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    aaron jesus walking dead twd 908

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for season nine, episode eight of "The Walking Dead,""Evolution."

    Fans said goodbye to a fan-favorite on Sunday's mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" when Jesus, was surprisingly killed by the introduction of the show's next villains, the Whisperers.

    It's a bummer for fans who were hoping to see Jesus, who's still alive in the comic, in a relationship with Aaron. So INSIDER was surprised to learn there was a scene that could have showed Jesus with a boyfriend on the AMC show earlier this season. It just wouldn't have been Aaron.

    "There was a bit in the premiere episode where I spoke about a boyfriend actually at the Hilltop and I had a scene with a boyfriend at the Hilltop," Payne told INSIDER.

    "But as is the way of the show, things get cut and storylines get swapped around and other things take precedence and the whole thing got cut out," he continued. "I think it's kind of sad because I've done a lot of work now with the LGBT+ community, and I know how much it matters to have representation on TV and I think it's kind of sad when any of that gets cut out."

    twd 705 jesus.JPG

    It would have been a nice full-circle moment to see.

    Back on season seven, episode 14, Jesus opens up to Maggie telling her he always found it difficult to open up and get close to anyone whether it be friends, neighbors, or boyfriends. 

    Maggie tells him he "should try it some time, even if it doesn't last." I guess Jesus took her advice, but fans would never have known. 

    twd 713 jesus

    Instead, many fans watching Sunday's episode probably left the show wondering if Jesus and Aaron were supposed to be a couple. It wasn't clear if that's what the show was hinting at and it's something Payne is very aware will most likely affect the fandom. 

    "I know," Payne said of the uncertainty between the Aaron and Jesus dynamic. "Honestly, that's the one part of the story that I feel is slightly unfair on the audience. Because we have the season premiere this year, but that's like seven years ago at this point. And then, yeah, we had these two episodes now. I mean, they put in what they could. I think that was a nice little nod toward the comics and their potential relationship." 

    jesus aaron walking dead comic 170

    "I actually did another interview before this where the interviewer asked me if I thought — because everyone always asks me if they're going to get together — and he said, 'Well, maybe they did mess around a bit in the six years.' And, I was like, 'Oh, I see. Yeah. Maybe they did.' I wouldn't say that's an absolute no," Payne said of a Jesus/Aaron relationship. "But I don't think they had ever been a couple or anything. I think they just understand each other at this point. And they said that. They were having that discussion about being explorers and that's really what Jesus missed being stuck at the Hilltop and everything. But then he gets what he wants. He gets killed."

    Read more: Our full interview with Tom Payne about his departure from the show

    twd aaron jesus fight walking dead 907

    While Payne thinks there's room for fans to think Aaron and Jesus could have gotten together in the six years that passed on the show, showrunner Angela Kang has a more simplistic view on the Aaron and Jesus dynamic.

    They're just two really good friends.

    "We really didn't feel that we had built up that relationship to that point in our show," Kang told INSIDER when asked whether or not fans are supposed to interpret Aaron and Jesus as a couple. "What really excited us was the idea that Jesus and Aaron had built a real friendship with each other. Not all the relationships on the show are necessarily romantic. Some of our deepest relationships are completely platonic ones."

    jesus aaron relationship 907siddiq michonne twd 908

    With everyone coupling up lately it's tough to spot a relationship that's strictly platonic between members of the opposite sex, but a prime example that comes to mind is Siddiq and Michonne.

    "Would that have developed into something more?" Kang added about whether or not Aaron and Jesus would have ever have become a couple on the show. "Maybe or maybe not. But they're two people who certainly shared a philosophy about the world and that really got a lot of strength and enjoyed spending time with each other despite the fact that Alexandria had kind of a hard line rule about the way that they should interact with other people or not."

    twd jesus aaron walking dead

    "It's certainly something that starts to affect Aaron's outlook on life after this event happens," she added, looking forward at what's to come on the show with Jesus' departure. "We really felt that it was interesting to show a great, great friendship between these two because we hadn't really seen them interact too much in the show up to this point."

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

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    aaron jesus walking dead 908

    Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead" season nine, episode eight, "Evolution."

    Sunday's mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" brought horror back to the show with the inroduction of the Whisperers, a group of survivors who wear the masks of the undead over their faces. 

    Their arrival on the AMC zombie drama came with the unexpected loss of one of the show's bigger characters. 

    This is your last chance to head back before we dive into major spoilers. 

    aaron twd 908

    During the show's final minutes, Aaron, Jesus, and Eugene scrambled through a cemetery in the night fog as they were chased down by a herd of walkers.

    As Aaron and Eugene fled to safety, Jesus stayed back to fight off the rest of the undead. In an incredible fight sequence, Jesus slayed walker after walker. Just when it looked like he was in the clear, the final walker in his path sidestepped and drove a sword through Jesus' back.

    jesus walking dead 901

    It was a brutal moment that left fans gutted.

    Many were upset that they wouldn't get to see Aaron and Jesus together on the show. (In the comics, they become a couple.)

    "I was kind of frustrated with what I had gotten to do on the show and I was kind of a bit bored with it," Tom Payne told INSIDER of playing Jesus on the show. "If I wasn't being given anything, I was kind of ready to go. And then when [showrunner] Angela [Kang] called me, I was quite chill about it. I was like, 'Oh, OK. Great. Cool.'"

    Read more:Our full interview with Tom Payne about his departure from "The Walking Dead"

    "I was pretty happy with the whole thing," Payne said of the way he was killed off. "I just want to tell a good story and be part of a shocking moment on the show. I much rather be that than hang around at the Hilltop for another few years." 

    twd 802 jesus

    Payne acknowledged that some fans will be upset with his departure, but he thought it would be because his character didn't fulfill all of the storylines he had in the comics.

    "I think there will be backlash because he's such a popular character in the comic books and I don't think he quite got the storylines that people might have been expecting," said Payne. "I think there would probably be a bit more of a backlash about that. I think the way he goes and what it does for the story is really strong."

    jesus aaron relationship 907

    Read more:Tom Payne says there was an extra scene of him cut on "TWD" with a boyfriend

    "Obviously, for comic-book readers who love the character of Jesus, this will be a big blow," showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER. "But we've often deviated from the comic in deaths throughout history. Rick is still the lead of the comics and we had to write out Andrew Lincoln this year. There's definitely a lot of things that are different."

