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    Many of the worst television shows originate from some highly questionable concepts that make you wonder how they ever got approved.

    ABC's "Cavemen" series in 2007, for instance, was based on characters from a short-lived Geico commercial. And Fox's 2014 reality show "I Wanna Marry Harry" saw 12 women compete for the chance to marry a Prince Harry look-alike who they thought was the real Prince of Wales.

    Both shows were critical disasters, and each lasted only one season — as many of the worst reality shows, dramas, and sitcoms have.

    To find out which programs critics have hated the most, we turned to the review aggregator Metacritic for its list of the worst TV shows, which goes back to 1995. The list ranks show seasons by their composite critical reception.

    Check out the 50 worst TV shows from least to most objectionable, according to critics:

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    50. "Twenty Good Years" (NBC, Season 1)

    Critic score: 29/100

    User score: 5.9/10

    What critics said: "It is a male version of 'The Golden Girls,' but with weaker writing." — The New York Times

    49. "South Beach" (UPN, Season 1)

    Critic score: 29/100

    User score: 8.6/10

    What critics said: "A preposterous and pretentious drama series."— The Washington Post

    48. "Hidden Hills" (NBC, Season 1)

    Critic score: 29/100

    User score: Unavailable

    What critics said: "This series reflects the way wealthy, neurotic, overly busy and sex-obsessed TV executives and producers think America lives, in other words, the way they live. They're wrong."— The Detroit News

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    er george clooney

    • Hulu announced on Wednesday that it had surpassed 20 million US subscribers, and many of its subscribers have oddly impressive viewing habits.
    • The company shared that 35,000 subscribers watched all 331 episodes of the NBC medical drama "ER" in just 2 months after it debuted on its streaming service in January. 
    • Hulu also said that "thousands" of customers watched every episode of "Law and Order: SVU" in 4 months, and that "South Park" was its most-watched show in 2017.

    There are some serious "ER" fans among Hulu subscribers.

    At its annual Upfront presentation on Wednesday, Hulu said it had surpassed 20 million US subscribers, and the streaming service also dished out some oddly impressive data on the viewing habits of its subscribers. 

    Hulu CMO Kelly Campbell shared that 35,000 Hulu subscribers watched all 331 episodes of the NBC medical drama "ER" in just 2 months — at a rate of 5 episodes per day — after it debuted on Hulu in January. 

    Campbell also said that "thousands" of customers watched every episode of "Law and Order: SVU" in 4 months, which would mean they were watching 100 episodes of "SVU" a month, or over three episodes per day over four months.

    Campbell added that "South Park" was the service's most-watched show of 2017, as subscribers watched 135 million hours of the animated comedy last year. "South Park" re-upped its partnership with Hulu in 2015 for a 5-year, $192 million deal, and it appears to have paid off for the streaming service.

    Though Hulu has touted its originals like "The Handmaid's Tale," which it renewed for a third season, these stats show that Hulu subscribers love its back catalog of TV.

    In addition to surpassing 20 million subscribers, Hulu said that it had grown total audience engagement on its platform by more than 60%.

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    American Crime Story VersaceAs we get further into the year, we've started thinking about the new shows we've loved the most.

    There's good news and bad news: there haven't been that many great shows so far, but less required viewing is a bit better for your TV watching schedule. 

    With excellent writing and performances that stand out among the overwhelming amount of TV shows that exist now, these are the best new shows of 2018.

    We'll update this list with new shows we love as the year goes on. 

    Here are the best TV shows of 2018, ranked (along with their Rotten Tomatoes scores):

    SEE ALSO: The 50 Disney movies that made the most money at the US box office

    8. "Everything Sucks!"— Netflix

    Critic Score: 69%

    Audience Score: 90%

    "Everything Sucks!" tells the story of Kate Messner, a high school sophomore who's coming to terms with her sexuality. Her journey, which happens to take place in the 90s, showcases how hard it was to be an LGBTQ+ teen two decades ago. The season, which really picks up in the final episodes, also follows a lovely romance between Kate's dad and her friend Luke's mom, which is one of the few "parent" stories on a teen show that's not a complete waste of screen time. Unfortunately, Netflix already canceled the show. But there's an active campaign to bring it back.

    7. "Trust"— FX

    Critic Score: 76%

    Audience Score: 62%

    "Trust" tells the story of the Getty family — more specifically the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III in 1973 (sans Christopher Plummer). Brendan Fraser makes a major comeback with his Emmy-worthy performance as James Fletcher Chase. It's also glamorous and quite stylish thanks to executive producer Danny Boyle, who directed a few episodes. 

    6. "Killing Eve"— BBC

    Critic Score: 100%

    Audience Score: 88%

    The female-driven "Killing Eve" is stylish, thrilling, and has incredible performances from Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. It isn't a typical spy thriller, and that's what makes it so great. Oh's performance is truly extraordinary, and proves, like she did with her work on "Grey's Anatomy," that she's one of the best TV actors ever. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    betty riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode 20 of "Riverdale," titled "Shadow of a Doubt."

    The Black Hood has made a horrific return to "Riverdale," and we're one step closer to finding out his real identity.

    During Wednesday's episode of the hit CW drama, Betty suspects her father of being the Black Hood, despite standing next to him while a person dressed as the Black Hood shoots a gun at the stage during the mayoral debate. This revelation follows the recent proof that fan theories about Mr. Svenson being a red herring were correct.

    So far this season, Betty has received a phone call from the Black Hood admitting to killing Midge and setting Mr. Svenson up as the killer, and now she thinks she knows his identity for certain. 

    Here's the evidence for why she thinks her dad is the Black Hood. 

    The evidence against Hal. 

    riverdale evidence

    Early theories suspected Hal Cooper or Sheriff Keller were the Black Hood. Both men fit the bill and both men are at the musical when Midge is murdered. But Hal has a better tie to Betty.

