told INSIDER they're all in good fun. 

    "I like my jokes, but I'm not really bitter about it," Riggs laughed about his tweets.

    What Riggs won't miss about "The Walking Dead"

    the walking dead carl 808

    Now that he's off the show, there is one thing Riggs says he won't miss — having to watch more of his colleagues get killed off the show.

    "I won't miss having to go through any more deaths than there is and watching any other cast members that I'm really a part of go. I absolutely loved my time on the show," Riggs said later. "I don't regret any of it ever. It was definitely the best experience that I could ever ask for. Though I'm OK with being off the show, it was definitely an experience that I'll never forget."

    walking dead andrew lincoln chandler riggs

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

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    walking dead carl 808

    Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for AMC's "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere.

    "The Walking Dead" winter mid-season finale ended on a big moment when it was revealed Carl suffered a walker bite to the side

    Carl didn't succumb to the bite right then, but it certainly wasn't looking good. Sunday night, on the show's mid-season return, fans finally learned Carl's fate.

    Last chance to head back before spoilers.

    the walking dead carl 808

    Fans who were holding out hope for any sort of last minute zombie cure were in for a letdown.

    In an extended 82-minute episode, "The Walking Dead" bid farewell to one of its final original cast members. Carl progressively got worse throughout the episode, and, after giving his father advice on how to proceed with the war, he took his own life before he could be turned into a walker. 

    Fans should have seen it coming. Chandler Riggs confirmed after last fall's mid-season finale that his character was being killed off the show. Riggs told The Hollywood Reporter he had one episode on the show left.

    Still, there were fans who were completely caught off guard. 

    A huge departure from the comics

    walking dead michonne rick carl 809

    Carl's death on the series came as a big shock when it was first teased in December on the show.

    While there have been departures from Robert Kirkman's graphic series of the same name before, this is the most substantial one to date. Previously, one of the biggest shake-ups was killing off Andrea's character from the series early on. She continued to be a main character in the comic for years afterward.

    Carl is still well and alive in the comics. Not only does he live to see the end of the brief war with Negan in the comics, but he practically assumes the role of the protagonist of the comic books.

    He even goes through a sort-of hipster phase where he trades his eye patch in for black shades. 

    hipster carl walking dead

    In the past, fans have been upset with the zombie series for playing it safe and not taking big risks by killing off big characters, but some aren't sure if this is the right direction for the show.

    It's tough to know how the series will continue on without him. There will need to be some dramatic shifts in the television series moving forward. 

    If you're upset about Carl's death, executive producer and episode director Greg Nicotero told INSIDER why Carl needed to die. You can read our interview with him here. And you can read what Chandler Riggs has to say to his fans about his show departure here

    You can follow along with all of our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

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    carl walking dead letter

    Warning: There are massive spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere, "Honor."

    "The Walking Dead" returned Sunday with a huge death to one of the show's original characters and another you may not have seen coming. 

    While fans aren't sure what to make of the show's biggest departure from the comics, there still may be some questions you have after the extended episode. Keep reading to see all of the references to previous seasons and the comics you may have missed.

    At the start of the episode we see a teary-eyed Rick say a familiar line we've heard before.

    "My mercy prevailed over my wrath," Rick says.

    The line was said by Siddiq in the season eight premiere.

    You can rewatch the scene again here in case you missed it in October's season premiere.

    We now know the significance of that line has to do with Carl's final wish for his father to stop the war and to make peace with the Saviors.

    It's significant that Rick's reciting a line said by Siddiq. Carl's new friend may help guide Rick in making some difficult decisions moving forward.

    You may also remember there was a sign at the entrance to Alexandria which read, "Mercy for the lost, vengeance for the plunderers."

    A flashback shows exactly when Carl was bit. But you still may be fuzzy on when it happened.

    After surviving everything else, it was a bite to the side from a walker that wound up getting Carl in the end. Fans weren't happy about that.

    If you thought the moment above didn't look familiar, you can definitely go back and find it earlier in the season.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    stephen colbert

    • Stephen Colbert blasted President Trump for saying at a US governors' meeting on Monday that he would have "run in" to stop the Parkland, Florida school shooting. 
    • Trump told the meeting, "You don't know until you test it, but I think, I really believe I'd run in there, even if I didn't have a weapon." 
    • Colbert cast doubt on Trump's ability to "run," and cited Trump's "five deferments from Vietnam" as a further source of doubt on the president's ability to react to "combat situations."