    Kang said it's normal to expect a bit of backlash, but is proud of the amount of diverse characters that are represented on the series.

    "We have a very good record of diversity both on screen and behind the scenes. Our writers room is incredibly diverse," said Kang. "At this point, so many of our characters fall into some sort of a minority or underrepresented group that it's kind of hard to say that any particular group is off limits. What we want to do is just show that there is a variety of people just like there is in the world and we're proud of that representation on screen."

    While Jesus is gone, there are still four openly gay characters on the show. There's Aaron, Tara, and newly-introduced couple Magna and Yumiko. 

    magna yumiko walking dead

    The series also recently introduced the character Connie, who is deaf. She is played by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff. 

    connie twd 907

    Jesus' death was teased throughout the episode as several characters at the Hilltop said they would consult Jesus when he returned to the community about Magna's new group and Henry's misbehavior. Someone else, probably Tara, will now have to step up as the Hilltop's new leader.

    the walking dead hilltop 908

    Were you surprised by Jesus' death or did you see it coming? Let me know what you thought and talk the episode with me on Twitter @KirstenAcuna.

    You can follow along with our "Walking Dead" coverage here.

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    siddiq michonne twd 908

    • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "The Walking Dead," season nine, episode five, "Evolution."
    • On Sunday's mid-season finale of the AMC show, we learned a bit more about the strained relationship between the communities, were introduced to the series' next big villains, and said goodbye to a fan-favorite.
    • There aren't too many direct callbacks to moments from the comics and show on this week's episode. So INSIDER caught up with showrunner Angela Kang and she told us some fun tidbits about Sunday's episode.
    • Keep reading to see what you may have overlooked on the season nine mid-season finale. 

    Negan has a baseball toy sitting in his window sill.

    It's an obvious nod to his beloved barbed-wired bat, Lucille, which was taken away from Negan after the Savior war was over.

    He's seen in the cell tossing a ball with a baseball glove. It's a nice touch if you're familiar with the comics and know that Negan was a gym teacher and coach before the zombie apocalypse. 

    The pig reminds us of when Negan visits Alexandria on season seven, episode four and knocks on the gate saying, "Little pig, little pig. Let me in!"

    Everyone disappears when Michonne and the others show up at the Hilltop. Her group is treated differently.

    Everyone looks at Michonne sort of teary-eyed. Their weapons are confiscated until they leave the Hilltop.

    "It's something that obviously Michonne and Daryl, they both experienced something. There's probably others that are affected in various ways, if not in the same ways," showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER. "It's one of these character, intrigue mysteries that we wanted to sort of show to the audience a little at a time."

    "We start with the effects of everything that's happened in the past and then we'll learn what exactly did happen and how it is that they came to kind of take on the positions that they did and things they've been through together," she added.

    You can read more on what Kang told us about the mystery "X" marks here.

    Earl Sutton asks Henry if he wants to join him and Tammy for dinner.

    The two lost their child, Kenneth, on the season premiere. Henry probably reminds Earl of his lost child.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Kim K

    • Kim Kardashian revealed on this episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" that she was high on Ecstasy while filming her sex tape and when she was married for the first time. 
    • She also buried the hatchet with Tristan Thompson after his alleged cheating scandal.
    • Kourtney spoke in favor of high regulations for consumer products. 
    • Khloe seemed relieved that her family was all reunited in Los Angeles. 

    On this season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Baby True Thompson is in the world, and the family has grappled with the reports that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian. And now, that means the family is dealing with the aftermath — and Kim is struggling with her sister's decision to stay with Tristan (for now, anyway) more than anyone else.

    Here's what you might have missed on "KUWTK":

    Kim K

    Tristan and Kim had major social media drama

    While Kim was debating whether or not she should unfollow Tristan on Instagram, she discovered that he'd blocked her, which prompted her to call Khloe in her rage … and that was just the beginning. The next time Kim and Kourtney called her together, things were tense, and Khloe said she just wanted True to be able to have both of her parents with her in these early days of her life.

    That meant that Kim was left out a bit during Khloe's visit, including on Taco Tuesday, and when Scott came to work out with her, he offered her a little perspective on the situation, because after all, he'd been a Kardashian ex himself and knew how Tristan and Khloe might be feeling.

    "I feel like Khloe is living a full double life," she said. "She's in town and I haven't seen her. I just feel like Tristan's here and she's so nervous for him and I to see each other and I feel like I get into this protection mode where I just like, go into worst-case scenario."

    Kim K

    "Listen, no matter what you say to somebody, when there's something happening in their life, it's not actually going to be taken in," Scott said. "Like, I know back in the day when your mom or Khloe would get involved in me and Kourtney's stuff, it only would draw us farther away from the family. It never pulled anybody in and made people more comforted."

    This led to Kim going to see Khloe to extend an olive branch … and to see Tristan. At first, she seemed a little awkward, but she asked him if he'd ever heard of a game called pickleball and showed him videos of her skiing, hoping that talking about sports would give them some common ground.

    "We're such a close family. We're one big family. We just have to move on and get over it," Kim said.

    Tristan Thompson

    Kim opened up about her wilder days

    While talking to Scott and Kendall about her high school reunion, Kim opened up about her days as a wild child. At first, Kendall couldn't believe her sister ever had a wild streak, but Kim was full of stories — she even admitted that she did ecstasy and got married and made her famous sex tape while she was on the drug. 

    "When I first started to travel, I remember one night Paris and I stayed in Ibiza to go to a foam party," Kim said. "We leave the club at 7 a.m. and I'm like, 'guys, we're going to the beach.' So we go to the beach — there was like, buoys in the water that made a big square, and I'm like, 'let's sleep in the ocean.' We locked arms on rafts and spent the night in the ocean on rafts."

    Kim K

    "I did ecstasy once, I got married. I did it again and I made a sex tape," Kim said. "Like, everything bad would happen."

    "You were high on ecstasy when you did that sex tape?" Scott asked.