    The Black Hood called Betty multiple times and threatened her with the potential murders of her boyfriend and her sister. Hal would know her phone number. Hal would also know the supposedly secret location of her sister's whereabouts. 

    When Betty gets home after leaving Chic at the mercy of the Black Hood, Betty asks where her dad is and then gets a suspicious look in her eye. This suspicion is foreshadowed earlier when after hanging up on the Black Hood, Jughead asks who was on the phone, and she says her dad.

    Now on Wednesday's episode, Betty takes that suspicion to Cheryl and they do some digging. Betty finds that her dad's planner shows he was available at the times the murders were committed, and when they go to his ShareBnB, Cheryl finds a "Nancy Drew Secret-Code Activity Book."

    nancy drew book riverdale

    That activity book is the same one used to create the cipher Betty had to solve earlier this season. When confronted, Hal says the book is for her birthday. 

    When the family goes to the mayoral debate, Betty and her dad are together when the Black Hood begins shooting, but Betty doesn't believe that's the real villain. She ends up calling her dad to meet her and is waiting with all of the evidence she has for him being the Black Hood. 

    How the Black Hood made his murderous return. 

    midge riverdale

    The Black Hood made his return on episode 18, when the kids of Riverdale High are putting on "Carrie: The Musical." But what is supposed to be a fun evening turns into tragedy with murder of Midge Klump. 

    After Cheryl is almost hit by a falling sandbag, Kevin finds a note in his locker alleging to be from the Black Hood, and he and Jughead initially believe the note to be a prank. 

    It reads: "It's a sin that Cheryl is playing the role of Carrie. Fix this mess [I think, Kevin's hand covers most of the word] or suffer the consequences." 

    "Why would the Black Hood, who was shot dead by my dad, be demanding that the role of Carrie be recast?" Kevin asks Jughead, who is documenting the musical's production. 

    But Kevin later receives a more threatening note that reads: "This is your last warning to replace Cheryl. Next time the sandbag won't miss!" 

    Kevin decides to replace Cheryl with Midge, and even though Cheryl doesn't want to give into the threats, her mother refuses to give her the permission she needs to participate in after-school activities.

    Later, Jughead finds cut up magazines in Ethel's trash and suspects that she may be involved in the "prank," but she says they are for her "vision board." But once again, things take a dark turn as the musical progresses. Alice is singing when the set rises behind her to show what is supposed to be Midge as Carrie on her knees. Instead, Midge's lifeless body is tacked to the set with five knives in her body and two pairs of scissors in her wrists. 

    Written around Midge in blood is a terrifying message that says, "I am back from the dead. All those who escaped me before will die." 

    She and Moose almost died at the start of the second season when the Black Hood shot into their car. But they both survived. 

    Hopefully more clues emerge as the final three episodes of the season air and our suspicions will be confirmed.  

    Read more of our "Riverdale" coverage here.

    Watch "Riverdale" on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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    archie fred riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode 20 of The CW's "Riverdale," titled "Shadow of a Doubt."

    There was a lot of gunfire on "Riverdale" Wednesday night. 

    From rounds of fire from the Black Hood, or an impostor Black Hood, to Reggie shooting Fangs, danger was lurking everywhere on The CW show. 

    INSIDER worked with Archie Comics to reveal five references you might have missed.

    When Veronica is explaining the mob families to Archie, she references the Borgia family and the Medici family.

    Both were real families in the Italian Renaissance and were infamous rivals. 

    The new sheriff, Michael Minetta, gets his name from the comics.

    Mike Minetta, as he is known in the comics, is the newest iteration of The Hangman. This anti-hero comes from Dark Circle Comics — Dark Circle is also the name of Archie/Reggie's band of guys — which is an imprint of Archie Comics. 


    Cheryl says Hal is about as stealthy as the Marshmallow Man.

    When Betty tells Cheryl her theory about Hal being the Black Hood, Cheryl says her "pater"— Latin for father — "has all the stealth of a Marshmallow Man." 

    The Marshmallow Man is a large monster featured in the "Ghostbusters" movies. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    cobra kai youtube

    • The classic 1980s movie, "The Karate Kid," gets a reboot with the original cast members in the YouTube Red series, "Cobra Kai."
    • If you were a fan of the movie you really need to see this.

    YouTube Red has been trying to get into the original content space with something that would grab a big audience, and may have finally got it with "Cobra Kai."

    The 10-episode series dusts off the classic 1984 movie, "The Karate Kid," and brings it to the present day by looking at where the characters ended up after the movie.

    If you've never seen "The Karate Kid"— first, how dare you, go watch it right now on Hulu or iTunes — the movie is the definition of a kid overcoming the bully. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) moves out to Los Angeles from Newark and has a tough time fitting in at his new high school. And things get really bad when he falls for Ali, who happens to be the ex-girlfriend of the top student at the Cobra Kai dojo, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). This leads to Lawrence and his friends constantly kicking the crap of and tormenting LaRusso. LaRusso befriends the maintenance man in his building, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), who teaches him karate. This leads to LaRusso and Lawrence facing off in a karate tournament at the end of the movie. Of course, LaRusso defeats the odds to beat the big bully Lawrence.

    "Cobra Kai" takes place in the present day. The tournament looks to have shattered Lawrence's life as he lives a sloppy existence trying to get by doing maintenance work (which he soon gets fired from doing). LaRusso, on the other hand, owns a car dealership that is thriving with multiple locations. This is a fact Lawrence can never escape because he constantly sees LaRusso commercials and billboards.

    karate kid columbia picturesThe pilot episode focuses on Lawrence's down-and-out life. But it's also filled with tons of "Karate Kid" references, including many clips from the movie and 1980s needle drops. There's even a "Rocky IV"-like montage where Lawrence drives his broken-down Firebird while clips from Lawrence in "Karate Kid" flash on screen.