    Stephen Colbert on Monday mocked President Trump for saying that he would "run in" to stop an active school shooter, even without a weapon.

    "You don't know until you test it, but I think, I really believe I'd run in there, even if I didn't have a weapon," Trump said on Monday to a meeting of US governors, weeks after a shooter opened fire at a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and injuring 14 others.

    "There's a lot in there that I doubt, but the part I really don’t believe is that he can run," Colbert said. "Look, sir, we already know how you react to combat situations. You got five deferments from Vietnam. What are you gonna do? Run in there and stab 'em with your bone spurs?"

    The "Late Show" host went on to say that if Trump is living in a "fantasy world," he "might as well make it interesting." 

    Colbert then proceeded in a mock-Trump voice: "Even if I had a gun, I would've dropped it just to show how tough I was. Then I would've run in and hit the shooter with my laser beam eyes, then use my mind like Neo in 'The Matrix' and fly away to space Mar-a-Lago — Space-a-Lago."

    Watch the segment: 

    SEE ALSO: The 40 actors who have won multiple Oscars, and who has won the most

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    kelly clarkson meryl streep late night with seth meyers

    • "The Voice" coach Kelly Clarkson appeared on NBC's "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on February 27 and discussed an awkward meeting she had with 'The Post" actress Meryl Streep
    • Clarkson has made it clear that she's a fan of Streep, so when she saw her at the 2018 Golden Globes, she completely freaked out.
    • Clarkson said that she asked Streep if she could meet her because she's "such a fan." 
    • She said that it was "so awkward" and Streep agreed to meet Clarkson, but also told her to meet some of the actors standing nearby.
    • "She was probably scared," Clarkson joked.
    • Clarkson added that Streep "was really nice" and "might have caressed my face."
    • Watch the video below (Clarkson begins discussing Streep at 2:43 in). 


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    looming tower

    • Hulu's latest original series, "The Looming Tower," is a gripping political drama of the events leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 
    • The 10-episode limited series stars Jeff Daniels, Michael Stulhbarg, Alec Baldwin, and Peter Sarsgaard. 
    • "The Looming Tower" currently stands at a 95% "Fresh" rating on the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.
    • Critics have praised the show's first three episodes, which all premiered Wednesday on Hulu, with subsequent episodes airing weekly.


    Hulu's latest original series, "The Looming Tower," is a gripping political drama of the governmental infighting that led up to the events of 9/11.

    The 10-episode limited series stars Jeff Daniels as John O'Neill, a special agent in charge of the FBI's counterterrorism efforts. Michael Stulhbarg, Alec Baldwin, and Peter Sarsgaard also star in the series. It's a dramatic adaptation of Lawrence Wright's Pulitzer Prize-winning, non-fiction book of the same name.

    Critics have praised the wide scope of the first three episodes of the series, which Hulu premiered on Wednesday, with subsequent episodes appearing weekly. 

    "The Looming Tower" currently stands at a 95% "Fresh" rating on the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

    The series earned praise from The Washington Post as an "instantly absorbing" take on Wright's book. 

    The Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert described watching the series as "like watching Tom and Jerry play a testosterone-fueled game of cat and mouse while a venomous snake quietly slithers past them in a suicide vest."

    The "venomous snake" in the series represents the rise of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, whom the show depicts as being able to orchestrate the attacks of 9/11 as governmental infighting between the CIA and FBI steadily thwarts the US government's counterterrorism efforts.

    "The Looming Tower" is thus far Hulu's most critically acclaimed release since the first season of its Emmy Award-winning dystopian series "The Handmaid's Tale."

    Watch the first three episodes of "The Looming Tower" on Hulu.

    SEE ALSO: RANKED: Hulu's 12 original shows, from worst to best

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    this is us sad sterling k brown sad

    • If you've ever watched "This is Us" on NBC, you know it's a tearjerker.
    • The show revolves around the lives of the Pearson family through several decades. 
    • Star Sterling K. Brown tells INSIDER he cries like a baby watching the show.
    • That's even after he has read the script for the show and knows exactly what will happen in each episode. 

    It's not just you who cries every episode of "This is Us." The NBC hit also brings its stars to tears.

    "I cry like a baby when I watch 'This Is Us,'"Sterling K. Brown told INSIDER. "I'm probably the most embarrassing person to actually watch the show with."