    "Absolutely! Everybody knows it. My jaw was shaking the whole time," Kim said.


    To prove she still has a wild streak, Kim planned a Las Vegas weekend with her high school friends, including a meet and greet with Cher. Cher even recognized that Kim was emulating one of her outfits, and they had a long conversation about her style.

    Kourtney takes on an important cause

    Kourtney's always been open about her love of all-natural projects, so when women from EWG — Environmental Working Group — came to talk to her about using products with natural ingredients, she was totally on board. They were trying to work on a bill that ensures products are safe, especially the ones that kids use, and Kourtney agreed to come to Washington D.C. to help them lobby for the law.


    This meant that Kourtney had to speak in front of reporters and congressional staffers, which made her a little nervous.

    "This is the closest that EWG has gotten to pushing their cosmetics law through," she said. "I definitely have a fear of public speaking. I don't really know what I'm gonna say. I just don't want to mess it up."


    When the day arrived, Kourtney opened up about why it was important to her to make sure that parents know that the ingredients they're using are safe, and in the end, she said she was glad she got over her nerves to stand up for something she believed in.

    Khloe came back to Los Angeles

    Khloe visited home for the first time since True was born, and that meant that Scott finally got to meet her for the first time and they took the opportunity to catch up with Grandma Kris, too. Khloe said she was feeling apprehensive about being home, considering the Tristan situation was still awkward.


    "It's exciting that we get to see the family again and all of her cousins," Khloe said. "But Kim and Tristan have not been in the same room together since they had that talk in Cleveland. It's just awkward for me."

    By the end of their visit, things were less awkward, and Tristan felt comfortable to hang out with Khloe's sisters playing on a trampoline.

    "Even having Tristan here, we're all together, it's so much fun, and this is what life's all about," Kim said.

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough

    "Morning Joe" co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough secretly married Saturday.

    Brzezinski, 51, and Scarborough, 55, tied the knot in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., during a small ceremony.

    Read more: 22 shocking celebrity weddings no one saw coming

    Fans took to Twitter to congratulate the MSNBC hosts.

    The couple didn't send official invites for their wedding. They called their family and a few friends to let them know about the intimate ceremony.

    "We wanted it to be really small and simple and not what you expected from Mika and Joe," Brzezinski told Vanity Fair. "Everything we do is exposed, and everything felt exposed every step of the way, so we want this to be private until it's over. We wanted to recognize it more quietly and have the people who are most important to us around us." 

    The MSNBC hosts have been private about their relationship over the years. Scarborough proposed in May 2017 during a trip to Antibes, France. 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    NOW WATCH: A sleep expert explains what happens to your body and brain if you don't get enough sleep

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    She Ra Netflix

    • Every week, we put together a list of three great shows you should watch.
    • This week, we've collected shows including Netflix's new cooking competition series "The Final Table," and its reboot of "She-ra and the Princesses of Power," which has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

    There's too much TV. Thankfully, with the holiday season in full swing, there are less new shows and more time to catch up on things you missed. 

    And we're here to make bingeing even easier for you, by choosing what to watch for you. Every week, we put together a list of three great shows you should watch.

    Here, you'll find shows you can finish in a day, and some you can at least get started on. We mix shows that have recently come onto the service with some old favorites you might have missed.

    From Netflix's cooking competition show "The Final Table" to its new remake of '80s cartoon "She-ra and the Princesses of Power," here are three great TV shows you can binge-watch on Netflix this week:

    "The Final Table"

    Netflix description: Teams of elite chefs vie to impress the world's toughest palates as they whip up iconic dishes from nine nations in this star-packed competition. 

    Seasons: 1

    Episodes: 10

    In 2018, Netflix has gotten great at food shows. "The Final Table" is a cooking competition with some of the worlds greatest chefs, and a lot of celeb guests. It doesn't require much attention, but it's entertaining and won't take long to finish. 

    "The Great British Baking Show: Master Class"

    Netflix description: Hosts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood leave the tent and go into the kitchen to put their professional spin on baking techniques used in the show.

    Seasons: 3

    Episodes: 15

    If you love "The Great British Baking Show," you've probably burned through every season available on Netflix multiple times. Thankfully "Masterclass" will guide you through technical bakes, with judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry explaining why they were assigned to bakers, and how they're done perfectly. 

    "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power"

    Netflix description: Soldier Adora finds a magic sword — and her identity as legendary hero She-Ra. She joins the Rebellion, but her best friend stays with the evil Horde. 

    Seasons: 1

    Episodes: 13

    "She-Ra" currently has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It's a wonderful, exciting reboot for a new generation that has colorful animation, layered characters, and intelligent writing that works for kids and adults. 

    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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    siddiq michonne fair twd

    • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Sunday's mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead,""Evolution."
    • Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead" killed off a fan-favorite while ending on a mini cliffhanger with Daryl, Michonne, and more surrounded by a new threat. Where do we go from here? 
    • INSIDER rounded up the major questions we have regarding the mid-season finale and about the new teaser AMC released for the second half of the season. We've also provided some answers with insight from showrunner Angela Kang and "TWD's" Tom Payne.
    • Season nine of "The Walking Dead" will continue on AMC February 10, 2019. Until then, here's what we're dying to know.

    Who are these whispering zombies and what is their deal?

    If you're not familiar with the "Walking Dead" comics, you may have been surprised that Sunday's episode revealed that the whispering walkers weren't evolving zombies. They're just a group of survivors wearing masks of the undead called The Whisperers. (You can read more on who they are here.)

    Showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER she's excited for viewers to get to see more of them when the show returns in February. 

    "We have Samantha Morten and Ryan Hurst coming up as Alpha and Beta for the comic-book fans. These are just great, great actors who kind of folded in so seamlessly and are wonderful people to work with," said Kang about what's to come. "I'm excited for people to see their work."

    "This group, the Whisperers, is unlike anything we've encountered on the show and we're going to start to learn about their philosophy and the way that they handle things and it truly gave us the opportunity to delve into a group that was so different," she added. "I think it's been really interesting for us to kind of work on that and see the designs that go into it."