    One of the best moments of the first episode is when Lawrence has to show off his long-ignored karate skills.

    When a kid from his building is bullied by a group of kids, Lawrence steps in (well, when the kid is thrown into his precious Firebird). The group of kids then tries to take on Lawrence and he shows no mercy, even letting out the familiar high-pitched grunts that anyone who loved "The Karate Kid" will remember him doing in the movie.

    By the end of the episode, the seeds are planted for a potentially great season. Lawrence and LaRusso meet after Lawrence's Firebird is crashed into and gets hauled to LaRusso's dealership. They kind of act cordial to one another, but you can tell they generally don't care for each other. But the encounter gives Lawrence a light-bulb moment: He's going to relaunch the Cobra Kai dojo. 

    "Cobra Kai" is extremely entertaining, but even more so if you loved "The Karate Kid" (and its sequels) growing up. Zabka and Macchio are all in with the reprisal of their iconic roles and that's really the hook. Some of the stuff will certainly go over your head if you weren't into the movie, but YouTube is hoping that the popularity of the movie over decades has enough passionate fans to launch this series (and YouTube) into the streaming zeitgeist.


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    The AmericansWe're almost halfway through 2018, and there's already been some great TV — with more to come.

    So we started thinking about the new and returning shows we've loved the most over the past few months.

    There hasn't been an overwhelming amount of compelling TV, which is good news for you: You don't have much to catch up on.

    But there are some gems.

    With stellar writing and captivating performances that rival what you see on the big screen, these are the best new and returning shows of 2018 (so far).

    We'll update this list with other great shows from 2018 as the year goes on. 

    Here are the best TV shows of 2018, (along with their Rotten Tomatoes scores):

    SEE ALSO: If you miss 'Game of Thrones,' you should watch AMC's 'The Terror' — a historical horror series critics are calling a '10-episode nightmare'

    Returning shows:

    "The Americans"— FX

    Critic Score: 99%

    Audience Score: 92%

    The final season of "The Americans" intensifies the thrilling action and espionage as it pulls characters apart just as we thought they would come together in the end. Things are building up quickly, and it's setting up something completely unpredictable and probably cruel — but thrilling either way. 

    "One Day at a Time"— Netflix

    Critic Score: 100%

    Audience Score: 95%

    "One Day at a Time" was a critic favorite in 2017, and it exceeded expectations with its second season, which debuted on Netflix in January. The show depicts a Cuban-American family as they adjust to their new life. It's positive, funny, smart, culturally relevant, and has great performances. The show isn't afraid to take on dramatic material or to get political. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Maeve and Ghost Nation host Westworld

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Westworld" season two, episode three, "Virtù e Fortuna."

    It's past time we talk about the Native and Ghost Nation Tribe hosts on HBO's "Westworld." This subset of hosts in the park have their important mythology and connection to Arnold's maze and the events of the rebellion, and we're here to gather everything we know about this set of characters. 

    On the latest episode, season two's "Virtù e Fortuna," Maeve once again encountered the formidable Ghost Nation hosts. She had a flash of traumatizing memories, which included a new look at the maze pattern we hadn't seen before.

    Maeve Rock painted with maze in blood Westworld S2E3

    This brings up a whole host of mysteries surround the Native hosts, Arnold's maze, Maeve, Hector, and how everything seems to be linked. 

    Let's take a closer look at everything we know about these important hosts on "Westworld," and how they connect to our major characters. 

    The first appearance of the maze and Kissy's importance

    We were first introduced to Native hosts on the pilot episode. Kissy, one of the card dealers at the Mariposa, was the man William first attacked and scalped. The bartender called Kissy "half cornhusker," a slur that implied Kissy is a host who is part Native.

    First reports on Kissy's character, played by Eddie Rouse, said his name was "short for Kisecawchuck" and described the role as a "laconic American-Indian card and contraband dealer from the town saloon [and] an expert in games both on and off the card table."

    Kissy and Mariposa bartender Westworld episode one

    After William had drained blood out of Kissy and was getting ready to scalp him, he said: "A lot of wisdom in ancient cultures. Perhaps it's time to dig deeper into yours."

    At the episode's end, we saw that Arnold's maze was imprinted on the inside of Kissy's scalp.

    Kissy might have been destined for a larger role in "Westworld," but the actor Eddie Rouse died unexpectedly from liver disease shortly after filming the pilot episode in 2014.

    "Westworld" co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said they chose not to recast the role of Kissy after Rouse's death, and that they had "a very cool arc laid out for his character"which was instead abandoned.

    Kissy bleeding Westworld episode one

    Maeve's connection to the Native hosts

    On season one, episode two, "Chestnut," Maeve has flashbacks of her homestead being attacked by the Ghost Nation hosts. These memory flashes begin after Dolores tells Maeve the "these violent delights have violent ends" code trigger.

    The first memory Maeve re-experiences is her in the homestead narrative being attacked by a group of Native hosts. We see one attempting to scalp her head while she struggles.

    Host scalping Maeve Westworld s2

    Later in that same episode, Maeve goes to sleep and has an extended "dream." It starts with flashes of a peaceful life with her daughter, but transitions back into the attack. We see the same host trying to scalp Maeve — the one who came back on season two, episode three in the river scene.

    The other Native hosts are killing people (likely other hosts) with bows and arrows, and as Maeve escapes and runs back to the house with her daughter, a host follows them.

    Ghost Nation hosts half black face Westworld

    Maeve scrambles to load her weapon, and sees the Native host coming. But as he moves past the window and opens the door, the host changes into William.

    William recounted his attack on Maeve later in the first season

    Later on the season, we learn why Maeve has this traumatic memory of William entering her home (though we aren't told why her memory switches a Ghost Nation host into William).

    William confesses to Teddy that he had returned to the park after his wife's suicide in order to test his true nature.