    Anyone who has ever tried to watch the show about the life of the Pearson family over the span of several decades will tell you it's a challenge to try and get through an hour-long episode of the series with a dry eye. Just take the recent Super Bowl episode for instance

    this is us randall sterling k brown

    On "This Is Us," Brown plays Randall Pearson who was adopted at birth. On the past season, Randall found and met his biological father, took him in to live with his family, and then had to learn how to say goodbye to him after he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. 

    Even though Brown knows what to expect on each episode, he still can't help but be brought to tears.

    "I've read the scripts and I've done the acting, but still, I cry like a baby," he said. 

    In addition to his work on "This Is Us" and an upcoming appearance on "Saturday Night Live," Brown recently partnered with Clorox and the non-profit Thrive Collective to help turn an old school building in Harlem into a youth arts center. 

    "I think that in this world today, there's this conversation about what's most important. Am I my brother's keeper? Am I not? Do I need to just take care of myself or do I have a responsibility to my community? I believe the answer to that question is yes, you have a responsibility," said Brown. "They got 250 volunteers to come together to clean the space to create something for children and the arts."

    sterling k brown clorox thrive collective

    You can learn more about the initiative here. "This Is Us" airs on NBC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. 

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    scott foley bellamy young ellen show scandal abc

    • The cast of ABC's "Scandal" appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday to talk about the seventh and final season.
    • Scott Foley, who stars as Jake Ballard on "Scandal," said that he doesn't think the cast will stay in touch once it ends, based on his past experiences. 
    • "I've been in enough shows and enough have ended that I'm finding myself doing it again and I know exactly how it goes," Foley explained.
    • He added: "I'm going to separate myself and nod my head a lot and watch from a distance and disappear."
    • Kerry Washington insisted that they're "different" and Bellamy Young said they're not going to let that happen.
    • "We're going to love you relentlessly and we're going to hunt you down and love you more," Young said. 
    • The "Scandal" series finale is set to air on ABC on Thursday, April 19 at 10 p.m.
    • Watch the video below (Foley talks about ghosting the cast at 2:07).


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    Kim Kardashian

    • Kim Kardashian West is the executive producer of Lifetime's new beauty competition "Glam Master."
    • It premieres Wednesday, February 28 at 10 p.m.
    • Four makeup artists compete on each episode and only one will move on compete against other episode winners on the finale. The winner will get to collaborate with Kardashian West on a makeup line for her cosmetics company, KKW.
    • INSIDER spoke with the co-creator of the "Glam Master," Diana Madison, about what we can expect from the makeup competition show.

    Among the many things Kim Kardashian West haters love to say about the reality star and businesswoman is that she became famous for doing nothing.

    Diana Madison, who co-created "Glam Master" with Kardashian West, knows that couldn't be farther from the truth.

    "Kim is so inspirational," Madison told INSIDER. "This is somebody who works around the clock. And she's a mother, and I'm a new mother, too. To be a mom and have a career is very, very difficult. You're juggling being a full-time mom and giving your attention to your kids and juggling running an empire."

    Diana Madison Kim Kardashian Getty Images

    Anyone who has really looked into what Kardashian West has been able to accomplish over the last decade would know that she has really kept busy. Beyond starring on the E! reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and creating a wildly engaging social media presence, Kardashian West has made millions of dollars in apparel and makeup to even tech.

    And on Wednesday, the world will see a different venture for Kardashian West with Lifetime's "Glam Master," a reality TV competition for makeup artists that Kardashian West inspired. Madison, a Hollywood news veteran and popular beauty blogger in her own right, said she got the idea for "Glam Master" while taping her online talk shows, "The Lowdown" and "Style Lab."

    "When they would come to do my makeup, [the makeup artists] would always talk about how their dream was to be discovered by Kim Kardashian and be part of her glam squad," Madison said, "because with Kim and her sisters, whoever works with them on their glam squad, they become big names. So this is something that wasn't just happening once, it wasn't just happening twice, it was reoccurring. All the time it would happen, and I was like, there's something here."

    Madison then hooked up with Kardashian West and "Glam Master" was the result. On the show, four makeup artists go head-to-head on different makeup challenges during each episode. On the finale, all the individual episode winners take on each other until one is named the winner. That lucky person will go on to collaborate with Kardashian West on a makeup line for her cosmetics company, KKW.

    "Not only are you getting to meet Kim and possibly work with her and her glam team, but you get to collaborate with her on one of the biggest makeup lines in the world," she said. "Her makeup lines sell out so quickly, and to be able to collaborate with her is such a big deal."