    Were we supposed to believe Aaron and Jesus were a couple on "The Walking Dead"?

    Jesus and Aaron's relationship status was left vague on Sunday's episode, something Tom Payne tells INSIDER he's well aware of on the show.

    "I know," Payne said of the uncertainty between the Aaron and Jesus dynamic. "Honestly, that's the one part of the story that I feel is slightly unfair on the audience." 

    When I asked Kang whether or not fans were supposed to interpret Aaron and Jesus as a couple, she confirmed they weren't in a relationship. 

    "We really didn't feel that we had built up that relationship to that point in our show," Kang told INSIDER. "What really excited us was the idea that Jesus and Aaron had built a real friendship with each other. Not all the relationships on the show are necessarily romantic. Some of our deepest relationships are completely platonic ones."

    For those who wanted to see Aaron and Jesus together, Payne likes to think the two could have gotten together during the six-year time jump on the show.

    "I actually did another interview before this where the interviewer asked me if I thought — because everyone always asks me if they're going to get together — and he said, 'Well, maybe they did mess around a bit in the six years.' And, I was like, 'Oh, I see. Yeah. Maybe they did.' I wouldn't say that's an absolute no," Payne said. 

    You can read more on that here.

    Were there ever any scenes of Aaron and Jesus together on the show?

    Not that we know of, but Payne told us there was a cut scene of him with a boyfriend at the Hilltop on the season nine premiere. 

    "As is the way of the show, things get cut and storylines get swapped around and other things take precedence and the whole thing got cut out," said Payne. "I think it's kind of sad because I've done a lot of work now with the LGBT+ community, and I know how much it matters to have representation on TV and I think it's kind of sad when any of that gets cut out."

    "It's not just that kind of stuff that gets cut. Lots of things get cut all the time," Payne added about his scene with a boyfriend not being the only one cut out of the show.

    You can read more about Payne's cut scene here.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    scooby doo shocked

    • Not all animated animals look like their real-life counterparts.
    • Artists sometimes take a lot of creative liberties when creating animal characters. 
    • Sometimes animated animals have similar behaviors as their real-life counterparts.

    Artists tend to take some creative liberties when they developed some of our favorite animated animal characters. From outrageous sizes to unbelievable abilities, their unusual characteristics is what make these animated creatures so compelling.  

    Take a look at some of the most beloved cartoon characters next to their real-life counterparts.

    Scooby-Doo is modeled after one of the largest dog breeds.

    The adorable mystery-solving dog Scooby-Doo is fairly similar to his real-life inspiration. Scooby's breed is aGreat Dane and they tend to be large, lovable dogs who are typically friendly and patient with people.

    However, according to the American Kennel Club, Great Danes are known for being effective guard dogs, which is pretty different from Scooby's easily spooked disposition.


    The giant crab, Tamatoa isn't so far off from the real-life crustacean.

    Tamatoa from "Moana" is a larger-than-life crab covered in treasure and he's based on the very large coconut crab.

    Found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, this giant crustacean uses its massive claws tocrack open coconuts. Although not quite as huge as Tamatoa, the coconut crab typically weighs around 10 pounds.

    Artists took some creative liberties with Arthur the aardvark.

    Arthur, the cuddly bespectacled aardvark resembles a bear more than he resembles an aardvark. 

    In Arthur's first appearance in the 1976 book,"Arthur's Nose," he resembled a real-life aardvark with along snout and sharp claws.

    But over the years, Arthur lost many of those classic aardvark features. Creator Marc Brownexplained to AV Club, "It wasn't anything I was consciously doing. I just drew him and the more I got to know him … His nose got smaller and smaller."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    john krasinski emily blunt mary poppins

    • John Krasinski appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday and opened up about seeing his wife, Emily Blunt, as the titular character of "Mary Poppins Returns."
    • The Disney movie hits theaters on Wednesday, December 19, but Krasinski saw it early and recalled crying 25 minutes into the film. 
    • "I blew through the tissue box in 20 minutes," he said. "I had to go to the napkins, and then when I ran out of the napkins, it was all sweater."
    • The "Quiet Place" star added that "Mary Poppins Returns," which is a sequel to the 1964 movie that starred Julie Andrews, is "one of the most beautiful films." 
    • Watch the video below. 


    Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.   

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    the bold type freeformSometimes TV series creators and producers draw inspiration from real lives and real people. In some cases, the series is directly inspired by the star, and in others, the series is very loosely inspired by them.

    Here are 12 TV shows that were inspired by the lives of celebrities and other well-known public figures. 

    O.J. Simpson's alleged double homicide is the focus of the first season of "American Crime Story."

    Created by Ryan Murphy, "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story," debuted on FX in 2016.

    The series was based on the 1995 murder trial of former football player O.J. Simpson, who was accused and acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman.

    In 2016 on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," Khloe Kardashian said the creators did a great job with the show and she appreciated how they portrayed her father, but "not all the facts are accurate" and it was a bit sensationalized. 

    Season two of "American Crime Story" explores the murder of the Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace.

    The second installment of Murphy's anthology series, "Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,"centered around the death of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace at the hands of serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

    But, Antonio D’Amico, Gianni Versace's long-term boyfriend at the time of Versace's death, told The Guardian that parts of the series were "ridiculous."

    "The picture of Ricky Martin holding the body in his arms is ridiculous," he told the publication. "Maybe it’s the director’s poetic license, but that is not how I reacted."

    "Feud: Bette and Joan" followed the real-life rivalry between actresses Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

    The first season of another Murphy anthology series, which debuted in 2017, "Feud: Bette and Joan" was inspired by the real-life rivalry between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The feud happened while they were co-stars in the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane."

    Actresses Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon play Crawford and Davis, respectively. E! fact-checked the docudrama and concluded that a lot of what's portrayed in the movie was fairly accurate, even though some events were fictionalized or false

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    sisters of quiet mercy riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for seasons one, two, and three of "Riverdale."

    The Sisters of Quiet Mercy first appeared during the first season of "Riverdale."

    Betty and Jughead learn of the "home for troubled youth" after Betty discovers her parents have been making payments to the home because they sent Polly, Betty's sister, there. 