    "I didn't join one of Ford's stories, I created my own, a test," William said. "A very simple one: I found a woman, an ordinary homesteader and her daughter. I wanted to see if I had it in me to do something truly evil. To see what I was truly made of. I killed her and her daughter, just to see what I felt."

    William Westworld maeve homestead

    The scene flashes back to Maeve's dream again, but this time we saw the whole thing play out. William stabbed Maeve in the stomach, and shot and killed her daughter. 

    "Then, just when I thought it was done, the woman refused to die [...] and then something miraculous happened. In all my years coming here, I'd never seen anything like it," William said. 

    William saw Maeve stand up again, and carry her daughter out into the field.

    "She was alive, truly alive, if only for a moment. And that was when the maze revealed itself to me."

    Maeve inside the maze on the ground Westworld

    The maze appeared in the dirt field where Maeve carried her daughter, and they both laid down to die. 

    Later we saw Maeve in the Mesa facility, and she has a core code malfunction. Bernard and Ford try to reset her and erase her memory, but she stands up and kills herself by driving a scalpel into her neck. We eventually learn that this is why she was reassigned to her role at the Mariposa saloon, approximately one year before the main events of season one take place.

    Hector's connection to the Native hosts and the "Shades"

    Maeve isn't the only character whose story is rooted in the maze and Native hosts' lore. On the fourth episode of season one, William helps Hector escape from a jail cell because he thinks Hector and his bandits know something that will help him find the maze. 

    "I'm just curious about your world view," William asks Hector. "Some kind of half-Native mumbo jumbo?" 

    Hector in his cell Westworld season one episode 4

    This was one of our first clues that Hector is a host designed as part-Native. Later on the same episode, Clementine reminds Maeve of this fact.

    "Is that the one they say lives out with the savages?" Clementine asks when Hector's name comes up.

    Also on this episode, Maeve watches as a group of Native hosts are being escorted out of Sweetwater by soldiers. She notices one young girl drop a doll that looks just like the technician workers who fix the hosts' bodies in the Delos facility.

    Maeve had been drawing a similar looking image over and over as she had flashbacks to her awake experience inside the Delos facility.

    Maeve Drawings of Shade and Doll Westworld

    Maeve runs after the girl to ask her what it was, but a soldier tells her it was no use.

    "That thing is part of their so-called religion," he said. "Ain't none of thems gonna tell you nothing about that."

    But she realized that Hector might know, and ropes him into explaining what they are. 

    "This is a Shade — sacred Native lore," Hector said when Maeve showed him the drawing. "They make figures of them."

    "And what does this Shade do? What is it?" Maeve asked.

    Maeve Westworld season 1 episode 4 shade drawing

    "The man who walks between worlds," Hector says. "They were sent from hell to oversee our world. The Dreamwalker said there were some who could see them. That it's a blessing from God, to see the masters who pull your strings."

    This "Dreamwalker" Hector mentions (which is capitalized in the HBO subtitles) isn't mentioned elsewhere on the show that we know of. 

    Teddy revealed a similar mythology about the Natives and their "maze"

    "The maze is an old Native myth," he tells William on the sixth episode of the first season. "The maze itself is the sum of a man's life: The choices he makes, the dreams he hangs onto. And there at the center there's a legendary man who'd been killed over and over again countless times. He always clawed his way back to life."

    Maze pattern in Kissy's scalp Westworld

    This legendary man sounds like a host — one who is aware that they are killed and "brought back."

    "The man returned for the last time and vanquished all his oppressors in a tireless fury," Teddy continued. "Built a house, and around that house he built a maze so complicated only he could navigate through it. I reckon he'd seen enough of fighting."

    But what this doesn't explain is how or why the Native hosts would know about the maze, since Arnold is the one who built it. We've only seen evidence that Arnold showed Dolores the maze — but no other hosts or even humans, since William stumbled upon it by accident.

    The Ghost Nation hosts' role in the rebellion

    Towards the end of the first season, we hear more about the Ghost Nation tribe. Lawrence tells young William and Dolores that they're "the most savage tribe there is."

    Ashley Stubbs in Westworld park

    Then on the eighth episode, Stubbs goes out to follow a signal from one of Elsie's devices (and remember we still don't kno who sent that signal or why), and is ambushed by a group of Ghost Nation hosts.

    The voice commands didn't work on them, even though this took place well before Ford's death and the Wyatt narrative's completion with Dolores. It's possible Ford was already messing with their core programming, but so far it's unclear why they were off their loops.

    What we've seen of the Native hosts on season two so far

    The premiere episode of the second season included an intriguing scene with a Native host. When the Delos paramilitary team is first scouring the beach with Bernard, Karl Strand orders a tech to cut open the head of a Native host. 

    They find the maze pattern printed inside his scalp. 

    Antoine Cost scalp Westworld saeson two

    "What's that about?" Strand asks.

    "I have no f------ clue," Costa replies. 

    We already knew the maze was kept secret from the Delos staff, since presumably the secret died with Arnold 34 years ago. But it's interesting that the second season started off with yet another Native host getting scalped, just like Kissy on the first season. Why is the maze on their scalps, and not on other hosts? 

    Akecheta was listed in the credits for this latest episode

    Another new Native host introduced was Akecheta. We saw him helping Angela pitch the Westworld park to Logan on the second episode of this season. 

    Akecheta is played by actor Zahn McClarnon, whose social media presence indicates that Akecheta also appears as a Ghost Nation host on this season.

    He retweeted two GIFs showing himself as a Ghost Nation host with makeup covering the top half of his head in black (which is the same makeup design seen on the host who Maeve saw looking through her window back on the first season).

    He's listed on the end credits for episode three, which means his host character was on the episode somewhere.

    Looking carefully at Maeve's memory flashbacks of her homestead under attack by Ghost Nation hosts, it looks like they have McClarnon's Akecheta replacing the version of this host we saw on the first season. 