    In order to make sure that the winner is someone that fits with the KKW brand, Kardashian West's own makeup artist since 2008, Mario Dedivanovic, serves as a judge and no one knows Kardashian West's makeup tastes better than him. He's joined by fellow judges YouTube makeup expert Kandee Johnson and co-founder of Milk Makeup and Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi. "Orange Is the New Black" star LaVerne Cox hosts the show.

    glam masters judges host lifetime"When you guys see who the winner is, you guys are going to be rooting for this person," Madison teased. "This person is so talented that ... It's not just makeup, it's literally art. You are going to be mesmerized by this person's work."

    Madison told us that she stays behind the camera until the show's finale.

    "It's been over three years in the making, so it was really exciting to be a part of the finale, which was the big episode," she said.

    But she wasn't as forthcoming when INSIDER asked when Kardashian West would make an appearance on the show. "You guys have to wait and see," she told us.

    "Glam Master" premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. Watch a trailer for the show below.

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    tess future randall this is us

    • NBC's "This Is Us" chronicles the life of the Pearson family through multiple generations. 
    • The show usually cuts between the present and flashbacks. 
    • A recent episode showed an older Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) in a flash-forward with his daughter, Tess. 
    • Brown tells INSIDER it takes him three hours to get his makeup done. 
    • A mold of his face was created that has to be laid perfectly on his face. 
    • He says he has a newfound respect for co-star Mandy Moore who also spends hours in the makeup chair getting aged to play his mom.

    "This Is Us" recently surprised fans with a flash-forward sequence showing an older Randall Pearson with his grown daughter Tess. 

    You may not think it, but it's a time-consuming process to transform the 41-year-old star to look older on screen. 

    "We tested out that look about three or four times before we actually shot that very short scene," Sterling K. Brown told INSIDER while promoting his a partnership with Clorox and the Thrive Collective. "It took about four hours the first time, and now each time they've got it down to about three hours."

    What does the team do that takes Brown three hours in the makeup chair? 

    "So there is a mold that was created of my face, and each time we do it, there is a mask, almost 'Mission Impossible'- style, that goes over the top of my face. It's an overlay and then they put the makeup on top of that," he continued. "It takes time getting it on there perfectly without any air bubbles or anything sort of drooping on one spot."

    randall pearson this is us flash forward

    Brown says it changed his perspective of his co-star Mandy Moore, who plays his character's mom on the NBC show. Moore has been playing her character throughout several different decades since the show's first season. 

    Moore wears 12 small prosthetics to play a woman in her '60s on the show. The actress has said the three-and-a-half-hour process takes a toll on her skin.

    mandy moore this is us makeup

    "I definitely have a newfound respect for my mom, Mandy Moore, and the amount of time that she has to go through every time she becomes present-day Rebecca," said Brown. "But it's exciting in that we have all this new, fertile soil to explore in the future with regards to the future of Beth and Randall, the future of their children, and it's sort of like we get a chance to bookend Jack and Rebecca in the past. And now there's the Black Pearsons of the future."

    this is us sterling k brown randall children

    The first two seasons of the show have focused heavily on Jack and Rebecca Pearson, their three children including Randall, and how the death of their father has affected their lives.

    The recent flash-forward teases an entire new chapter and direction for the show. It's one that Brown says the entire cast knew to expect heading into season two.

    "[Creator] Dan [Fogelman] told us all at the beginning of the season that this was something that was gonna be happening. It was something that we knew from the beginning," Brown said. "He has a big, clear vision of the way in which he wants the show to go. And so, we just sit back with all these secrets at the beginning of the season and wait for them to be unfolded as we go episode to episode."

    randall beth this is us

    We'll hold tight to see what other secrets may unfold over the rest of season two with our tissue box on standby. "This Is Us" airs Tuesdays on NBC at 9 p.m. 

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    tiffany haddish dwayne the rock johnson julia louis dreyfus

    Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the 2018 Oscars, to be held Sunday, March 4, on ABC.

    He'll probably do a great job. But there are other options.

    For the most part, the hosts for major awards shows are the same people who host late night comedy talk shows. Seth Meyers just handled the Globes, Jimmy Kimmel emceed last year's Oscars, Stephen Colbert had the Emmys, and James Corden will host the Grammys again in January.