    Since that first appearance, more details and facts about the group home have been revealed, and more characters have been sent to stay at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

    During Wednesday's episode of the CW show, Alice sends Betty to the home to try and protect her from the Gargoyle King, but the end of the episode reveals the home may not be the safest place.

    Here's what we know about the group home. 

    The group home has a dark past.

    sister woodhouse riverdale

    On season two, Kevin Keller tells Veronica Lodge and Toni Topaz that the Sisters used to be a distillery during Prohibition. They would smuggle alcohol through underground tunnels. He says the tunnels now are used by kids looking for hookups. 

    The group home still continues to use corporal, or physical, punishments on the youths. During season two, Betty threatens to expose the Sisters for the "house of horrors that it really is" when she goes to the home looking for information on Mr. Svenson.

    Svenson, known as Joseph Conway when he was left as an orphan at the home, later worked as a groundskeeper for them and then became a janitor at Riverdale High. He was thought to be the Black Hood, but it was revealed that he was just used by the real Black Hood, Hal Cooper, as a red herring. 

    Read more: 'Riverdale' fans finally know who the real Black Hood is and the truth is bonkers

    The home is also one of the places that still does secret conversion therapy. 

    Polly is sent to the home to have her baby. 

    polly riverdale sisters of quiet mercy

    On season one, Polly's parents, Hal and Alice, send her to the home because she is pregnant with Jason Blossom's baby. Because she is cut off from her family and friends, Polly is unaware of Jason's death until Betty goes to visit her.

    The sisters at the home call Alice to alert her of Polly's visitor and Alice arrives for Betty and Jughead. Polly confronts Alice in the hallway about lying and is dragged away by two men as Alice and Betty tearfully watch. Polly breaks a window and escapes from the Sisters before hiding in her family home. 

    Alice later reveals to Betty that she went to the Sisters when she was pregnant in high school because both she and Hal disagreed about what to do. Alice says she gave birth to Betty's brother, Charles, there, and he was put up for adoption. 

    On season two, Betty learns that Charles was never actually adopted and was kicked out of the home after turning 18. 

    Cheryl Blossom is forced into the home by her mother, Penelope. 

    cheryl riverdale

    During season two, Penelope takes Cheryl to the home for conversion therapy. Cheryl is kept locked in a small room and is visited by Sister Woodhouse, who says she's "going to rid you of all those naughty demons." Cheryl is injected with a needle and told that the "conversion" will begin the next day.

    While at the home, Cheryl is forced to do physical labor and "physical therapy" as part of the conversion.

    Toni, Betty, and Kevin break into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy through the underground tunnels and help Cheryl escape. 

    During the flashback episode on season three, Penelope reveals that she grew up as an orphan at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy before being taken home by the Blossom family when she was eight because she had red hair. She was groomed to be Clifford's eventual wife. 

    Alice sends Betty to the home.

    betty riverdale

    On Wednesday's episode of the series, Alice send Betty to the Sisters to "protect" her from the Gargoyle King who attacked the family at home. 

    Read more: 'Riverdale' star Casey Cott says fans are getting closer to the truth of the Gargoyle King

    Alice tells her that she is going to the Farm with Polly and the twins.

    "The Sisters protected me, they protected Polly," Alice says. "They'll watch over you now."

    Sister Woodhouse and two men from the group home forcefully take Betty away. 

    At the Sisters, Betty is taken to a painting class, but as she sits down, she notices that everyone is painting some form of the Gargoyle King. 

    Read more: Everything we know about the 'gruesome' Gargoyle King on 'Riverdale'

    What is his connection to the Sisters? Are the youths being forced into a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles? Fans will have to continue watching to see what influence the Gargoyle King has on the group home and how Betty will get out. 

    Read all of our "Riverdale" coverage here.

    "Riverdale" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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    Griffins and Gargoyles

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three of "Riverdale."

    "Gryphons and Gargoyles" (G&G) is a dangerous game on "Riverdale." 

    The role-playing game, similar to "Dungeons and Dragons," is behind five deaths so far — RIP Dilton, Ben, Principal Featherhead, Warden Norton, and Joaquin — and it's sure to affect more residents as the third season of the hit CW show progresses.

    Betty and Jughead are working to uncover the mystery surrounding the game, and viewers are trying to do the same. 

    Here's what we know so far.

    How is the game affecting Riverdale?

    jughead ben dilton riverdale

    The first introduction to the game comes when Jughead tries to ask Ben and Dilton what they are playing at Pop's Diner during the premiere. Dilton tries to answer, but all he gets out is "Gryphons and..." before Ben tells him to shut up.

    Later, when Jughead is preparing to go to Archie's trial, Dilton knocks on Jug's door in a panic.

    When Jughead asks who, Dilton eventually responds with, "The Gargoyle King."

    Jughead finds a paper covered in weird symbols and what looks to be a stick creature in his home. The symbols lead him to the woods where he finds Ben and Dilton unresponsive and kneeling in front of an altar with symbols carved into their backs. Dilton dies in the park due to cyanide consumption after mixing the poison with Fresh-Aid. After recovering in the hospital, Ben then leaps to his death out of the hospital window mentioning that he isn't afraid to "ascend" like Dilton was.  

    Betty and Jughead learn that Ethel is also playing the game. When they confront her, she reveals that Dilton had a secret bunker in the woods. Betty and Jughead later find the bunker and discover that the poisoned chalice Ben and Dilton drank from was part of "G&G." 

    Betty and Jughead go to Ethel to ask more questions, and Jughead asks what the "kingdom" means. He also inquires about the rulebook, which Ethel refers to as the "scripture."

    She tells him that he "isn't worthy of the king's scripture," so he asks if she can show him. When Jughead goes to the bunker and meets Ethel, she is dressed in her Princess Etheline gown. She has him choose a character, and he picks the Hellcaster.

    "Good choice," she says. "That was Ben's avatar. I was supposed to ascend with him but then he betrayed me and finished the game with Dilton instead." 

    After getting through part of the game, Ethel presents Jughead with two chalices. When he incredulously asks if one of them is poisoned, she says it's "gargoyle blood." He drinks it to get the manual and is fine. But before she hands it over to him, she makes him kiss her because it's all part of the "scripture." 