    Below you can see the Ghost Nation host Maeve remembers on her season two flashback, which appears to be McClarnon's Akecheta and not the same host (seen earlier in this article) she remembers on the first season.

    Akecheta? on Westworld Episode 3 season two

    Now on the third episode of the second season, we see the Ghost Nation hosts surrounding Maeve and seemingly wanting to take Lee Sizemore. This triggers her to experience new flashbacks we hadn't seen before, including of her holding a rock with a bloody maze pattern on it.

    And Maeve's usual voice command over all hosts doesn't work on the Ghost Nation tribe, just as Stubbs' commands didn't work on them last season.

    Then at the end of the episode, the mysterious woman from the other park with Bengal tigers is found by more Native hosts. 

    Though right now we have more questions than answers, "Westworld" watchers should keep this subset of hosts in mind. Clearly they're an important aspect of the lore in the parks, and are also connected back to Arnold's maze and the achievement of consciousness in hosts. 

    For more on Sunday's "Westworld," including our rundown of every piano cover song featured on the show, read all of INSIDER's coverage here.

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    Westworld Maeve season two episode three river

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Westworld" season two, episode three, "Virtù e Fortuna."

    HBO's second season of "Westworld" pressed on with a dramatic military showdown and a cliffhanger ending that teased Shogun World. The episode, likely named for Machiavelli's philosophical ideologies presented in "The Prince," contained several important references and revelations.

    Keep reading for a look at 11 details you might have missed on the latest episode of "Westworld."

    The song playing during the cold open on the new park was a cover of "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes.

    "Westworld" surprised fans by revealing a third park called The Raj in a cold open. Two new human characters were introduced in the opening, too. Nicholas (played by Neil Jackson) was a short-lived man killed by a host. The woman he was with isn't listed in the episode credits. 

    An instrumental version of "Seven Nation Army" played while the new characters flirted over tea. To see all the music covered on "Westworld" so far, read our episode-by-episode guide to the soundtrack here.

    The credits withhold the woman's character name but they also reveal an interesting appearance. Akecheta is listed, meaning we must have seen him somewhere on the episode.

    We're pretty sure he's one of the Ghost Nation hosts who appears in Maeve's flashbacks. When the Ghost Nation hosts approach her and Lee on the river, she remembers an attack from them back on her homestead narrative.

    It looks to us as if Akecheta (played by Zahn McClarnon) has taken over the role of the host who Maeve remembers looking through her window.

    During Maeve's memory flashes, a split-second shot of the maze was shown.

    The flash of new footage appears to be Maeve holding a rock with the maze drawn onto it in dark liquid (likely blood). There's a teapot in the background of the shot, and it doesn't look like a scene we've been shown before.

    This serves as another strong link between the maze, the Native hosts of Westworld, and Maeve's traumatic experiences. 

    To better understand this connection, read our explainer of the Native and Ghost Nation tribe hosts and their lore surrounding the maze and the Westworld park.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    vida starz

    • Critics are raving about the new Starz drama series "Vida."
    • "Vida" premiered on Sunday to a 100% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
    • The series follows two Mexican-American sisters who return home to the Latinx community of East Los Angeles following the death of their mother.
    • Critics have praised the series for its portrayal of gentrification and its representation of queer communities of color.

    Critics are universally praising the new Starz series "Vida," a half-hour drama set in the Latinx community of East Los Angeles.

    "Vida," which premiered on Sunday to a 100% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes, follows two Mexican-American sisters who return home to L.A. following the sudden death of their mother, Vida.

    The series' first season was written by creator Tanya Saracho, premium cable's first Latina showrunner, and a writers room of all Latinx writers. 

    Critics have commended the show for its nuanced portrayal of gentrification in the city, specifically in the Boyle Heights neighborhood, and for its representation of queer communities of color. 

    Rachael Vaughan Clemmons for Metro called the show "a refreshing and beautiful series that feels both current and seriously overdue."

    Vulture's Jen Chaney praised the show's approach to gentrication in her review, writing, "'Vida' doesn't address gentrification through a single story line, episode, or a few lines of dialogue; it's embedded in the premise of the whole series and in the identities of the characters it thoughtfully portrays."

    Lorraine Ali wrote in her review for the Los Angeles Times that "sexual identity, and plenty of graphic sex, are a big part of the picture here, but the more interesting subplots are in Vida's depiction of the Boyle Heights resistance."

    The first episode of the show's six-episode, debut season premiered Sunday on Starz. 

    "Vida" airs Sundays on Starz at 8:30 pm ET.

    Watch the NSFW trailer for the first season below:

    SEE ALSO: The 50 best TV show seasons of all time, according to critics

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    avengers infinity war

    This weekend, "Avengers: Infinity War" passed "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" to become the fastest movie to earn $1 billion at the global box office.

    "Infinity War" accomplished this feat in well under a month, which only 13 other films have ever done. 

    This huge year for Disney has already seen "Infinity War" and "Black Panther" join several other Marvel films on this list, which we ranked by the days it took each film to gross $1 billion worldwide.

    We used each film's gross on the day it passed $1 billion to break any ties. 

    Here are the 14 movies that made $1 billion at the global box office in less than a month:

    SEE ALSO: The 50 Disney movies that made the most money at the US box office

    14. "Beauty and the Beast"— 29 days

    Release date: March 17, 2017

    Date it crossed $1 billion:April 12, 2017

    Box office total: $1,263,521,126

    13. "Captain America: Civil War"— 24 days

    Release date: April 27, 2016

    Date it crossed $1 billion: May 20, 2016

    Box office total: $1,153,304,495

    12. "Black Panther"— 24 days

    Release date: February 16, 2018

    Date it crossed $1 billion:March 11, 2018

    Box office total (so far): $1,338,430,475

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Everything Sucks!