    It makes sense. Hosting a major awards show is a tough job. They seem perpetually at risk of becoming stale, solemn affairs. It's up to the host to keep it energetic, manage egos of big stars, and honor the TV shows, movies, or songs at the same time. This is pretty much what late-night talk show hosts do on a smaller scale every night.

    But in a Balkanized media landscape, where there are so many different kinds of shows, movies, and types of music on so many different kinds of platforms, there's also something to be said for ejecting the standard trope of having a white male late-night funnyman host the show.

    There's plenty of talent in all corners of the industry. Take Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, two "Saturday Night Live" alumni who made the Golden Globes ceremonies a blast when they hosted. And while Anne Hathaway and James Franco flopped the year they hosted the Oscars, it doesn't mean the show should do away with having a pair of actors try it again.

    Here are 27 potential Oscar hosts who could inject some more fun into the show while keeping it classy. Heck, come to think of it, they could work for the Golden Globes or Emmys as well.

    Issa Rae

    The showrunner, actress, and writer is best known for HBO's "Insecure," but she's ready for a bigger spotlight. Rae is charming and hilarious in every interview she gives, and she has the chops to put on a good show and give every star their due.

    Samantha Bee

    Give a female late-night talk show host a chance! The Jimmys are fine, but Bee's TBS show "Full Frontal" is just as funny and much, much sharper — particularly when it comes to the position of women in society, which is currently plaguing Hollywood. She could do a lot with a stage like the Golden Globes or Oscars.

    Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Stewart

    Ellen did a great job at the Oscars in 2014. Give her another go! In the past few years, her star has only risen as she's figured out how to grab viral moments from the web and translate them to everyone, or cause viral moments herself.

    Jon Stewart is a little musty, but he's due for a return. His dry, cutting humor is a perfect compliment to Ellen's shrewd, bubbly approach. Pairing them together would be perfect.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    kelly ripa ryan seacrest

    • Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest host "Live with Kelly and Ryan."
    • During Thursday's episode, Ripa seemed to throw her support behind Seacrest.
    • He has been accused of sexual misconduct by his former stylist.
    • Ripa told Seacrest on air that he is a pleasure to work with.

    Kelly Ripa appears to be fully supportive of co-host Ryan Seacrest following allegations of sexual misconduct. 

    "I just want you to know you are a privilege to work with, and I adore you, and I am speaking on behalf of all of us here," Ripa, 47, told Seacrest, 43, during Thursday's episode of "Live with Kelly and Ryan.""I know what an easy, professional, great person you are, and I feel very, very lucky to work with you each and every day. We all do."

    Ripa and Seacrest proceeded to put their arms around each other, and Seacrest kissed her on the cheek, as the audience applauded.

    "You are happiness," Seacrest told Ripa.

    "You are happiness," she responded. "You are happiness wrapped in chocolate, so there."

    Ripa's on-air statement comes amid speculation over whether Seacrest will work the "E!" Oscars red carpet.

    When Ripa praised Seacrest, the two hosts were discussing Sunday's Oscar ceremony where Seacrest is slated to cover the "E!" red carpet. 

    Seacrest's Oscars involvement is causing speculation, however, following allegations of sexual misconduct against him. According to a report from Page Six, NBCUniversal, the parent company of E!, is holding meetings in an effort to prevent any awkward moments and confrontations from happening on the red carpet. 

    A source said, "There will be no Debra Messing moments this time around," in reference to the Golden Globes where Messing called out E! over former host Catt Sadler's exist because of an equal-pay dispute while on the channel's red carpet show. 

    The meetings are reportedly trying to prearrange easy interviews. It's unclear how celebrities will react to Seacrest on the carpet.

    Howard Stern asked Jennifer Lawrence if she would talk to him. She said she wasn't sure but then laid into problems she had with the channel, including Sadler's exit. 

    "I mean there is a lot to think about with E!, you know?" she said. "I have noticed that they keep cycling these women and I am going — is that so you don't have to pay another woman equally to Jason [Kennedy]? Is this just a way to still maintaining that you are not paying women equally?"

    Seacrest's former stylist accused him of sexual harassment and assault. 

    Suzie Hardy accused seacrest of sexual harassment and assault in a November letter from her attorneys. Hardy, who served as his "E! News" stylist, worked with him from 2007 to 2013.

    According to the letter seen by Variety, some of Hardy's allegations against Seacrest included him grabbing her by the vagina and grinding his erect penis on her while in his underwear. 

    The TV host has repeatedly denied Hardy's claims, but a former co-worker of Hardy's told NBC News that they witnessed Seacrest harassing her.