    Ethel then drinks from the other chalice and starts to get ill. He saves her life by getting her to the hospital. She denies being suicidal and then threatens Jughead if he spills the secrets. 

    "I told him you were worthy enough to spread his gospel," she tells him. 

    How do they play the game? 

    the midnight club riverdale

    In the bunker, Betty and Jug find coins with the Gargoyle King on them, drawings of the king, and various knick-knacks from the game. 

    The game consists of a die and quests that the players must complete. Sometimes, they dress up in costumes to match their characters. Along with the game master's book, there's a small game board, characters to choose from, and quest cards used to control the game. 

    On the flashback episode, it's made clear that the game master designs the quests and incorporates them into the real world. 

    Read more: 'Riverdale' fans finally know what the parents' big secret is and there's a murder involved

    The Gargoyle King himself is a terrifying creature who seems to be behind the rules of the game. 

    Jughead has a theory.  

    jughead riverdale

    Someone, possibly Ethel, distributed a manual to every student's locker at Riverdale High.

    "By next weekend, almost every student at Riverdale High would be playing "Gryphons and Gargoyles," and the real game was just beginning," Jughead says.  

    Jughead starts to play and becomes a level three-game master and leads his players on quests. When Betty goes to tell him about their parent’s secret, he tells her that he is working to ascend and meet the Gargoyle King.

    He says that their parents playing the game means that his theory is correct: "We have been playing this game for a lot longer than we know and off board."

    He says the gang fights and struggles they have had to deal with are all just part of the game. He also points out an interesting fact about the game's location. 

    "Eldervair, the realm of 'Gryphons and Gargoyles' is an anagram for Riverdale," he said. "The whole game is an analog for Riverdale. The game only exists in Riverdale, that's why we couldn't find it on the web. It's all connected. It's all one big narrative that's still being written and played." 

    Jughead is onto something, and "G&G" isn't going away any time soon. 

    Read all of our "Riverdale" coverage here.

    "Riverdale" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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    riverdale veronica betty

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three, episode six of "Riverdale," titled "Manhunter."

    The Gargoyle King is spreading his wings on "Riverdale." 

    During Wednesday's episode of the CW show, the creepy creature attacks Betty and Alice in their home, and it's revealed that he has a team of people doing his bidding. Betty is sent to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy for her protection. But when she gets there, she sees that he has influence there, as well. 

    Not everything is scary in the small town. Veronica helps get Archie exonerated after finding proof that the sheriff coerced the witnesses into lying. But when Veronica is waiting for Archie to come home, he calls and says that he has to leave town.

    As always, the CW show included some pop culture and comic references. We worked with Archie Comics to find five details you may have missed.

    Jughead calls Betty Miss Marple.

    Miss Marple is a character from Agatha Christie novels who solves crimes as an amateur detective.

    The Gargoyle King scene in the Cooper house is reminiscent of "Scream."

    FP climbing the ladder into Betty's room calls back to when Billy Loomis, played by FP actor Skeet Ulrich, did the same in "Scream." In one scene, she freaks out saying that Ghostface is in the house. He hugs her and says, "He's gone, he's gone," as he creepily looks over her shoulder. FP does almost the same thing with Alice when she is freaking out about the Gargoyle King being in the house. The slight similarities can be seen at the beginning of this YouTube video

    The stovetop popcorn scene also calls back to "Scream." 

    The song "Ballad of Paladin" plays over Archie and Jughead.

    As Archie and Jughead are walking down the train tracks, the song "Ballad of Paladin" from "Have Gun — Will Travel" plays over them. Warden Norton calls Archie "the Red Paladin." 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    sex and the city

    • TV has some pretty iconic outfits.
    • Carrie Bradshaw's opening-credits skirt is one. 
    • Fonzie's leather jacket is another. 

    Television has created some of the most iconic characters, especially in recent years. And those iconic characters have some iconic outfits. From glamorous dresses to striking suits, there are a lot of enviable TV outfits out there. 

    Here are the most iconic outfits in television history.

    Fonzie's leather jacket currently resides at The National Museum of American History.

    Even if you've never seen "Happy Days," you've heard of "The Fonz." Henry Winkler's greaser character was so popular that they promoted him from minor character to a lead on the hit show. His leather jacket made appearances from the first season all the way up to when he "jumped the shark" in a bathing suit plus the jacket.

    Leslie Knope's wedding dress will make you cry.

    In the world of iconic television wedding dresses, there's only one that's more likely to make you cry than the plot. The intensely wonderful parks and recreation employee, Leslie Knope decided to get married to the love of her life in a spur-of-the-moment deal before her dress was even finished. Her best friend Ann finished the dress using newspapers detailing Leslie's greatest political achievements in Pawnee. The origami flower on her waist was even made out of the Pawnee logo. If that's not friendship, we don't know what is.

    Arnold from "Hey Arnold" is not wearing a kilt.

    Nickelodeon's "Hey Arnold" features the titular character in a tiny baseball cap, a red flannel shirt, a blue shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. According to series creator Craig Bartlett, his outfit is based on Neil Young's Seattle-inspired grunge look.

    The flannel shirt is pretty long on his frame, and the shirttails go almost to his knees. Arnold shocked fans at one point when he pulled up his blue shirt to reveal that the flannel is a one-piece. Thanks for the clarification, football head.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    ellen degeneres jennifer lopez alex rodriguez

    • Jennifer Lopez got grilled about the possibility of marrying Alex Rodriguez during an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday. 
    • The host lied to Lopez and said that Rodriguez texted her and revealed that the couple was going to tie the knot.
    • "He did not say that," the singer replied, quickly catching on to DeGeneres' trick. 
    • Lopez added that she doesn't know if they're going to get married, but it's been "nice" dating him. 


    Ellen DeGeneres tried to convince Jennifer Lopez that Alex Rodriguez is ready to marry her, but the singer didn't fall for her trick. 

    Lopez appeared on Thursday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show" and got roped into a conversation about walking down the aisle. It started when the host lied and said that Rodriguez texted her and said that the couple was going to get married.