    As the year flies by, the list of canceled TV shows is piles up.

    Networks haven't announced many cancellations yet, except for ABC, which canceled its freshman sitcom "The Mayor" and "Once Upon a Time," once a ratings hit. And in March, TNT announced the cancellation of its original series "The Librarians."

    On the streaming side, things are a bit different.

    Amazon kicked off the year with a slew of cancellations, announcing the end of three quirky comedies, including the Golden Globe nominee "I Love Dick" and the comedian Tig Notaro's semi-autobiographical show, "One Mississippi." It canceled Golden Globe nominee "Mozart in the Jungle" in April, after four seasons, and recently canceled "Transparent," which will end after the upcoming fifth season.

    Also in April, Netflix canceled the 90s coming-of-age comedy, "Everything Sucks," which came to the streaming service in February. 

    There are many more cancellations to come, especially since networks haven't announced the fate of their fall shows.

    We'll update this list as more are announced.

    Here are all the shows that have been canceled this year, including those from networks and Netflix:

    SEE ALSO: The worst TV show of every year since 2000, according to critics

    "The Mayor"— ABC, one season

    "Chance"— Hulu, two seasons

    "Lady Dynamite"— Netflix, two seasons

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Netflix's investment in original content appears to be paying off more and more in the eyes of consumers, according to research from Morgan Stanley.
    • In an annual survey from the firm, respondents have increasingly viewed Netflix as having the "best original programming," compared to premium cable outlets and other streaming services.

    Netflix has been making a massive bet on its future for years now, and it's paying off.

    This year, the streaming service is expecting to spend an estimated $8 billion on content. An increasing amount of that will go toward original TV shows and movies, which Netflix has been betting heavily on in preparation for a future when other media companies are less willing to license their content. (See Disney's Netflix competitor, which will debut in 2019.)

    While it wasn't always clear that Netflix would be able to make the transition from licensing cheap back catalogs to producing its own hits, according to research from Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise, the streaming giant is well on its way.

    In a survey of 3,100 US residents this year, the firms found that 39% of respondents viewed Netflix as having the "best original programming," compared to the offerings from premium cable outlets (like HBO) and other streaming services (like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu).

    Perhaps more encouraging for Netflix investors is that the company has also increased the share of consumers who think it has the "best original programming" every year since 2014.

    Here's the chart that shows Netflix's progress:

    morgan stanley netflix

    Netflix has seen a steady increase in favorability in this particular survey since 2014, when the streaming service was in just its second year of producing original programming.

    Netflix released its first original show, "House of Cards," in 2013, and it expects to release around 700 shows and movies this year. 

    Further illustrating consumer perception of Netflix's prevalence in the field, over half of Netflix users in the survey cited "good original programming" as their reason for subscribing to Netflix. 

    Morgan Stanley also found that Netflix is nearing a mass-market hold of the age 18-29 demographic, as 70% of people in that age group reported using the service. 

    SEE ALSO: All 65 of Netflix's notable original shows, ranked from worst to best

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    Dolores and Arnold Westworld season one finale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of "Westworld."

    HBO's "Westworld" takes place over the course of at least 37 or so years. While fans believe they've discovered the exact year in the future we're seeing (2052), HBO hasn't made this revelation official yet.

    But even without an exact year, audiences are able to deduce the approximate placement of events based on context clues and exposition between Ford and other characters on the first season.

    To help "Westworld" fans better understand the events that have led up to the current season, INSIDER has put together a chronological timeline.

    Since this is not an official HBO-issued timeline, know that some events (or their placement) are subject to change based on new episodes.

    We'll update this timeline and the approximate year guesses each week as the second season progresses.

    Westworld Timeline as of May 3 2018

    Thanks to the new flashbacks shown on season two with Logan Delos and Arnold, we have a better understanding of the way Westworld first came to exist and how William was drawn into the investment.

    As we noted above, it's possible certain placements of events aren't in official order or not entirely correct in their description (since names like Bernard and Arnold might become interchangeable). But as more is revealed, we'll adapt and update the timeline.

    For more on "Westworld," including our guide to each modern song featured on the show, follow INSIDER's coverage here.

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    The first half of 2018 has already seen a number of innovative new shows and stellar follow-up seasons to established critical favorites. 

    From AMC's freshman series "The Terror," to solid sophomore outings from Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" and FX's "Atlanta," this year in TV has gotten off to an impressive start.  

    To figure out which shows that have aired this year are worth watching across all outlets, we turned to the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to select the most critically acclaimed scripted show that each network and service has aired episodes of in 2018.

    We excluded children's shows, talk shows, and docuseries, and we only selected from networks with scripted shows that had enough reviews to receive a "Fresh" designation for a season this year. We also used audience scores to break any ties within networks.

     Here is the best TV show of 2018 on each network so far, according to critics:

    SEE ALSO: The worst TV show of every year since 2000, according to critics

    ABC: "How to Get Away With Murder" (Season 4)

    Critic score: 100%

    Audience score: 75%

    Summary:"Murder, deception, fear and guilt are the ties that bind Middleton University Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) to her long-time associates Frank Delfino, Bonnie Winterbottom and her students. But as the group struggles to move on with their lives and focus on their clients, their past continues to haunt them, as Annalise and her inner circle struggle to keep their secrets from getting exposed."

    Amazon: "Bosch" (Season 4)

    Critic score: 100%

    Audience score: 100%

    Summary:"When an attorney is murdered on the eve of his civil rights trial against the LAPD, homicide Det. Harry Bosch is assigned to lead a Task Force to solve the crime before the city erupts in a riot."

    AMC: "The Terror" (Season 1)

    Critic score: 92%

    Audience score: 89%

    Summary:"Inspired by a true story, 'The Terror' centers on the British Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    black mirror

    Netflix has begun to cancel shows, but that doesn't mean it's getting rid of your favorites.