    "She would go to tie his shoe and Ryan would shove her head toward his crotch," the former co-worker told NBC. "I saw that more than once."

    There was an investigation but E! said in a statement that there was "insufficient evidence."

    NBC Universal hired an independent investigator to look into the claims. E! issued a statement in February and said the investigation found "insufficient evidence to support the claims against Seacrest." 

    Hardy, who was interviewed three times for the investigation, told Variety that she felt it was biased. 

    "Total exasperation was my definite feeling when I heard about it," Hardy told Variety. "I felt like by the third interview, it was obvious the investigator was whitewashing it for Seacrest's side."

    E! stands by its report. A spokesperson told Variety, "Any claims that question the legitimacy of this investigation are completely baseless."

    As of now, Seacrest is still scheduled to co-host "E!'s" broadcast from the Oscars red carpet Sunday, hosts "Live with Kelly and Ryan," and will return for ABC's "American Idol" reboot.

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    OJ Simpson

    • An interview OJ Simpson gave in 2006 about "a shocking hypothetical account" of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is set to air on Fox next week.
    • Fox shelved the interview for more than 11 years after public outcry over the revelation that the interviewer, Judith Regan, reportedly paid Simpson $3.5 million for the interview.
    • Fox is now airing the interview on March 11 at 8 p.m. as a two-hour special, "OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?," hosted by Soledad O'Brien.

    An interview OJ Simpson gave in 2006 about "a shocking hypothetical account" of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman is set to air on Fox next week, more than 11 years after it was originally meant to air, IndieWire reports.

    The interviewer, editor Judith Regan, was fired by the book publisher HarperCollins after the company discovered that Regan reportedly paid Simpson $3.5 million for the interview, which was the basis for the scheduled book, "If I Did It." 

    Fox cancelled the special that was set to air after public outcry over Simpson's reported payment, and the family of Ron Goldman went on to publish Simpson's account in the book, "I Did It: Confessions of the Killer."

    Now, Fox is set to air Regan's interview as a repackaged, two-hour special called, "OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?," on Sunday, March 11 at 8 p.m.

    The special will be hosted by Soledad O'Brien, and Fox said it will "air with limited interruptions and will feature public service announcements on domestic violence awareness throughout the program."

    Sources told Indiewire that Fox received permission from the Goldman and Simpson families to air the interview, and that the network decided to air the special when tapes of the interview were "recently rediscovered sitting in a box on the Fox lot."

    Watch a promotional clip for the special:

    SEE ALSO: OJ Simpson 'If I Did It' summary

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    Reed Hastings

    • Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify are overtaking traditional entertainment companies in staff size and market share of employees, according to data from LinkedIn.
    • LinkedIn Economist Guy Berger described the entertainment industry trend toward digital companies as reflective of trends in the US workforce at large.

    Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify have overtaken a number of traditional entertainment companies and prominent film studios in staff size over the past five years, according to LinkedIn data on employee numbers shared exclusively with Business Insider. 

    The site compared the total employee counts of the top 10 entertainment-industry companies in 2013 and 2018.

    Netflix moved up six spots on the list from No. 9 in 2013 to No. 3 this year, while music streaming giant Spotify moved from No. 12 to No. 6. The music streaming service Pandora also entered the top 10 after being previously unranked in 2013. 


    LinkedIn's data on employee numbers showed that newer, digital companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora nearly doubled their overall entertainment industry market share over the past five years.

    These digital companies occupied 12.5% of the total entertainment industry workforce in 2013, but that figure grew to nearly 24% in 2018, according to LinkedIn. 

    In an email to Business Insider, LinkedIn Economist Guy Berger described the entertainment industry's shift toward digital companies as reflective of a larger national trend.

    "The shift to more digital roles, companies and skills within the entertainment industry is similar to what we are seeing in the U.S. workforce at large," Berger wrote. "We recently looked into the top emerging jobs across the country; seven of the top ten roles were tech-focused, with demand for technical skills coming from across industries. We may also see an uptick in non-technical roles – like animators – start to require more technical skills. As technology transforms the very nature of how we experience entertainment, entertainment companies as a whole will naturally continue to expand their workforces, and invest in their engineering and IT departments."

    SEE ALSO: All 49 of Netflix's notable original movies, ranked from worst to best

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    NOW WATCH: You can connect all 9 Best Picture Oscar nominees with actors they have in common — here's how

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