    The "Dinero" singer was immediately skeptical and said, "He did not say that," before bursting into laughter. 

    When DeGeneres insisted that the athlete texted her earlier in the day, Lopez asked to see the message. But the comedian countered by saying that she didn't have her phone on hand because she was working. DeGeneres continued prying, and asked if Lopez and Rodriguez are actually getting married. In response, she said that she wasn't sure, but they've "been together a couple of years and it's nice."

    Read more: Alex Rodriguez was 'cleaning out storage' and found a signed Jennifer Lopez photo from almost 20 years ago

    Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

    Previously, Lopez openly explained that she didn't want to rush into marriage with Rodriguez based on her previous experiences. 

    "We have to take our time,"she said during an segment that aired on ABC's "Good Morning America" in July. "I've made plenty of mistakes in my past. We're mature now. We're grownups and we're going take our time and do things at our own pace."  

    According to "E! News," the pair met in 2005, when Lopez was married to singer Marc Anthony at a Yankees versus Mets game. Rodriguez played for the New York Yankees for years before announcing his retirement from baseball in 2016.

    In March 2017, People reported that the two were dating. Since then, the couple has gushed about their relationship during late-night show interviews and spoken about how well their children get along.

    Rodriguez has two children, daughters Natasha and Ella, from his previous marriage to Cynthia Scurtis. Lopez welcomed her twins with ex-husband Anthony in 2008. Prior to that, the singer was married to Ojani Noa in the late '90s, married to Cris Judd in the early 2000s, and engaged to Ben Affleck.

    Watch the video below (DeGeneres questions Lopez about marriage at 1:54). 

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    samsung tv

    • Samsung has a TV upgrade program that lets you get a new model every 24 months.
    • When you upgrade as part of this program, you get up to 33% of the cost of the original TV you bought credited towards the cost of the new TV you choose. 
    • You also get to keep the TVs you buy under the program, so you can sell them to help cover the cost of the new ones, if you like. 
    • It's tough to recommend anyone upgrade TVs every two years — even with the credit you'd get — because TV updates aren't really substantial. 

    Samsung has a TV upgrade program that lets you upgrade to a new model every two years.

    It's a similar upgrade program you might find for smartphones, except now applied to TVs. Unlike some smartphone upgrade programs, you get to keep the old TV when you use the program to get a new one.

    When you buy a Samsung TV under the program, you'll sign up for a 36-month payment contract. After two years, or 24 months, you'll be able to buy a newer model and receive a credit in the amount of the remaining balance that you can apply to your new TV. At 24 months, that remaining balance accounts for 33% of the cost of the original TV you bought. 

    If you upgrade later than 24 months, the remaining balance that can go towards a newer model will be lower. So it's best to upgrade as soon as you can if the program tempts you to get the most from Samsung's program.

    Read more:You can get a great 4K and HDR TV for incredibly cheap these days – but there are 10 hidden costs you haven't thought of when you go to 4K

    You can't just buy any Samsung TV you want to enter the program, nor can you upgrade to any TV you want, either. You'll have to start with an eligible TV model, including any of Samsung's Frame series, or the QLED TVs that are 55 inches or larger. 

    As for TVs to which you can upgrade, you'll be able to search for eligible models while shopping on the Samsung TV website. They'll have a Samsung Upgrade icon to indicate if its eligible under the upgrade program.

    samsung upgrade program

    Is it a good deal?

    It's hard for me to say that its worth upgrading TVs every two years, as each successive update isn't super different from the generation prior. I also have never met anyone who usually updates their TVs every two years. 

    With that said, I'm sure there are people who do upgrade TVs every two years. For those people, Samsung's TV upgrade program makes the most sense, as they'd save up to 33% on each new TV they upgrade to every two-year periods. However, I'd imagine those who usually buy new TVs every two years probably don't need the discounts. 

    samsung tv

    Otherwise, if you're the kind of person who upgrades TVs when there's a significant reason for it, like jumping from an older 1080p TV to a 4K HDR model, Samsung's TV upgrade program doesn't really make much sense.

    Sure, it would be nice to get a new TV every two years, but you'd be spending more than you might otherwise on one of Samsung's highest-end models, and you wouldn't really be getting much of a benefit.

    As I mentioned earlier, TV updates are pretty minimal, even every two years. You'd be getting 4K TVs every couple of years with only slight — if imperceptible — improvements. That will probably be the case until something new arrives, like 8K resolution. And even then, it would take a few years for there to be 8K content to watch on your new TV, much as happened with the current 4K standard.

    The fact that you can keep all the TVs you purchase under the program does sweeten this deal. You can do whatever you want with the older TV models from the program, like selling them and using the money to help cover the cost of the next TV. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't have a program that lets you exchange your old TV for credit that can go towards the cost of a new TV. That's fine, though, as you'd probably get more money from selling your old TV on Craigslist or elsewhere, anyway. 

    SEE ALSO: Here's why HDR, not 4K, is the most important upgrade for your next TV

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    orange is the new black

    A slew of TV shows were canceled in 2017, and the list of shows canceled in 2018 has grown rapidly since May as networks decide their schedules of new and returning shows, and figure out what they're doing in 2019.

    The most recent cancelation comes from Comedy Central, which canceled the comedy "Another Period" after three seasons. 

    Despite slightly better reception for its second season that dropped in September, Netflix has canceled "Iron Fist" after two seasons, a show that wasn't a hit with critics. Days later, Netflix canceled Marvel's "Luke Cage," leaving many wondering why these seemingly successful superhero shows are getting the axe. And the week after that it, canceled satire series "American Vandal."

    So far in 2018, networks have canceled fan favorites like "The Last Man on Earth" and "Quantico." Fox also canceled its quirky cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," but NBC picked it up for another season less than two days later.

    ABC also canceled the previously renewed "Roseanne" revival, after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. However, ABC announced a spin-off called "The Conners" without Barr that premiered in October.

    In 2018, the streaming giants are canceling more shows than ever as well, with many getting cut on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix

    So if you're wondering why a show you love hasn't returned in 2018, it might have been canceled. (You can also use this list to see what shows are not returning in the fall or in 2019.)