    40 Netflix original series will be returning with new seasons in the near future.

    Only a handful of the series have official release dates, including the upcoming premieres of "Arrested Development" and "GLOW."

    This week, the streaming service announced the renewal of the horror-comedy "Santa Clarita Diet," starring Drew Barrymore.

    Other hit Netflix shows that have been renewed by the streaming service, like "Stranger Things" and "Black Mirror," are either in production or awaiting release.

    For this list, we have included only renewed Netflix series that are yet to air, and we've included official release dates if applicable. We've excluded children's shows and reality series.

    Here are the 40 Netflix original series that are coming back for another season:

    SEE ALSO: All 65 of Netflix's notable original shows, ranked from worst to best

    "Arrested Development" (Season 5) — Premieres May 29

    Date renewed: May 17, 2017

    "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Season 4) — Premieres May 30

    "Marvel's Luke Cage" (Season 2) — Premieres June 22

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    selena gomez tattoo

    People get tattoos in honor of family members and hobbies and the same goes for celebrities. But some will get extra ink to commemorate a project they hold near and dear to their hearts.  

    From "Game of Thrones" actresses to Selena Gomez, some of the stars show off their movie and TV tattoos loud and proud, while others get their reminders in more discreet locations as a personal reminder of a big event in their lives.

    Keep reading to see what TV and movie casts got inked together to remember their time together on set.

    Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul both got inked in honor of the “Breaking Bad” series’ finale.

    Cranston told TheWrap both he and costar Aaron Paul decided to get tattoos on the last day of filming the hit AMC show. Cranston has the show's "Br, Ba" logo etched on the inside of his ring finger on his right hand.

    "Someone said, 'Well if you put it there, no one can see it,'" Cranston told E!"I said, 'I can see it.' So every once in a while I catch a glimpse of it, and I see that logo for 'Breaking Bad' and it just makes me smile.'"

    Paul, meanwhile, got the phrase "no half measures" tattooed on his bicep. The line is from the season three episode, "Half Measures."

    Five of the original "Avengers" cast members got matching ink to celebrate the premiere of "Infinity War."

    Robert Downey Jr. and four of the original "Avengers" actors all have a matching letter "A." When turned on its side, you can see the number four, for the fourth "Avengers" movie coming in 2019.

    According to Downey Jr., the tattoos were Scarlett Johansson's idea. The only original member who opted out of the ink was Mark Ruffalo. In his place, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Downey Jr., and Johansson all gave tattoo artist Joshua Lord the same ink.

    "13 Reasons Why" executive producer Selena Gomez and the show’s cast members got matching semicolon tattoos.

    The singer got matching semicolon tattoos with the show's stars Alisha Boe and Tommy Dorfman, who play Jessica and Ryan, respectively, in April.

    The semicolons are a symbol of new beginnings, made popular by suicide prevention organization Project Semicolon.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Donald Glover lando star wars

    If anyone in entertainment today fits the title of "Renaissance man," it's Donald Glover.

    From his Grammy-winning music act, Childish Gambino, to an impressive array of acting roles and an Emmy-winning TV series, Glover has defied expectations at every turn.

    Currently wrapping up the second season to his FX show, "Atlanta," Glover also has a viral hit single with his latest Childish Gambino release, "This Is America." And he's starring in one of the most lucrative film franchises in history, with his upcoming role as Lando Calrissian in "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

    Since securing a job as a writer for "30 Rock" in 2006, Glover has used his various talents and signature humor to find high-profile success in a number of industries, including television, stand-up comedy, music, and film. 

    Altogether, the former "Community" star's career trajectory is unlike any other.

    Check out Donald Glover's unique road to becoming an A-list star in the entertainment industry:

    SEE ALSO: Donald Glover explains his Donald Trump comment: 'Thank God one day Trump is going to die'

    Donald Glover grew up in a strict Jehovah's Witness household in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. In high school, he was voted "Most Likely to Write for 'The Simpsons'"— a show that his mother wouldn't allow him to watch.

    Source: Rolling Stone

    Glover attended New York University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in dramatic writing. During his time at NYU, he joined several sketch-comedy groups, including Derrick Comedy, which produced a number of viral YouTube hits.

    Source: Vulture

    In his senior year of college, Glover caught his big break when his viral videos and performances in New York attracted the attention of the producers from NBC's "30 Rock." He was hired as a writer for the new sitcom in 2006 and would go on to make several cameos on the show.

    Source: NYU

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    John Malone, businessman and former chief executive of Tele-Communications Inc., attends the annual Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, July 7, 2016 in Sun Valley, Idaho. Every July, some of the world's most wealthy and powerful businesspeople from the media, finance, technology and political spheres converge at the Sun Valley Resort for the exclusive weeklong conference. (Photo by )

    • Vodafone is buying Liberty Global's operations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania for €18.4 billion ($21.7 billion).
    • The deal will give Vodafone a much larger mobile and broadband footprint in central and eastern Europe.
    • The transaction still needs to be cleared by competition regulators.

    LONDON — British telecoms group Vodafone has reached a €18.4 billion ($21.7 billion) deal to buy a range of European assets from billionaire "cable cowboy" John Malone.

    Vodafone announced on Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire Liberty Global's operations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania. The deal consists of €10.8 billion ($12.7 billion) in cash paid to Liberty Global and €7.6 billion ($8.9 billion) of existing debt that Vodafone will take on.

    Liberty Global is controlled through voting rights by US billionaire John Malone, the media and telecoms executive nicknamed the "cable cowboy" due to his extensive TV and telecoms dealmaking activity in the 1990s.

    Malone, who is worth over $7 billion, is also the chairman of Liberty Media in the US, which owns Formula 1 racing and Major League Baseball team the Atlanta Braves. Malone was said to be the driving force behind Charter Communications' $67 billion acquisition of Time Warner in 2016.