    Here are all the shows that were canceled in 2017 and 2018, including those from networks and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon:

    SEE ALSO: All the confirmed original shows coming to Netflix in 2018

    Canceled in 2018:

    "The Mayor"— ABC, one season

    "Chance"— Hulu, two seasons

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    iron fist

    As the year flies by, the list of canceled TV shows piles up.

    While there's been somewhat of a quiet period since May, some networks have cut shows throughout the summer and fall.

    Comedy Central recently canceled "Another Period" after three two seasons. 

    Other recent cancelations come from Netflix. Netflix recently canceled "Iron Fist" after two seasons, and announced that "Orange is the New Black" will end with its upcoming seventh season. Netflix also canceled the excellent satire series "American Vandal" after two seasons. 

    ABC canceled the previously renewed "Roseanne" revival in late May, after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. However, ABC debuted a spin-off called "The Conners" without Barr.

    In other notable cancellations, USA's critically acclaimed "Mr. Robot" will end with its upcoming fourth season, and CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" is ending after 12 seasons. 

    We'll update this list as more are announced.

    Here are all the shows that have been canceled this year, including those from networks and Netflix:

    SEE ALSO: The worst TV show of every year since 2000, according to critics


    "Jean-Claude Van Johnson"— Amazon, one season

    "I Love Dick"— Amazon, one season

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    the colonies handmaids tale

    • The "Unwomen" were shown for the first time on season two of Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale." 
    • INSIDER spoke with costume designer Ane Crabtree about how she designed their outfits.
    • A song mashup she accidentally found served as the inspirational catalyst. 

    When viewers first get a glimpse of the Unwomen in the Colonies on Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale," they see a group of women toiling in a dismal wasteland. The women are all wearing layers of faded grayish, blue garments covered in dust, dirt, and grime.  

    Costume designer Ane Crabtree spoke with INSIDER about how she came up with the designs for the Unwomen, women who break Gilead's rules or are infertile, on season two of the Hulu series. 

    "With the Unwomen being so new in season two, I was pretty terrified to visualize that," Crabtree said.

    Read more: Elisabeth Moss hid a secret message in her outfit that referenced an important message from 'The Handmaid's Tale'

    But a song mashup of Dinah Washington's "This Bitter Earth" and composer Max Richter's "On the Nature of Daylight" that Crabtree accidentally found on YouTube was the inspirational catalyst for her final designs. 

    "What came out through that song is really haunting," she said. "That song felt like it was the Unwomen speaking."

    unwomen colonies the handmaid's tale

    From listening to that song on repeat, Crabtree began to find more inspiration in the past. 

    She turned to old wartime Russian propaganda and Van Gogh's paintings of farmers, as well as her own childhood in Kentucky to form ideas. Crabtree said she had to puzzle through what people would wear at the end of the world for radiation exposure and make them built to last.

    The color scheme was the next step. 

    "Color is a very simplistic and a very heady thing in 'The Handmaid's Tale,' because it means so much," she said. "I said, 'What about this color of something fading away due to radiation?' and it was this sort of bluish/green/gray...You want it to be hauntingly beautiful." 

    handmaid's tale unwomen colonies

    To achieve the dirty and faded look of the Colony clothing, Crabtree and her crew had to hand-paint the fabric.

    "You can carry some equipment with you [to the filming location] to age the clothes down, but it's really difficult and it's also freezing, so you don't really want to add cold mud to the actors to make them suffer any more," Crabtree said. ... Also because of the wind, which can blow away a lot of dust that you we learned to hand-paint stuff so that it would always stay on." 

    Read more: 24 book-to-TV adaptations you need to see in your lifetime

    Her initial plan had to be scrapped though, because of weather.

    "Toronto is notorious for its very extreme weather and so we were going to shoot [the scenes] in a fall-type moment, but then we had to push it to very cold winter, so I had to redesign every thing," she said. "The way to do that was to use wool as the coat and then create all of these layers." 

    Crabtree said she got a "nod of approval" from "Handmaid's Tale" author Margaret Atwood in September.

    "The greatest nod of approval she gave me was that she was so proud of the show and so proud of the costumes and that it went beyond what she imagined, so that's pretty good," Crabtree said. 

    Season two of the series will be released on DVD Tuesday, December 4. 

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    charlie and mac it's always sunny st patrick's day

    Not all shows are built to last, but these comedy series have lasted for many years— and some are still on the air today.

    Here are just 22 of the longest-running comedies on television.

    "Coach" ran for nine seasons with Craig T. Nelson at its helm.

    The ABC comedy "Coach"ran for nine seasons from 1989 to 1997. It followed Craig T. Nelson ("Parenthood", "The Incredibles") as Hayden Fox, the head coach of the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles football team. Shelley Fabares played his wife, a television anchor, and Jerry Van Dyke and Bill Fagerbakke played assistant coaches.

    In 1992, Nelson won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role.

    "[It's] not exactly the freshest premise for a comedy," wrote critic David Friedman for Newsday in 1989. "But what 'Coach' lacks in flash or originality, it makes up in steady execution. A winning cast and decent writing will do that."

    "All in the Family" was a nine-season show that centered on clashing cultures.

    The sitcom "All in the Family"ran for nine seasons from 1971 to 1979. It followed the lives of the Bunker family as two generations — the G.I. Generation and Baby Boomers — clashed on contemporary controversies and political issues.

    Though the show ran for a long time, it's been widely criticized for its handling of controversial issues. 

    Hollywood Reporter writer Sue Cameron described her first impression of the show when it premiered in 1971: "The main problem with this show is that in order to achieve laughs in a family satire, there must first be an underlying feeling of love among all parties. Without that foundation, all that comes out is just plain hate."

    "Murphy Brown" was recently revived for a new season.

    "Murphy Brown" initially ran for 10 seasons on CBS from 1988 to 1998. The show starred Candice Bergen, Faith Ford, and Lily Tomlin ("Grace and Frankie"). The series followed Bergen as a journalist and news anchor for the fictional news network, FYI.

    In the current trend of rebooting old shows like "Will and Grace" and "The X-Files,""Murphy Brown" was recently revived for season 11, with Bergen now working as an anchor for a morning show called "Murphy in the Morning."

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