    Liberty Global is the world's biggest international TV and broadband company, operating through brands such as Virgin Media in the UK, Unitymedia in Germany, and Telenet in Belgium. The group also has investments in UK TV producer ITV, film studio LionsGate, and Formula E racing.

    The deal, which was first rumoured in February, will supercharge Vodafone's cable internet and mobile telecoms footprint in central and Eastern Europe. Unitymedia, which Vodafone will acquire, is Germany's second-largest cable operator.

    Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao said in a statement that the deal is "a transformative combination for Vodafone that will generate significant value for shareholders."

    "We are committed to accelerating and deepening investment in next-generation mobile and fixed networks, building on Vodafone's track record of ensuring that customers benefit from the choice of a strong and sustainable challenger to dominant incumbent operators," he said.

    British group Vodafone runs internet and mobile businesses across 25 countries, including the UK and India. The company has over 500 million mobile customers globally and close to 20 million broadband customers.

    Calao said: "Vodafone will become Europe's leading next generation network owner, serving the largest number of mobile customers and households across the EU."

    The deal is still subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close in the middle of next year. Vodafone shares rose by 1.6% on news of the deal.

    Liberty Global said in a separate statement that the assets being sold represent 28% of the operating cash flow of the group.

    Liberty said it would still be Europe's biggest cable TV and broadband provider after the transaction, with 26 million subscribers across the continent.

    Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries said in a statement: "In each of these markets, the combination of Liberty Global and Vodafone’s businesses will transform the competitive landscape and bring a new level of convergence to customers.

    "Now more than ever, Europe needs strong competition from scaled national challengers willing and able to invest in next-generation wireless, video and broadband services."

    Morgan Stanley, Robey Warshaw, and UBS advised Vodafone on the deal. LionTree and Goldman Sachs advised Liberty Global.

    The Vodafone-Liberty Global deal comes during a flurry of activity in the telecoms and media industry. Comcast is currently locked in a bidding war with 21st Century Fox for European pay-TV group Sky and Comcast is said to be considering gate-crashing Fox's transaction with Disney.

    Liberty Global also agreed to sell its Austrian unit to Deutsche Telekom for €1.9 billion ($2.2 billion) last December.

    SEE ALSO: The amazing life of billionaire 'Cable Cowboy' John Malone, the single largest landowner in the US

    DON'T MISS: NBC owner Comcast gate-crashes Fox's takeover of Sky with a £22 billion bid

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    fake black hood riverdale

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for season two, episode 21 of "Riverdale," titled "Judgment Night."

    Fans now know the identity of the real Black Hood, but there's a fake guy using the mask to attack people on "Riverdale." 

    During Wednesday's episode of The CW drama, Hal Cooper confesses to being the Black Hood. But he tells Betty that the guy who shot a gun at the mayoral debate was someone else. And when he is confessing to being the Black Hood, another man wearing a mask attacks Archie. This means that with one Black Hood caught, another is on the loose. 

    One theory says Hiram may be the man behind the new attacker. 

    The fake Black Hood is behind at least two attacks.

    fake black hood riverdale

    On episode 20, a man dressed as the Black Hood shoots his gun a few times towards the stage where the mayoral debate between Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge is taking place. Hal and Betty find each other in the crowd as people duck, so the theory that Hal was the serial killer was thrown off. But during Hal's confession, he says that man had no connection to him.

    During Hal's confession, Archie is once again attacked by someone dressed as the Black Hood. Fred hits the guy over the head and then ends up being shot once again. But he is wearing a Kevlar vest and is OK. 

    Archie is thrown off when he learns that Hal is the real Black Hood. 

    Lochlyn Munro, who plays Hal, told INSIDER that his character would probably not agree with whatever plan this fake Black Hood has. 

    "I think deep down Hal would be a guy that feels like you can't just go around and commit these crimes for show because he really felt that he was doing the town a service by trying to purge the town of sin," he said. "I don't think he's too happy if there is a copycat, but I don't know if it's a copycat yet."

    But that fake Black Hood may be behind Fred's shooting. 

    black hood riverdale

    When Betty is naming the crimes the Black Hood committed, she mentions the shooting of Fred, and Hal doesn't deny it.

    But one of Archie's main focuses when searching for the Black Hood was the man's recognizable green eyes. 

    When Archie is attacked by the fake Black Hood in his own home, he recognizes the attacker's green eyes. He may have just been overwhelmed with fear and saw a connection that wasn't actually there, but he hasn't recognized those in any other person, so the recognition is significant. 

    Why it might be Hiram Lodge.

    hiram lodge riverdale

    Now, Hiram wouldn't be the physical guy behind the attacks. He was in prison when Fred was shot, and he physically doesn't fit the bill. But he does have the means of hiring someone for the job and probably knows someone willing to step in and do the dirty work.

    So let's say that the fake Black Hood is the real person who shot Fred, not Hal. Hiram was angry with his wife for cheating on him with Fred. He had evidence of the two kissing and could have wanted to get rid of Fred because he was a threat to his relationship with Hermione. 

    Hiram was planning on using the affair to hurt Fred in the mayoral race, so maybe he tried to get rid of the "problem" sooner. 

    He is also presumably angry at Archie for turning his back on the Lodges and supporting Fred in the mayoral race. Hiram set up the Ghoulie riots, so it wouldn't be a stretch that he hired another man to portray the Black Hood to instill fear in the town.

    As for the shooting at the debate, Hiram wasn't shocked by the shooting and his wife wasn't hurt, so there are some suspicions that he set that up. 

    He and his wife also offered a million dollar bounty on the Black Hood's head. And if he was in charge of that villain, he would for sure be able to offer up a victim, securing Hermione as mayor. 

    Nothing is yet confirmed about the fake Black Hood, but speculations will continue until we know for certain. 

    Read more of our "Riverdale" coverage here.

    Watch "Riverdale" on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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